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Kals new beginings Atkins journal

:D hello all

hopefully I will get to know a few of you Atkiners soon :D
but for now I shall just give you a little bit of my story so far
Back in November 2009
I woke up one morning WI at 19st 2lbs
and feeling like death warmed up and made a big decision something had to change and slowly and surely I did lose a few pounds up untill the xmas then in my wisdom decided to take the xmas off the diet plan.
In January of this year I found this site and went on with the help of all the crew on the Ww section plus following the Ww plan to lose 84 pounds leaving me 61lbs from my goal.
Around June I started to get very disillusioned with the Ww plan and have had a go at Sw and a brush with Diet chef for two months :rolleyes:
Finally sat down and thought about it properly and realised that I'm basically a big meat and fish eater and given up the bread and potato's etc would be no hardship for me
so here I am on day one of induction :D
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newbie on Atkins thread myself but got to say well done on your losses for far


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Kal and welcome, I'm a newbie too and everyone here is lovely and very helpful.



Silver Member
Hi Kals you have done brilliantly,welcome to atkins if you love fish and meat you should be well at home.
Hope it works well for you.
Hi Kally and welcome to the party! :D


In the 10s at last!
Well hello stranger!!!;) will be reading with interest....but come on kals 2 diaries :eek:,i struggle with the subscribed ones as it is!! xxx
Thanks all for the warm welcomes :D
much appriecated, I shall of course find my bearings
first then do the rounds getting to know you all
and looking forward to doing so.

Haha!! Charly and Hello hen
I know I have 2 diarys on the go but know for sure if
I dissapeared from the Ww section the Nikster would hunt
me down and kill me.
But I know I'm going to be needing quite a bit of help from
the lovely Atkiners so thought it best to start up
a diary here too, follow which one you would like Charly
I don't mind.

I'm already getting worried about stinky pee & smelly breath
and Atkin Flu
haha!!! Oh the joys of attempting Slimness
:D Thank you kindly everyone

for such a dark side ;) it certainly seems a warm and friendly place
Day two of induction
and still feeling good about choosing to move over to Atkins, do feel a little full and bloated at the moment but not sure if this is down to Atkins or the amount of rubbish I ate the night before I decided to move over to Atkins.
The moment I made the decision I was like right lets eat every friggin crumb of carb in sight and get it out of the old system haha!!
really not sure that in hindsight that was one of my smartest moves :p

I'm a bit of a book freak and yesterday found myself on Amazon searching through the low carb book and ended up getting myself
The low carb long term lifestyle by Carolyn Humphries, and i'm wondering if anyone else has read this ? and what they think of it.
One of my all time favourite books of the past few months was The Amazing Adventures of dietgirl by Shauna Ried
It was taken from her blog and adapted
she lost over 12st on Ww and it goes through her journey
but it is a really funny read even if you are not following Ww :D

right enough, enough I say
as you can tell I sure do know how to waffle on ;)

I've just given you a telling off on thee eating thread kally, see it is the dark side ;)
Naughty step! Naughty step! :8855:
Hi and welcome Kally x

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