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karens diary !

I started a diary before I got my packs and I found it helped put me in the right frame of mind for starting! A huge good luck and you will get alot of support on here!! x
Thanks miss louise and lass 321 . Well 2 days to go now , been waiting to start for 2 weeks now and it feels like the days are going slooooower and slooooweeer lol ... also been reading more diaries so i think from today i will cut out the carbs and work on the water maybe it will help , cant say i have ever enjoyed drinking water so this may be where i struggle but will do my best ....
Also would like to say a big hello to everyone , and will start my ticker n weight loss goals on moday , have a lovely weekend .. karen x


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Good Luck with your weight loss journey.Reducing the carbs and caffeine before you start is a good idea as it reduces the side effects oh headaches.although some people are lucky and dont get any side effects.


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Is it today you are starting? Good luck with it. Post often it helps xx
hi clarabow , yes i start this evening so technically not till tomorrow .. excited to get started :) i will post more often once i get started :D x x
Thanks cathin :) x


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Good luck Karen just remeber to keep drinking the water.
Good luck :) Drink drink drink and you'll be grand! Xxx

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Thanks everyone:D first meeting over , got my packs n ready to rock n roll tomorrow !! :) The dreaded first photos done and the old measuring tape was out , which she was a dab hand at i must say :p Going to try really hard on the water ...take care , karen x
Day 1: Excited to get started , had 2 shakes a porridge and a soup , didnt feel too hungy and managed 3 litres of water .
Day 2: felt a bit headachy today but not hungry had same packs as yesterday , soup was a saviour last night really ejoyed it (chicken) with lots of pepper had a mini crisis at night fancied trying a cup of tea with no milk obviously then started stressing out that the tea bags i was drinking were wrong (regular tetley) so only had half the cup as i was too worried to drink the rest lol ..... so if anyone knows if ordinary tetley are ok ??? that would be a help :)
Day 3: Woke up feeling great had much more energy at work today as the past 2 days i cant even be bothered walking , had the same packs again today ... im soo looking forward to trying a bar tomorrow :) and think i will try some of the different pack next week , i got 7 bannana 7 strawberry 3 chicken soup and 4 bars , should have got more of a variety but was worried i wouldnt like it oh well trial and error i suppose ..... now if only my mind games would give it a rest then this would be pretty easy .... just under 3 litres of water today and its 21.37 can i squeez much more in ? hope so , hope you are all doing well take care karen x
Hi karen,

just drink as much water as your comfortable with, I am proud if I manage 2.5 litres a day as I have never had a large water intake.

As far as I am aware tetley tea is fine. You sound like your getting on great!!

Thnaks misslouise i thought there was a 4 litre rule .. pheeeew maybe i will have a cuppa now its not as bad as i thought it would be with no milk ... thnkas for the support xx
I think all LLC say slightly different. Mine just says minimum of 2 litres. I'd be in the loo all day if I drank more xx


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Hi karen, welcome and good luck with your adventure, hope you are doing ok. Ketosis fairy will kick in soon, and that makes lots of difference.
Any leaf tea is fine, so tetley is good, so long as no fruit or flowers init, so mint tea good, lemon tea no good.
As for water, I found it really hard to begin with but got some flavourings, I now use a 750 water bottle and try and have 2 between each meal pack until tea time then slow down to help prevent being up all night! You bathroom and you will get well aqainted! If you use the theory of a water wheel, steadily during the day it helps, that is directly what helps the weightloss as it gets rid of the fat, worth the effort.
I mix my shakes with ice and water in a smoothie maker so that increases the water intake too, if you read other diaries you wiko see when people have not managed so much water, their losses are not so good.
Hope this helps
Day 4 : Had first pack far too early today it really made id difficult to get to lunch time (WONT DO THAT EVER AGAIN) but struggle through regardless had a double pack of porridge at tea time and that tided me through to day 5 :D 3 litres today , worst day so far .
Day 5 : wow felt much better this morning been waking up ahead of time and not feeling as tired as usual to be honest , what a diffrence today no hunger at all ... pack were a doddle and also manage the 4 litre mark :) oh first bar today peanut crunch ... quite nice but do i preffer it to the lovely porridge i think im hooked on the stuff lol .

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