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Kates discover plan food diary.

With only 10lbs left til i reach my target, i have decided to go back to tracking everything i eat. It is so hard as after 9 months on the plan, i have become a bit too comfortable. Well here goes, my food diary.

Wednesday 15th December 2010
18 point allowance.

Breakfast: 2 mullerlights: 3
1/4 pt skimmed milk: 0.5
Rice Krispies cereal bar: 1.5

Mid Morning: oats so simple: 2
Options hot chocolate: 0.5

Lunch: 2 ww think sliced bread: 2
15g tesco healthy living chedder: 1
Large salad: 0
Rice Krispies cereal bar: 1.5
1/4 pt skimmed milk: 0.5

Mid Afternoon: 2 rice krispie bars: 3
1 crumpet: 2
low fat spread: 0.5

Dinner: egg white omelette: 0

Body Pump class
Body Combat Class
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Thursday 16th Decdember 2010
18 points allowance

Breakfast: 2 mullerlights: 3
1 crumpet: 1
low fat spread: 0.5

Snacks: 2 pkts midget gems: 3
frosties cereal bar: 1.5
weight watchers cheese puffs: 1
oats so simple: 2
options hot chocolate: 0.5
1/2 pt skimmed milk: 1

Lunch: Subway veggie Delight: 3
Large Salad: 0
Walkers Baked Crisps: 1.5

Exercise: Body Combat Class
Legs, Bums and Tums Class
Street Dancing Class
Friday 17th December 2010
18 pts allowence

Well, lets just say that i ate and drunk too much to even type. It was our works christmas party and lets just say that i made the most of it...big style. Not too bothered though as it is christmas and tommorrow is a new day. Just get back on track.

40 minute walk to work
Saturday 18th January 2010
18 pts allowence

After yesterdays blip, i have put my self back on the road to weight loss, when i weigh in on Tuesday then i'll be happy to just stay the same after the amount i consumed.

Well here goes

Breakfast: oats so simple: 2
2 crumpets: 2.5
7g utterly butterly: 0.5

Lunch: 75g Asda GFY veg stuffed pasta: 3
Asda arriabatta sauce: 0.5
Zero count veg: 0
10g tesco healthy living half fat cheese: 0.5

Dinner: 3 egg whites: 0

Snacks: 4 hob nob biscuits: 4.5
1 rich tea biscuit: 0.5
Quavers: 1.5
2 slices ww think sliced bread: 2
7g utterly butterly:0.5

18pts used

60 minutes cross trainer

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