Kath's 4St. Christmas Challenge Success!!!


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Congratulations to Kath on achieving your 4 stone Christmas Challenge on Lighter Life!!!

Kath has lost an amazing 56.1lbs.:D

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What a difference already!

Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well done nice to know it works, you look brilliant x
:eek: Thanks everyone, just seen this - taken me by suprise!:eek:

I can't see a great deal of difference in those pictures :confused: but hopefully you'll see more of a difference in the next lot I do. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Will be nice spending this one 4 stone lighter :D Hubby has lost 3 and a half stone so that's 7 and a half stone less of us this year.

I've got a very long way to go yet, not half way even - but I WILL get there :)