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Katkins SW diary

Weight loss to date 27.5lb 9/9/10 - 12/4/11:)

Tomorrow is a new start, I need to stop playing at it and get stuck into it......

Goal - to lose another 21.5lbs by 28/8/11 when I go on my hols, 19 weigh ins, it can be done!!!!

week 1 - 2lbs off
week 2 - ??
week 3 - 5lbs ON!!!!arghhh
week 4 - 4lbs off
week 5 - 3.5lbs off
week 6 - 2.5lbs off
week 7 - sts
week 8 - 2lbs ON grrrrrrrr!!
week 9 - 1.5lbs off
week 10 -
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Day one of my new journey....

Good start, measured out my milk for the day, not done that for a while.

Breakfast HEA & HEB - 40g Bran Flakes with skimmed milk from allowance.:)

Apple for snack

Lunch 2 egg omlette with bacon and onion

Creme egg (at the pics with kids) 8.5 syns

Dinner Pork loin, Jacket spud and baked beans

Should've avoided the creme egg really, will regret that later when I've no syns left.....oh well, it was gooooooooooooood!

Oh and just run out of milk allowance, just shows you, all the time I've been thinking I have only had my allowance in the day, as I didn't measure it out, in reality its syns that I haven't been counting....doh!
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2lbs off woo hoo!!! :):):)and my 2 stone sticky at last, i've been ever so near to it for ages and now its done. Now for the next goal......my 2 and half sticky.:p

2lbs is the most I've lost in ages, since I first started actually. The past few months have been 1lb off one week and 0.5 the next, I was getting extremely frustrated so am absolutely thrilled to have lost 2lb. Not a huge loss compared to a lot of people but I think I have to face the fact that I'm a tortoise when it comes to losing weight.:rolleyes:

(Note to self..........must look at the bigger picture, I've only had one gain since starting in Sept 10 and that was at Christmas so although its slooooow, its going the right way:eek:.)

What have I done differently this week? Erm, measured my milk and syned what was over my allowance. Tried rollerskating, ate a sausage roll and felt guilty as hell, went to the cinema and DIDN'T EAT POPCORN!!!

I also started to read others SW diaries and have been truly inspired and motivated by everyones determination and wisdom. I can't quite get over the support people give to others on here and how just reading about other peoples journeys have made me look differently at what I eat. So a huge thank you from me to all on here, you may not realise that us lurkers who are too shy to post are really benefitting from your posts.:D
ooooh, could someone please tell me how to put a shiny as my signature? i'm not good with computers and can't work it out doh!
Breakfast - 40g branflakes with milk from HEA allowance and a ton of grapes

Lunch - Ham salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber with Hellmans light french dressing (free I think)

more grapes

Hifi butterscotch bar 3 syns

Dinner - Fusilli pasta with bacon and onion fried in frylight, must go shopping, its all i could rustle up from my empty fridge. A mound of strawberries yum!

Extra milk 2 syns

Total syns for the day 5, trying to go easy and save some for Sunday, that Easter egg will be worth it. Its in my drawer at work at the moment to stop me tucking into it....although strangely (for me) I do feel rather 'in control' at the moment, fingers crossed it lasts.

Gonna try to do some body magic tonight too. I think i'll do the new Davina dvd, only done it once since I bought it 2 weeks ago as I couldn't flipping walk the day after I tried it lol. Think possibly I didn't do the cool down stretches as well as I should've.
Another good day (so far anyway). I'm loving being in control of what i'm eating for the first time...er ever! Lets hope it lasts. My main reason for keeping this diary is to give me something to look back on when/if I lose my way again, just to remind me what it feels like to be 'in control'.

Managed to do the dvd last night and i'm not atall sore today, I made sure I did the stretches well this time and it seems to have made all the difference.

Food for today has been good, still squirreling away syns for the easter egg on Sunday mmmmm.

Breakfast - 40g branflakes with milk from HEA and 1 apple

Lunch - ham, lettuce, cucumber and baby plum tomatoes (my new addiction) with Kraft fat free french dressing....yum

Snack - More than a handful of grapes

Dinner - lean lamb loin chops, SW chips and petit pois, 1tsp mint sauce (i'll allow 1 1/2 syns as I didn't measure exactly)half a melon.....gosh I'm stuffed

Extra milk in tea - 2 syns

Plan to finish my strawberries off later to steer me away from the flake in the fridge!

Total syns for the day 3 1/2, that's another 10 in the bank for Sunday :)
Good Friday, not quite as good on the eating front.

Brekkie - bacon, egg, mushrooms and beans, apple. (tomato ketchup 1 syn)

Lunch - ham, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and carrot wit ff french dressing. half a melon

snack - grapes and packet of aldi crisps (4.5 syns)

Dinner - we had a bbq, homemade burgers made from extra lean mince, chopped onion and a splash of worcester sauce with salad, a jacket spud and a dollop of burger ketchup (1 1/2 syns) 56g wholemeal bun HEB

350ml skimmed milk HEA

Flake - the book says its 8.5 syns for 32g bar, these are out of a multipack and weigh 28g so will guess at 8 syns (every half counts ha ha ha!!)

Total syns for the day 15. If I'm craving later, i'll hit the strawberries again :eek:)

No syns saved today but still 20 spare for that Egg on Sunday.......I swear I heard it calling my name from the fridge earlier lol
Arghhhhh!! I ate it!!!! Why oh why??
Last night I ate the dam Easter egg, well shared it with hubby.....13 syns for half the egg and about 14 in the mini flakes. Granted I had saved syns for this but I'm still really annoyed at myself for losing control and not waiting til Sunday. Couldn't resist hopping on the scales this morning and 2lb on!!!! Grrrrrrrr. Real wi is not until Tuesday but I'm gutted that I'm now on the back foot despite being super good since tuesday. :(

Sorry to moan people xx
:eek::eek:Well, i have fallen off the wagon in a huuuuuuge way. :sigh: I have spent the past 2 days cramming as much chocolate into my mouth as humanly posible. I'm soooo very cross with myself but plan to wipe the slate clean and start afresh tomorrow. I know I shouldn't have done it but a taste is a very slippery slope with me......I'm very much an all or nothing kind of gal eg, i'm fine til I have a taste and then thats it, game over lol.

In the past, I would've seen this as a green light just to carry on eating what I wanted, when I wanted for days, weeks or even months until I ended up hating myself and feeling utterly miserable. NOT THIS TIME!!!! I'm not going to allow that to happen. I've messed up, yes but I'm going to draw a line under it and eat sensibly again from tomorrow as I OWE IT TO MYSELF. I've come too far and its taken me forever to get to where I am now, I can't let it go to waste.

So......I'm giving myself a talking to and moving on from it, tomorrow is a new start (all be it another one lol)and boy that chocolate was good but not as good as I'll feel when I'm slim.:)
Gosh, I'm sooooo rubbish at keeping up my diary, life's been so hectic lately its 3 weeks since I last posted.

Well, Easter was a disaster. I missed a WI and went the week after to find out i'd gained 5lb!!!!! Gutted was not the word. Anyway, that was 2 weeks ago now, i'm not proud of that gain or the fact that i'd completely lost control but it was enough to shake me up and sort myself out.

WI last Tuesday I lost 4lb and WI last night I lost 3.5lb woo hoo, I was so chuffed. I've managed to shift my gain and a little bit more too.

Here's to another week of staying in control and trying to keep up my diary.

Food for today so far
Brekkie - 40g Branflakes with milk from HEA
Lunch - Peppered pork with lettuce, cucumber, plum tomatoes and FF French dressing
Snack - 2 satsumas
Dinner - I plan to have a 2 egg omlette with bacon, onions and peppers with salad.
Lots of water and cups of tea with milk from HEA plus abit extra (approx 2 syns)
Could do with slotting some syns in somewhere as i've not had many today.

Hope everyone's having a good day.:)
Rubbish, rubbish day at work.

Food today
Breakfast - 40g branflakes with milk from HEA
Lunch - Peppered pork salad with kraft fat free french dressing
Dinner - 2 egg omlette with bacon and onion and 1 satsuma

Water and tea all day, extra milk 2 syns.

Not a very good eating day today either, not much superfree in there and i'd forgotten to lift the pork loins out of the freezer so was a bit snookered....hence the omlette AGAIN!! the fridge is empty so there wasn't an alternative :(
Note to self...Must be more organised and not wait until the cupboards and fridge are bare before shopping!!!!:sigh:
Today I have stayed in control when it would've been very easy not to. I've spent a chunk of the day at a footie tornament with my little man, burgers, hot dogs,crisps ,choccie, picnics etc etc. I went prepared which helped, I made a picnic for the family and a mugshot for myself. I'm pretty chuffed as i've proved to myself that I do have some self control afterall!!!

Food for today
Breakfast - 42g branfakes with milk from HEA and 1 apple
Lunch - Tomato mugshot and half a honeydew melon, pepsi max
Dinner - I plan to make a syn free chilli....extra lean mince, 2 tins tomatoes, onion, 3x peppers, cumin, chilli powder and tin of beans (baked as none of us like kidney beans)with boiled rice...yum:)

extra milk in tea 2 syns
Need some more syns but will work on that later;)

Just bought a ripple for after tea,mmmmmm so thats 9 syns to add.
Total syns today 11
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Another good day, I'm getting good at behaving these days he he. Not as much superfree as I should though....

Brekkie - 42g branflakes with milk from HEA
Lunch - 2 egg omelette with bacon and onion
Dinner - roast chicken with mash potato (marg 1 syn), carrots, turnip, peas sweetcorn and gravy (2syns)

Ripple 9 syns
Extra milk 2 syns

Total syns 14
Phew, well thats Monday out the way, well almost....

Breakfast - 42g branflakes with milk from HEA and 1 apple

Lunch - Chicken salad with fat free dressing and 2 satsumas

Plan for the rest of the day....
Dinner - Jacket potato with syn free chilli leftovers from Saturday tea.
1/2 a melon
Extra milk - 2 syns
Ripple - 9 syns

Weigh In tomorrow night so will post the outcome. I've got my fingers crossed for a decent loss as I've been pretty dam good this week.
Hope everyone is having a good day......soon be weekend ;)
Note to self - stop wishing life away!!
2.5lbs off woo hoo. Would've liked 3lb to get my 2.5 stone award but hey ho there's always next week :rolleyes:

I am actually really pleased with that, 10lbs off in 3 weeks albeit following a 5 lb gain.

Here's to another good week fellow SWers :)


No pain, no gain
Well done on shifting that gain and some. Almost 2.5 stone off is amazing. I'm on my first week. I've been 100% but I feel that I'm eating too much strangely enough. Anyway WI on Thurs. We'll see what the scales say. Fingers crossed. Have a lovely evening.



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