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Kat's Diary - Refeed

So this is it - time to lose it all again. I have been holding on to the baby weight for too long, my youngest is over 3 now!

I would love to lose 40lbs to get to the pre-marriage weight though ideally should lose 60lbs total to get to my ideal weight.

This week I was on the cabbage soup diet for 3 days waiting for the Kee plan pack to arrive. Then straight on to Kee total food replacement.

First day on Kee felt really good though was craving food and diet coke. Day 2 was a disaster with a massive headache, feeling sick and weak but!... no cravings! Day 3 so far so good, no headache, very moody (hope my marriage/kids survive this). Still have a bar to munch on with Casualty.

The good news I already lost 11lbs as of this morning so after 5 days only. Most would be water of course but great motivation!

Week 2 and Week 7 pics:

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Good day so far, was feeling much more energy this morning so went for a bike ride with my eldest son. Not for long probably about an hour and a bit in total but am utterly exhausted now! Maybe a bit too early to get active again.
So hubby decides it's a good day to have chinese dumplings for tea... Just the smell of them made me so hungry. Had to have some nuts (again) just after my salad but stood firm and did not have even one bite of the dumplings. Yay!

Ordered more supplies to last for 5-6 weeks so can't give up now (mustn't give up!).

Plan for next week:

1. Add daily body cream to help the skin cope with the adjustments.
2. Excersize 3 times 20min each plus the usual tennis class.

Will update the week's loss tomorrow morning.


Losing the mummy fat
Good luck with the diet, you're doing really well so far.
Just out of curiosity what are chinese dumplings? sound lovely :D
Thanks, Tasha, I really need the encouragement at the moment! :)
Chinese dumplings are similar to ravioli but bigger and the pastry is thicker. They are filled with chicken, pork, prawn, etc. Similar idea as dim sum but again with different pastry. They are boiled first then fried and taste absolutely yummy! You can usually get them frozen in chinese supermarkets.
Grand result for Wk1 is -13lbs! I am well chuffed and proud.

Now on to Wk2 not expecting a very big loss but will be very pleased with anything over 5lbs. And 7lbs would be fantastic as it would take me to the total loss of 20lbs in 2 weeks.

Can't stand the chocolate pudding/mousse any more, had it as a shake for breakfast and will have a vanilla shake for dinner. So no pudding for today.


Losing the mummy fat
well done on losing 13lbs!!!! Thats brill :D
Those dumplings sound divine, I wish I had never asked what they were lol xx
they are sooo difficult to resist.. :D and so many calories (probably, never actually checked but since they are fried as well)
Have a bit of a headache again today but still no real cravings. My new supplies should arrive tomorrow so will have a greater variety of meals (i.e.shakes,etc). Really looking forward to having porridge for breakfast, yummy!

My 6 yo is into coins at the moment, constantly empties his piggy bank and sorts through his treasures, puts them into piles, etc. Any change we leave on the counter disappears within 5 minutes. Anyway told the hubby today that I lost 13lbs and he suggested I look in the piggy bank! Made me laugh..
I am now getting really hungry in the evenings and even a bar doesn't seem to satisfy me. Probably just the bad habits of last couple of years talking. And of course if I have my bar late at night I am then not hungry in the morning would skip breakfast and be starving by lunch. Must stop this vicious circle!

Noticed great improvements in my complexion, the skin feels softer and velvetty. Didn't know that's a 'side effect' of low carb diet so nice surprise.

TODAY: Got into a pair of jeans I bought back in November and couldn't fit into after Xmas! Yay! I already feel slim and gorgeous (mind you I always feel this way :D). Have to remind myself of the goals ahead. Will not stop midway! At least not until 170lbs..
Good day today. Managed to last through the 1.5hr class and not collapse! My energy levels are definitely going up now so should be adding more exercise next week.

Foodwise I tried the pea soup from Avidlite supplies and hated it! It tastes weird and not at all like I imagined the pea soup should taste like. Now stuck with a whole box of them.. :mad: So after pea soup for lunch I didn't fancy the veggies for dinner and am not at all hungry. I know they say you should not miss any of the daily meals but I seem to have completely lost my appetite. Which is nice as I don't remember ever losing it in the last 7 years.. :D
Lost 3lbs last week.:cry: Not thrilled with this but I suppose every little counts! :D I might have been over optimistic in my expectations so need to play it down this week.

We booked a weekend away for the end of March so I will now set a mini challenge: to lose 16lbs in the next 8 weeks or 2lbs a week. Should be achievable if I stick to the plan..
Hey there,

Well done on the weight loss so far and the trip away is a good goal to have and 2lbs week sounds realistic, stick with it, then enjoy a lovely break in March.. you can do it :))

ps... i thought the chineese dumplings sounded Delicious too! groans... lol..
Thanks, Amber. Really looking forward to this break and would be sooo nice if I could take my next size down clothes - I do miss them. :D

The dumplings... *sigh* maybe a birthday treat? (mine is in August!) ;)

Grins.. oh oh mines in April.. but i have a week in Feb from 16th in Italy.. oh the food, the lovely italian cuisine...

i must go to bed... lol to dream of evil pizza slices running after me :)

oh a week in Italy with all the pasta and pizza.. :jelous: sounds great! Will you take a break or try to stick to your diet? Anyway hope you managed to fight them all off last night... (the evil pizza slices that is) :D
I had a really awful few days with a constant headache, it's there when I went to bed and still there in the morning and all day long.. Not exactly what one needs when trying to stick to the diet.

Anyway it's not related to the food as I always suffer from headaches and this one was due to a disc just below the neck that just wouldn't move with the rest of me and therefore stopping proper blood supply to my poor head. Went to see the osteopath today and she had a good go at it.. I'm now in real pain, it hurts to look sideways, up, down, sit, stand, etc. :cry: But I think the headache is gone though it's hard to tell with the rest of the pain!

Feeling really down today because of all of this *sob* early night is in order.
Hi Slimmingagain

Ouch, your pain sounds awful and restrictive hope you feel better soon.

With regards your question about taking a week off in Italy, yes i think i am going too and then focus 100% when im back. But perhaps not eat all around me..and maybe a few nice walks by the lake... we are going to lake garda... ( i got married there 6 months ago too)

Hi Amber,

Thanks I'm feeling much better now. Your trip sounds very romantic - hope you have a lovely time!


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