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Kay's Diary

OK I figure I have been on this site to know my way round enough to start my Diary, even though I don't have much more to lose I am away on an all inclusive holiday next week so will be staying on 'cruise' for a few weeks yet!

I gave up smoking 3 years ago and put on 2 1/lb in the process. After 14 months of giving up I joined Weight Watchers and managed to lose a stone and a half of it but then I got stuck, I didn't enjoy W/W as I was always hungry on it and hated all the weighing out and tiny portions (I don't do portions)!
I then tried slimming world but still nothing more came off, then about 3-4 weeks ago I happened to put something on my face book status about going to live on salad and fruit for 6 weeks as I wanted to lose some weight before my holiday on 19th Oct and Tania (Scrumper on here) suggested I try the Dukan Diet, so.....here I am.
I done Attack for 5 days and have been on cruise ever since, my start weight when I came on Dukans was 9 stone 6lb and when I gave up smoking I was 8 stone 10lb so that is my first goal and I was hoping to get there by the time I go on my hols, but as I was already 3lb over weight when I gave up smoking my final goal will be to get to 8 stone 7lb. (I am only 5ft tall by the way) and have always been around the 8 stone mark but with baby carrying and age I am trying to be a bit realistic. I weigh in on Friday mornings and last Friday I was 8 stone 12 so was over the moon.........will I get rid of another 2lb before the 19th? I will certainly try...........then when I come back from my holiday I will start over as I am sure to put on a few pounds.
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** Chief WITCH **
Nice to read Kay... I too quit smoking 3 years ago (and a half), but I gained far more weight!

im going to start charging lol......ive another thinking of coming on here too when she gets the courage !!!
But Kay the diet IS working and your not starving
pmsl were forming a cult
They'll be saying we all got the idea from the Daily Mail next:p.

(disclaimer - a friend told me about it, but I did read the relevant DM articles later on).
hey kay well done on giving up the ciggies and well done with losing the weight so far !!!!!!!!!


** Chief WITCH **
Note to Kay - you're AWOL on your own diary, yet I've "seen you" elsewhere...!

You're getting as me!
Oops sorry slap my wrist I am not sure what I am supposed to put in here each day LOL I put my daily menu in the daily menu thread. Maybe I will browse through others diarys and see what you lot put hee hee. Mad Thursday today, taking my mum to do her monthly clean of the local church this morning and 2 hours of Line Dancing this afternoon. Looking fwd to W/I in the morning


** Chief WITCH **
oooh tell us about your line dancing! That sounds like fun! Is it Dolly Parton type music? Do you dress up? (Photo?!)
nah its West somerset line dancing ..they all pull up in their tractors and dance round in wellies lol :p sorry Kay couldnt resist
I can't read and I can't write but I can drive a tractor pmsl.
I have been teaching line dancing for nearly 10 years now, some of it is done to country and western music but I do a lot of it to more modern music, It is now 1.40pm and I have to be there to set up br 1.45 so will tell you more when I am not so rushed lol


** Chief WITCH **
What fun! (Whatever the trendy bunch here might say, I bet they're out on the dance floor when [I forget what that song was called that had the nightclubs dancing]...)

And who's old enough to remember "ooops upside your head!" (and even I can do that one cos it's sitting down! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEdfMv-IWjo)
we used to do that one at school disco's Jo :).... lol none of us had a clue wtf that song was on about... the DJ was one of the Dads ! lol....

as for line dancing :) I'd like to have a go at that...wish one of you lived local :D..x
i went to a punk festival in the summer and the biggest cheer was given to the Wurzels lol
lol one of them stripped to their thong now that would put you off your sarnies
lol trying to stop them all wanting sarnies hun !!!!
did the hobos do watchet last year , they are the funniest

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