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kaz`s diary


jelly belly
well i am not offically on the cd yet but wanted to start my diary now
i have half my body weight to lose and have to admit i am scared of failing
i keep thinking of the whats ifs and will i have the willpower
looking at all your stories you have done so well and i am hoping this will inspire me to keep to this and do something about my weight
i am thinking of goals to set and so far have only come up with one
i want to be able to go swimming with my kids and not feel like awhale and have people sniggering at me and poitning

i did say that i was starting the cd on the 27th but pennies permittng i may try for the week before
it is so sunny here and i`m sat in an enormous t-shirt and trousers to try an dhid emy huge bulk
roll on when i can wear shorts and not feel ashamed

well this is the start 0f my diary and i will be posting here most days as it keeps me out of the fridge lol

kaz xxx
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Loves VLCD's !
The weight will drop off you and you will feel so different in a few weeks time. I always failed at every diet and look at my ticker below. I started on LL and in recent weeks have done CD. They are great diets where you lose so fast that its motivating.


jelly belly
mel you were one of the ladies who`s weight loss astonished me you have done so well
i am still tearful now just thinking about how that could be me
i`m going to try my best to start the cd next friday instead of 2 weeks time
i was worried about the expense but when i think of what i spend on shopping every week i am sure i`ll manage
the hardest bit is cooking for hubby and 5 kids without being tempted


a bit different everyday
Hi Kaz and welcome to minimins, I too have never stuck to any diet in my life before this that is !!, there are quite a few of us on here who had/have a lot of weight to loose so don't feel daunted or frightened, plus the weight drops so fast that you dont have time to think about stopping or quitting, just give it a chance to start happening, get through the first week and you will be flying. Good luck hun
nat xxx


jelly belly
complete change of plan
i am seeing my cdc this wednesday woohoooo
will start cd thursday this week
blimey cant believe i`m so excited
off to town now to buy a stock of pysillium husks
want to be prepared lol


jelly belly
well 2 days left then cd here i come :D
bought some movicol yesterday and dug out my blender so well prepared now
had some negative remarks from friends but sod em if they cant support me then i`ll do it with the help of you all on here
you all know where i`m coming from
was anyone else as excited as me when starting cd :gimi:
i`m like a kid at xmas :rotflmao:

bet i wont be saying this thursday when i`m on my 1st shake, god i hope i dont gag
i know it`ll take a few days but if it gets me slim i`m sticking to it :D

well of to have a cuppa and maybe a biscuit
did any of you have a last supper sort of thing
you know like all the goodies you like before the big start date
chat soon
kaz xx


Silver Member
HI Kaz

I was well excited when I started and that excitement lasted all the way through to the size 12's, it was amazing and really easy (after the first couple of weeks.. just stick with it and come on here on the hard days.. after those two weeks its plain sailing).

I love the shakes, I started on LL and the shakes weren't great, switched to CD after two weeks and loved them.. well only three flavours, but thats all I need. It gets to be a habit and you really will start to see it as a way of life as long as you never break the pattern. I've sat in front of all my mates and watched them eat a meal in a bar and it never bothered me, alcohol free nights out were a breeze - something that I thought would be really difficult.

It all comes down to how much you want it I think, you want it bad enough you will stick to it despite what any of your friends and family say to talk you out of it. The next thing you will hear after you have lost some weight will be "oh don't lose any more if you lose too much you will look haggard/ill etc"! People should support you in this, its a big step to take, so ignore the doubters.

Good luck, and we are all here for you


Loves VLCD's !
mel you were one of the ladies who`s weight loss astonished me you have done so well
i am still tearful now just thinking about how that could be me
i`m going to try my best to start the cd next friday instead of 2 weeks time
i was worried about the expense but when i think of what i spend on shopping every week i am sure i`ll manage
the hardest bit is cooking for hubby and 5 kids without being tempted
Hey Kaz,
This WILL be you !:) If I can do it I know that anyone who wants to can and it sounds like you are in the place where you really really want to. :gimi:

About the expense - yep its easy for an adult to eat £33 of food per week especially if you count all the add ons, bits and pieces bought when out and about, ice-creams, chocolate etc etc. 9 I think i could have added on £10-£15 per week on top of shopping with all the junk I bought every week.

Yep cooking will be hard. But you have to focus on you. Make this a time for you and try to have some non food treats for when times are hard.

All best wishes xxx
just printed of a pic of me and stuck it to the fridge god i look rough :eek:
if that doesn`t stop me grabbing from the fridge nothing will

funny how for so long you plod on thinking yeh i look o.k
i always new i was overweight but by god it really has hit me now just how bad i look

thisn pic will be the turning point in my life
i might even attach it to the back gate it`ll keep any burglars at bay
who needs a guard dog :rotflmao:
Well done on posting ur pic - i took weeks before I put my before pic on my diary... now you have your starting point and you can put your progress pics up for comparison - that is a great motivator to stick to it.

Hope you enjoy your CD shakes tomorrow and remember to call on here whenever you feel low or like packing it in, looking at other peoples diaries and their success stories is brilliant

morning diary
well todays the day
or rather this evening i meet my cdc
still pondering on what flavours
dont think i could stomach the soups yet

standing in the shower this morning i was thinking roll on when this darn shower curtain doesn`t stick to me, i`m so wide there isn`t much room between the wall and the curtain and when i turn it sticks to my hips

and roll on when i can wrap a bath towel round me without a big gap where my bum and belly poke out

well this time tomorow i`ll be having my 1st shake and this time next year i`ll be skinny :D
good mornign diary

yes today is my 1st day of cd
met my cdc yesterday she is brill, very encouraging and full of advice
i`m now sat here with a choc shake, not sure what i think of it at the moment, tastes maybe a bit bland but hell if this little shake is going to get me slim then bring it on

have drank 2 pints of water already aswell:D
managed to make the kids toast and marmite without crying lol
thinking of things to do today to keep me buisy
might mow the lawn

when my cdc weighed me i actually weighed 2 pound more than scales at home but then it was 7 at night compared to when i weighed in at 7 in the morning
dont think i`ll change my ticker for 2lb difference

what flavour to have for lunch?
desicions desicions

have to say i was well shocked with my measurements and a tad embaressed but again my cdc made no comments just wrote them down, that made me feel good as i was thinking what the hell 61 waist :eek:
so here goes my measurements
bust/chest 55 1/2":eek:
waist 61":eek:
hips 61":eek:
upper arms 17":eek:
thighs 30" :eek:
i also asked her to measure my neck
neck 18"
i`m litterally 2 people on 1 pair of size 3 feet
god knows how my feet have coped for so long lugging all this extra weight

right best stop waffling before i write a novel

kaz xxx
Hope your first day goes great Kaz, you get used to the shakes, i love choc, choc mint and vanilla... I even crave them sometimes! (i'm weird!!)

Keeping busy is the thing in the first few days, treat yourself to a soak in the bath or give yourself a manicure things like that in the evening.. it really is possible to forget to forget about eating if you keep your mind occupied - I sat around on my laptop for hours reading other peoples blogs in the first couple of weeks, purely to keep my mind distracted and keep me inspired!


finding my way again !
hi there, just wanted to say good luck.
i found the first week the hardest & from then on its plain sailing, just don't b tempted to eat, its the slippery road to hell, getting back on track is such hard work.
i enjoy toffee & walnut, cold & warm
vanilla or cappuccino made into a coffee - lush
banana, cold or warm - think thin banana custard
chic n mush soup, spicy tom & thai chilli,
now the days are getting warmer throw some ice cubes into the blender too & makes a thick(ish) shake
thanks for the tips ladies
i really do need some suggesions on how to make the shakes more interesting as i go further on with the diet

kaz xx
hello diary
well i had my second shake at 1pm
choc mint, i think i prefer that to the choc one
now drank 4 pints of water
peeing constantly
made daughter a sandwich and even though the bread looked yummy not once did in think "go ahead have a bite" :D
might try the butterscotch tonight

think i can manage another 2 pints of water before bed time aswell

good morninng diary :D

i have been so good
last night i made lasagne for the family, i savoured every smell but not once did i even have a lick
i sat with my butterscotch flavour shake
i had made it into a mouse and it was pretty nice, not like angel delight but close enough

this morning i made my son a sausage sandwich, again i savoured every smell and breathed so deeply i though i could tatse it but still i didn`t have a lick :D

for my brekkkie i had strawberry shake OMG i have died and gone to heaven
i love it

best one so far that i have tried so yummy
going to try the toffee and walnut for lunch

this may sound daft and i know it`s all in my head but i already feel thinner, it`s like my flab has gone like jelly, all squidgy, not one big flap like it was before
and i feel fitter
as i said all in my head but i`m on a high :D

right off to drink some water and look in the other threads

kaz xxxxx
blurgghhhh feeling a bit rough this afternoon
so so cold and headachey
please tell me this is ketosis startign early and i am not gonna feel like this for ever

had my walnut and toffee shake
still prefer strawberry at the moment
going to make a chocolate mousse tonight fo tea

still determined even it means wrapping myself in duvet for the rest of the diet
i will lose this weight:D
Its totally normal Kaz, u may still feel a bit like that tomorrow too, but it wears off, its withdrawal.

I remember feeling headachey, cold and a bit lightheaded in my first few days

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