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kdma's Diary ...New start and 4lbs off


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I have had far too many restarts, but this time I hope to succeed. I am going to take 1 day at a time and concentrate initially on keeping on track rather than any weight loss goals, although I hope keeping on track will bring weight loss success however small.

We are planning a holiday of a lifetime to disneyworld florida in the summer of 2011 and would like the photos to show a slimmer version of me there. But most of all I want to feel and be healthier.

Here's too Jan 4th new year and new start.
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Tomorrow is the day.

I brought a rechargeable battery yesterday for the wii fit, so I can use that regularly. I like te hulahooping and step on there. My children got Family Trainer: Extreme challenge for the wii for christmas, which according to my neice helps weight loss.

Back to work tomorrow.
Good Luck, I am starting tomorrow aswell! x


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Good luck ladies......you can both do it!!! I'm using the ea sports active personal trainer on the wii and it's great. Also started back a the gym today so back to being focused now that xmas/new year is over.

We can do this!!!!..x
hallo Deana! :D glad to see you back - fancy a week on track challenge together? :) xxx


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A friend has asked me to go to ww class with her starting Jan 14th. I have decided to go as we can encourage each other on especially as we work in the same place. I think i am going to still start today as I have worked myself up to it now. It will just mean that my first wi at class won't be as great of loss as it usually is for me on a first week, but I am not worried about that.

Anyway onto the scales in a minute.
You're back and ready to go Deana so good idea to get started then you'll be in the right frame of mind for the classes.

Its good to see you



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Thank you.

Weighed in at 14stone 7pounds. Could have been worse and will be better. Anyway so far so good. I need to get through the evenings.

I have a open uni autism course and an OU oceanography course to do so hopefully trying to do a bit of that every night will help reduce/stop the evening munchies.
You will have to let me know if the magazine is any good, I looked when at the supermarket the other day but with hubby losing jobs scrimping on everything at the min!!


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Tried buttersquash and quorn curry from magazine but it didn't taste as nice to me as it looked in mag. I like butternut squash aswell. There is some nice sounding recipes in there which I will try next week.

Hasn't been a raving success this week unfortunely. Have found a group closer wich I will be starting on monday wth a friend. Think both going with a friend and to a group will help the willpower whic I am needing. Looked round sales today and it was depressing as most clothes were in size 12 or below. Maybe next year.


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Thank you M. I hope so as am so unhappy with my weight. I am in no rush to lose it all, but def want to lose it owever long it takes.


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Went to first meeting tonight. Am glad that is over, but equally glad I did it. Now it is time to get this weight off.

Have just sat and done a week food plan and will go shopping after work tomorrow and stock up. I am so determined to do this this time.
Hello you, lovely to see you back and sounds like you're all fired up and ready to go! Can you PM me your new mob number - did write it down but typical me - lost it! Take care and hope you have a good week xxx

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