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Keep an eye on me??!!


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Hiya, I've just started Slimming World, but am doing it online and I'm not sure I have the hang of it. I'd really appreciate it if you could have a quick look at what I'm eating and see if it's ok.

B: 2 weetabix (HEB) with milk from allowance (HEA)
L: potato, apple and ham salad, with fat free natural yogurt and a fat free muller light
D: Chicken breast, stuffed with Philadelphia Light (2 syns), wrapped in lean bacon, with jacket potato, roast vegetables and peas.

How does that sound?
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Sounds lovely to me! I'm new and an onliner as well. Sure someone whose been here longer will think it ok too-though they do encourage you to have plenty of sins.
HI :D looks good just a few points .. you dont seem to have had any superfree with brekkie , you still have to have 1/3 superfree even at brekkie so chuck some fruit in there and its great .
You also need to have at least 5 syns and I would advise to have between 10-15 when you first start as you will still loose weight and it gives you something to cut back on if your weight loss slows down later on :D


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Ok, after a slightly disappointing second week, I think I have to post my food diary regularly so that you guys can keep an eye on me to see if I'm going astray!

So today:

B: no breakfast today, was manic with my daughter at the doctor so I only managed a coffee with milk from my allowance (HexA)

L: was really hungry for lunch so I made a wholemeal roll (HexB) with a scrape of low fat spread (2 syns), ham, and a tablespoon of low fat coleslaw (100g is 3.5 syns, I didn't have anywhere near that so I allowed 2 syns although I think I'm overestimating!).

D:striploin steak with SW chips and roasted peppers.

Snacks: Muller light and a banana.

Water: currently mid way through my second litre.

Exercise: nothing official, but lots of running around!

Following this plan is definitely a good influence - my husband is not home tonight, and I would usually stick a pizza in the oven, but tonight I cooked for myself so I'm pleased with myself!!


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After yesterday, I have decided that that much water late at night is not a good idea - I was up half the night at the loo! So today I have tried to get the water in earlier - I still have about half a litre to go though!

Anyway, today's food:

B: pear and alpen light bar (HexB)

L: Slimming world quiche (inc cheese HexA), some golden rice and salad

D: (BBQ) Steak, with fat cut off, 2 WW sausages (2 syns), jacket potato, some lf spread (2 syns), peppers.

Snacks - another pear.


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Right, if I don't lose weight Thursday I will cry. Honestly, I will. Because I'm being so good! I went to the counter in McD's and ordered 2 kids meals, a chicken sandwich meal for my sister and a diet coke and fruit bag for myself. Better be worth it!! '

Anyway, rant over!! Food today:

B: Boiled egg with 1 slice wholemeal bread. Pear.

L: SW quiche, savoury rice

D: SW KFC chicken, SW chips and corn on the cob

Snacks: Fruit bag, fruit salad

Some syns saved for Pom bears later!
If you are following the extra easy plan, you really need to make sure that you have at least a 1/3 of your plate filled with super free food. If you struggle to fit it into your meals, snack on it throughout the day to make up :D Enjoy your journey - and big whoops for the macdonalds thing!! Takes lots of willpower to do that :D x


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You're right tinnedtomato, I've noticed that the last few nights when I've been typing up the food diary - I guess that's what it's for!! I really need to organise myself a bit better - it's not like I don't like fruit and veg, I eat a lot of it normally. I must do better tomorrow!
looks like you are doing well, just need that superfree....im new aswell and still making silly mistakes....yesterday forgot about my HexA!! but we will get there


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Thanks Clare, I think I was better today though!

B: 2 Weetabix (HexB) with milk from allowance (HexA) - I measured out my milk to make sure I wasn't overusing - and I wasn't! - and a portion of strawberries, kiwis and pear.

L: Salad plate made up leaves, chicken, rice, tomatoes, bacon, shredded carrot, and a little bread roll with a scrape of spread (3.5 + 2 syns - couldn't resist)

S: Pasta, with a tin of tuna, some green pepper and a spoon of extra light mayo (1syn) + a bowl of fruit salad (pineapple, melon, berries, pear)

Snacks: Muller light


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Ok, here we go again - first day back to work today and almost forgot my lunch - I had to come back for it!! I forgot to take skimmed milk for my coffee though so I had to do without - only full fat in the kitchen at work!

So here was todays food:

B: Fruit salad - strawberries, melon, pineapple, pear.

L: Pasta with extra light mayo, green pepper, tuna and a pear.

D: Homemade burger on wholemeal bun (HexB), with SW chips and sprouts, oh and a tiny bit of light coleslaw (2 syns).

Snacks - Muller light, Pom bear crisps (I think 4 syns) and I've also been beating the water into me and I just had some green tea - a friend told me that it kick started things for her when she was trying to los weight.

I also did half an hour of Wii active and am so tired!!


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No exercise today and not enough water, but I had a course right after work, so I couldn't drink the water or I'd have had to spend the course in the loo!

So anyway, today's food:

B: Weetabix with skim milk (HexA), fruit salad

L: Couscous with roasted veg, fruit salad

D: Steak, baked potato, green beans, peppers, cabbage, some butter (2 syns)

Snacks - Muller light, pom bears (4 syns)


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It's been a few days, but time to get back into the swing of it:

B: 2 Weetabix (HexB) with skimmed milk (HexA), half a grapefruit

L: Chicken salad, extra light mayo (1 syn) mandarin orange

D: Curried pineapple chicken with rice (3 syns)

Snacks: Muller Light, Pom Bears (5 syns)


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Still on EE.

B: 2 Alpen light bars (HexB), banana

L: tuna pasta salad, 2 mandarin oranges

D: SW chicken Kiev (2.5 syns), roast peppers and asparagus, green beans

Snacks: Muller light, half a grapefruit, mini kit kat.

Am off out for a bowl of fruit now because I am STARVING!!!!
Hi sus murf, I am not an expert but looking good! I would be starving on what you ate yesterday too! You might want to eat more and you could also use more syns ;-) but I am on my iPod so can't see your stats. Hope you get a good loss this week


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Red day today. Today's food - got a bit confused and had three Hex A's, and no hex b's, so I had to syn my milk for coffee, and I'll have an alpen bar before bed!

B: Grapefruit

L: Feta (hexA), watermelon tomato and mint salad, toasted almonds (4.5 syns)

D: Chicken pizza, with mozzarella (HexA2), roasted veg, meringue nest (3syns), mixed berries and watermelon and muller light yogurt.

Snacks: pear, melon, some bacon


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Red day today

Breakfast: Fruit and muller light

Lunch: Feta (HExA1), watermelon, tomatoes, toasted almonds (4 syns)

Dinner: Curried meatballs, roasted peppers.

Snacks: 2 alpen lights (HexB), fruit, meringue (3 syns), muller light, milk for coffee (HexA2)


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After a couple of lacklustre weeks, I'm back to keep a food diary, try in some way to get back in gear!!

So today, red day:

B: Fruit salad - melon, pineapple blue berries

L: Salmon pate with ryvita (HexB1) and red pepper slices

D: Spag bol with wholemeal pasta (HexB2)

Snacks - fruit, Muller light

No syns yet, but I might have a cup of tea and mini kit kat in a while....

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