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On week 2 now and have lost up till Tuesday 7 pounds. I can stick to the diet some day's but other day's keep nibbling on sweet food............ i have a really sweet tooth and miss the sugar fix so much.

Do not want to keep breaking the LL diet as i no how important it is to get into kietosis and also i am learing nothing if i keep cheating.

Can anyone help me?.

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Hi Charlie...have u tried any of the food pack recipies...they can be a real help in tempting times...today I tried the cheesecake for the first time...let me tell you had I not been on the diet and someone had given it to me without me knowing what it was made from I would have known no different it was beautiful...LL is tooooo expensive to mess about..thats why I'm doing it,I was doing CD but I cheated alot but realised I was getting nowhere, I needed the discipline LL has...ie Ketostick testing everyweek...eeek!!
100 days isnt that long if u think about it...if we were eating normal food it would fly by and then we would say...'I could have lost 3st in that time if I had only stuck to it.'
You can do it...I know the first 3 days are a struggle but once we battle them it gets easier...just take one day at a time..take it from me I have struggled...I have finally managed 5 days and have already lost over a stone!!


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:doh: I think that all i can say is that 100 days is such a drop in the ocean in terms of time and just think how fantastic you'll feel afterwards.
You will be able to have those sweet things later, it's not forever and hopefully by then we will be able to stop eating when previously we would have kept snacking on naughty things and the cycle of eating and feeling bad would continue!
Believe that you can do this and you will, don't let food control you to do things that ultimately make you feel good for a second but then make you feel terrible afterwards for ages.:blahblah: Sorry I'm going on a bit!!! I am cooking dinner for my husband which smells delicious but I will not let food beat me!!!
Stay strong you can do this! I'm off to whizz up a milkshake now!!!!:D :psiholog:


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The Water flavourings are very sweet, as are the lemon cookies, so give them a shot

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Hi Charlie,
Why can you manage some days and not others, is something different about the days you manage, are you busier, drinking more water or something else???

Have you thought about having black tea or coffee with tablet sweeteners when you feel like something sweet. You could even break one of the toffee bars into about 10 peices so you can keep having something through out the day.

You CAN stick to it.


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Charlie, you need to try and abstain from food, that is what the diet is about.
I know its difficult, we've all been tempted.
I tell myself what is the point of paying £66 a week if I'm not giving it everything I've got.
If you really can't abstain, maybe you should do the CD diet, I believe that you can have food with that & its cheaper.
Is there something else going on those days you eat food? (I sound like my LLC!!!)
Obviously the counselling is getting into my head.
Anyway, please please try a little harder to abstain & you'll find it a lot easier after a while, your chatterbox is telling you that you've done it once, so you can do it again.
Don't listen to the chatterbox, only the adult one makes sense & is telling you the truth.
Have you tried the drinks flavours? they are great for people who have a sweet tooth, I mix mine with the food packs & with fizzy water.


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Please don't keep cheating at this, you're just making it more difficult for yourself all the time. You won't stay in ketosis and that will make it hard plus you're not giving yourself the right messages. You're worth so much more than a bit of sneaked food and you need to show this to yourself by abstaining and doing the best for yourself.

Be strong!

Agree with all the above but would also say that the bottom line (pun intended!) is that only YOU can do this! You need to develop strategies for coping with the "sweet need" time. When I have them I have a cup of mint tea with candarel & that does the trick! Ok its not as good as a bag of pick n mix but next week you shoud be able to try the new banana shake & that tastes JUST like those pick n mix banana shapes! Just DONT cheat and tell your "naughty " voice to f off when you feel the need for a fix! Its much easier when you do say n & get into it as no destructive guilt! Big hugs!
I can appreciate your sweet tooth because I have one too and I've found the fruits of the forest flavouring really helps take that away. I even dip my finger in every once in a while as it tastes like sherbert ( but wouldn't recommend doing often as it has laxative effects).
I would love to read your recipe for 'cheesecake' I know the recipes get posted a lot, thought I'd tried most of them but not the cheesecake and now it's in my head!!

Charlie - I'm having a bad week too. I've not fallen out of abstinence but it's been hard. I find if it gets really bad, writing it down helps. This is also a great delay tactic!!


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Well I have come over from CD so I had a little of the mix-a-mousse so I mixed that with the vanilla shake and about 1/2 tsp st clements water flavour, added about 200ml water and blitzed with a blender...then i got a nut crunch bar crumbled it up...then dissolved 4 tablet sweetners (optional) in about 2 tbsp warmish water added to nut crunch then divided the mixture into 2 ramakin dishes, pressed down to from a base then poured the shake on top and put in fridge to set for about an hour...each one would be a meal...lovely!!
Thanks Red! No mix-a-mousse of course, but I've done my best and have 2 little ramekins sitting in the fridge! Not certain I'm going to get the most solidly set cheesecake but it's looking pretty good! :)

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