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keeping cd a secret from friends

is really hard work. i have a friend who knows me well and if she knew i was doing the CD and sole sourcing she would go mental!!!!!, she tends to put me down because she is smaller than me, and i think she is the type, that when i get near to her size she will start on a serious diet ans lose more weight so that i will always be bigger than her, all i can say is some people in my life will be in for a complete SHOCK when i get to target weight, i feel alot of people do not believe in me and that makes me even more determined to get there!!!!!! i can harldy wait!!!! i have a very exciting future thanks to CD.
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allthough my closest friends know, not many other people do and I can't wait to shock a few.
I don't want to sound mean but it this person really a friend? Doesn't sound like she cares much about houw you feel about yourself..

You go and show'em all...



I read your post about your friend my thoughte were along the same lines as Skye magic, but that wasn't my main reason for replying.

A lot of people keep quiet about their CD for fear of being censured/ridiculed & just generally unsupported by armchair diet & nutritionexperts.
In my experience this is a perfectly reasonable tactic,but it only works til you've lost about 3stone.

At this point all around you will have started to notice your losses & your real friends will have told you how well you look, how clear your skin is & how chirpy & energetic you have become.
It is now safe to let them into your secret because you are living proof of it's health benefits & they themselves have already confirmed this.

In the meantime stick to the diet keep glugging the water & watch the pounds melt away.
I have a friend that gets very jealous if I lose more than her or if I go to the gym 1 more day than her! I don't really hang around her now as I felt it was like another relationship ( my hubby is enough!!! lol)

I am not telling anyone except hubby this time but with the sounds of it with the Cambridge diet, it comes off quick so it will be very noticable "I start tomorrow" :hide:


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When I was on LT - I kept it under wraps for the 4 months...except for my hubby and sis.....just didnt need to hear the negative comments!!


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I think your friend does not want you messing with the 'status quo' as she sees it, i.e. you being the 'fat friend', which is all down to her personal insecurity about the way she looks.
You really sound like you have the right attitude, and I feel the exact same way you do, so excited about shocking people with the new me!
I have only told my husband and my best friend, both of whom are totally supportive and non-critical of what I'm doing.
Keeping it secret is a hard thing to do but I think it's the best thing for now as you really don't need any negative comments when you're so excited and determined!
Best of luck to you! :D


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I didn`t tell anyone (except for hubby) as I didn`t want all the negative comments about it "not working" and " ooo another diet how long will this one last. LOL

When I had lost about 2 stone people kept noticing and asking so I told them, but I was only ready to tell them when I knew it was working and I could stick to it.

Its your journey and people will always be jealous of your achievements because it just highlights their own inadequacies and insecurities.

Good luck, you sound really positive. xx


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Hi Highheels Hope all is going well for you on your first day,

I started cd just under a year ago and when i started everyone told me how bad it was for me and how unhealthy it was and how i would only put more weight back on, As i was losing weight it was amazing how quickly peoiple started to notice and comented on how well i was looking. Unfortuantley i never followed the plan through to maintance so have put the weight back on and more, im restarting cd today but only my oh and 1 close friend at work know and to be honest thats how i plan to keep it for a few weeks till the weights coming off.

Good luck on your journey.


Deb G

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In only told my hubby and one friend that I was doing LL as I didn't want all the negative comments about 'stupid' diets etc. Once I'd lost 3 stone though, I couldn;t exactly hide it, and by then everyone could see that I was looking good, it HADN't made me ill etc, and nearly 6 stones later, everyone thinks it's fabulous and ask me about it all the time!

Weightloss is personal - so don't feel you have to share - particularly if people are going to sabotage your efforts.

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