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Total Solution Kellys diary to a new me x

a little about me first im kelly im 31 and im from liverpool, i have a fab fiance and the most beautiful little boy called charlie who was 1 on sunday oh not forgetting the dog rafa hes a little cutie too lol
ive been over weight most of my adult life i got gall stones at the grand age of 20 and lost loads of weight had my gall bladder out and stayed at a half decent weight for a while after being with andy for a couple of yrs i got a little too content and started putting it back on then came the depression ive suffered with clinical depression for yrs and although i was quite settled i have been struggling since charlie was born and was diagnosed with post natal depression oh joy!! im an emotional eater so cutting out food completely instead of using it to lift me up is the only solution for me here is my diary thanks for reading
Day 1 and weighing in at...... 17st 1.6lb :-(
I will never see that number on the scales again! I've had a pint of water so far and just sat down with a strawberry shake it's quite nice! I stuck some ice in it and made it with 300mls of water I think it could ba a bit thick with less off the park in a little while xx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
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Good luck and have a fab first day! Just keep thinking of that first WI day when you will see all the weight coming off again :D Hope you have a great week xx
thanks girls! just about to have my last pack banana or chocolate hhhmmmmm decisions lol babys in bed so im goin to snuggle on the couch with andy an the dog we cant move for the dog ha ha so far so good im not feeling hungry at all im nearly through my 3rd litre of water who knows what tomorrow will bring though xx


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Sounds like you are having a great day :)
Morning, sounds like you had a great day yesterday so long may it continue :) Good luck x
thank you for all your replies guys mwah xxx
day 2 today thought id have felt awful all day but i feel fine :) if anything i just feel tired but that could be cos baba wakes during the night but i did say i was going to have an early night tonight andys turn to get up with him and my lay in yay ...... anyway had a strawb shake at 10:30 after a litre of water then we decided to go to ikea we have never been to ikea and not had anything to eat! i love the meatballs but we never we went the little cafe upstairs and i had a black decafe coffee and andy had a slice of cake i wasnt even tempted to pinch a bit!! yay me lol then when we got back i had a vanilla/coffee half at 2:30ish and the other hald at 4:30ish had a lovely long soak in the bath and had my last shake about 7;30ish while baby was having his bottle ive had over 3ltrs of water today and a slight headache not enough of one to take any pain killers though just had a small glass of dr pepper zero mmm nice but filled me right up thenlet out an almighty man burp lol must be a bit windy ha ha anyway bring on day 3 a lot of people have said they struggled on day 3 so need to keep occupied good luck everyone xxx
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Well done Kelly! Keep going, you can do it!


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Good luck for day 3 hun, you can do this!! :D
Thanks Hun!
Day 3 today and so so tired Charlie is having major problems teething and I know he's in pain but for just one day I wish he wouldn't cry!! It's like he's never stopped since he's been born lol a traumatic birth colic and reflux then strait into teething gggrrrrrrrr bless his little sox anyway back to the diet everything is good so far shake around 11 vanilla with coffee hot mmmmm then at about 3:30 I had a strawberry one a bit bland me thinks but threw a sweetener in an all was good just made Andy and baby chicken and chips and wasn't even tempted! Woop I was feeling a bit weak today though and a slight headache again but feel ok after my second shake hot choc tonight once baby is in bed and Andy said seeing as he's off work he fancies a little bevvy that'll test me as we've always enjoyed a little drink together oh well it'll be well worth it in the end hope your all going strong xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
Morning all day 4 for me and feeling ok just having a cheeky kittle banana shake with some ice yum can't believe I'm day 4 and havnt even missed food I don't feel like I'm dying of hunger why didn't I discover this years ago x

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
You are doing brilliantly......I think loads of us wish we had found this diet years ago :)
With you there, was unhappy at 11.5, 12.5, 13.5 and 14.5! But yet played at dieting on and off for years watching myself grow. Found this and bam I'm rocking back down the way almost at 12.5 again!

63lb to lose. WI 1-4: -19. WI5, -2. WI6, +1. 43lbs to go
Sound like you're doing well :) I started the day after you and feel much the same about not missing food, it's awesome cos I thought I was gonna be walking around feeling starving and weak all the time and it's totally not the case. Have a good weekend :)

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