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Kelly's Weight Loss Voyage

I thought today was a good time to start this as it's officially a week since I started.

If you don't know much about me - My name is Kelly and I am 24 years old. I am originally from Nottingham and moved to Huddersfield in 2005 to start university, after finishing there I swapped my new found yorkshire soul for a rival lancashire one as I was offered a job as a graphic designer in Manchester.

Diets aren't new to me - as most people around here, but I am hoping xenical will give me a new direction to aid me to loose weight, which has been a stuggle for many years now.

So one week down, I've lost 7lb!! :bunnydance: I never thought I'd loose so quick, I know you tend to loose more in the first week, but I've never managed that much. My goal for this month is 14lb (as it's my first month) so I'm half way there now.

In terms of food, yesterday and the day before were really tough for me as at work I was faced with donuts that someone had bought in - for 2 days on the trot - and then a work lunch in the pub were everyone else had a burger.

At the minute though I'm feeling really motivated - xenical is my key to a new life and I don't want to waste the opportunity.
I have been diagnosed with PCOS, so unless I loose weight I will probably struggle to have children in the future, nothing like a medical condition to give you the wake up call needed.

Thank you for reading, I'll try and update this as much as possible on my voyage to a healthier life.


PS: No tango side effects.
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Thank you for this nice replies.

So yesterday was a good day, I went swimming again too! Although I did have a few mishaps. I went to the pool I have been going to which is about a 15min drive from my house, there is a pool closer but it's a bit scruffy (y'know the thing - plasters floating in the water, sand in the pool (???)) so this other one is nicer (it was built for the commonwealth games when they were held in Manchester a few years ago). Anyway, I went in and they said the lane swimming is in the downstairs pool as it's family swimming in the main one, being my first week at this new pool I didn't know they had one downstairs! Anyway, I get changed and make my way down, when I get there I start to panic as there's no ladders!!! Which is fine to get in, but how the hell do I get out. I spent the whole 50minutes I swam worrying about how to get out. And to top that off my boob fell out my costume and I didn't realise. Hahah. In the end, I waited til everyone was swimming in the opposite direction to where I was and I rolled myself out. Oh dear.

I've lost another 1lb today but I think I am going to start to take the scales away - I have become an obsessive scale hopper and I've had a good loss this week so that's bound to slow down soon.

I go away in 3 weeks, I went to collect the tickets yesterday too - how exciting. I'm a bit apprehensive about what to do in terms of my diet on holiday. I've already decided I am going to swim at least an hour a day in the hotel pool to help, and also I assume we'll be doing lots of walking but one part of me wants to maintain my diet so I continue to loose but the other part wants to enjoy the food. Not sure what to do to be honest. Also, with eating practical all my meals out, it will be hard to control the fat won't it?

I'm going over to the inlaws today for a sunday roast, but they know about my diet so they've got a lean cut of beef and I'll have loads of veggies too. :)

Sorry for the epic post. :D
Hi Kelly and well done on your loss so far, you are doing really well. It's up to you what you do about your holidays. I completely understand where you are coming from I was away for a week in the middle of July, abandoned my diet completely (and deliberately, it was a conscious decision) ate what I wanted when I wanted and managed to put on 9 pounds. Now there are 2 ways to look at that. I could say to myself "You stupid woman, look how long it took you to lose all that weight and you just ruin it all by piling it all back on in the space of a week". OR I could tell myself that this is a journey that I will be on for the rest of my life, that holidays/birthdays etc happen and why shouldn't we enjoy them and that sometimes I will be taking the scenic route rather then belting straight down the motorway. The fact is the weight I gained has now gone, I was ready for it and didn't let it derail the whole process and I am right back on track.
I think the best of both worlds is a damage limitation kind of a thing, so somewhere in between. Don't deprive yourself or you're going to feel upset but don't go too mad either, try to exercise as you suggested and live with the consequences when you get back. Bottom line, enjoy yourself!
Sorry for rambling,

I had to smile at your swimming mishap but also admire you for going, I haven't summoned up the courage to give it a go yet and I have a free pass :sigh: Maybe further down the road, well possibly, or not, heehee.

I know what you mean about scale hopping so I don't, mine are digital anyway so they are useless, I trust my tape measure. So I measure myself once a week or so and no-one can answer with measurement loss can they :p I have posted mine here http://www.minimins.com/general-wei...ring-yourself-rather-than-jumping-scales.html
Good morning,

That's true with the scales - I perhaps should start measuring myself too!! That might be more accurate.
I go to the docs tomorrow morning for a blood test so I might ask her to weigh me then too.

In terms of my holiday and what to do with my diet, I'm still not decided - I feel so determined to carry on but I know it will be hard when I am away.

Yesterday was a good day, I went to the inlaws for sunday roast and I had a few bits of lean beef, 1 yorkshire pudding (not cooked with beef dripping) and LOADS of veg. No mash or roasties. And then for pudding I had loads of cherries and strawberrys and a muller light. I think I did well.

I'm still feeling pretty blocked up though, I took some senecot last week and they didn't seem to do much and I took some again last night, and even though I went this morning - I kind of feel it's not enough for all the fibre, fruit and veg I've been eating and still feel bloated and gassy. Sorry about that!



finding my way again !
i find that sennakot are useless for me , so on the occasion i need i use bisacodyl , you can buy it over the counter or at supermarkets .
how lovely that your family are supporting you & you were stil able to join in with their meal , thought goes along way doesn't it ?
I went to the docs this morning for a blood test and they weighed me at the same time, I've lost just shy of 9lbs since starting xenical on 30th July. I'm pretty pleased with that!!!

I had a go on my new EA Active last night, and I loved it - it was harder work than I thought - it really made me sweat!!! xxx
Good morning all!

Yesterday went okay - I'd say it was my worst so far in terms of being naughty though. There was temptation throughout the day at work in the shape of lemon drizzle cake - which I'm glad to say I didn't eat any of, but then for dinner I made meatballs (with lean pork mince) with pumpkin ravilloi (from sainsbury's - this was lovely) and a WW pasta sauce. It was a lovely meal but I think it might have been a bit more than 15g in fat :( Never mind. My boyfriend works for bbc 6music radio station and the show is in the evenings, so he gets back around 9.15pm, so he has his dinner then so I cooked him his pasta and warmed up the meatballs and sauce for him and watched him eat his and it made me hungry so I had a packet of caramel snack a jacks. I know there's worse things to consume as an evening snack but I always try and make my snacks fat free. Never mind.

My weight loss has seemed to have slowed down quite a bit - last week I was loosing 1lb a day but now it's like half a pound every other day. But that doesn't mean I'm giving in - I'm still as determined as ever.

This morning I had lidl's "special flakes" for breakfast, which are their own version of special k, they were nice actually and only 1g of fat in 100g. :)

18 days til my holiday! Yippeee! xxx
Hi Kelly and really well done on the weight loss so far, you are doing so well. Of course your weight loss is slowing down, and remember it will slow down more the further you go along this path until if you are losing 1 or 2 pounds every couple of weeks you will be doing well. Don't let this put you off, it's just how it is.

Thank you KB!

I guess I just need to stick at it - my body has probably adjusted now to the effects of the tablets. I've still had no tango effects, so I must be eating okay.

Today at work comes more food challenges - mars mini rolls and fondant fancies. I've been good yet again.

For lunch I've had - beans on toast (WW beans), an activia yoghurt, an orange and an alpen light bar. :)

Well Done Pink Kelly!
What a fantastic weight loss, you've done really well... hope you have a good holiday as well xx
Thank you for your replies and even more for reading my rabble!!!

Yesterday was a good day.

Since being on this diet I have really noticed just how much bad food I used to consume that was laying around the office, in the last week there's been -
Thursday: Doughnuts
Friday: 2 trays of Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Tuesday: Lemon drizzle cake
Wednesday: Mars chocolate rolls and french fancies

Aswell as being in meetings with free chocolates, crisps and biscuits.

I am really proud of myself as I have resisted them all.

For dinner last night I had a WW Sausage and mash meal, with garden peas. I then went swimming for an hour, and I had a small bowl of lemon sorbet when I got back.

I love swimming, and after going for the past couple of weeks I can feel myself getting less tired, I felt really good after last nights session.

My boyfriend says my waist is starting to look thinner too! Woo! :D

Kelly xxxx

PS. I think I have decided now that I won’t take xenical whilst on holiday (although that is 2 weeks I’ll be having off and I’m worried about the weight gain), but I just don’t want it to rule my holiday and I’d be so annoying in restaurants too. My fella made a good point as I was worried when I’d get back I’d struggle to get motivated and back into the “diet routine”, but he said that I know when I return I HAVE to go back to work, so if I make it clear in my head that I HAVE to go back on the diet plan then that’s that I guess.
I'm a little down today - after a massive loss last week, nothing's happened this week. I have lost about 1lb and it's then gone back on. I have not cheated once, and am keeping an eye on my calories too.
I can't have hit a plateau already surely?


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