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Kerrys weight loss journey

Hi everyone,

after reading some other peoples diaries I thought I'd give it a go too, hopefully it will motivate me to keep going.

I'm 13 weeks into my SW journey. First time for me on SW and enjoying it so far.

My original weight was 13 st 11lb and now am 12 st 7.5lb so thats a loss of 1 st 3.5lb.

I've had 3 weeks where I have gained and 1 week where I STS.

I must say my body shape has changed hugely and the inches are coming off, I measure monthly.

So, hows today (Thursday) been?

Weighed in this morning and put 1lb on, I didn't feel as if I lost anything but was still gutted at the scales :cry:. I was going to stay to group but the ladies in front of me at the kettle were really slow so I just went home - rubbish excuse I know :eek:

I really stuck to plan except Sunday when I was at a Christening and I think I ate my body weight in pies and quiche and wine.

So I guess I just have to suck it up and get on with it again though.

What have I eaten today:

breakfast - 3 egg omelette with half a tin of baked beans and 2 quorn sausages.

snack - banana and apple, hot cross bun (60g = 8 syns)

dinner - lean beef casserole with small amount of carrots (don't really like them but have a couple anyway), potato, onion, mushrooms, stock cube, herbs and spices
dessert - LF vanilla yoghurt and quark mixed with white choc options and strawberries

snack - apple,

Supper (working nightshift so about 2am) - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, poached salmon, very low fat mayo (2 tbsp = 1syn)
70g honey roast ham, 2 x laughing cow light triangles (0.5 hexa)

snack banana, 1 alpen light bar (0.5 hexb)

have used other 0.5 hexa on milk for coffee.

Need to focus on increasing superfree foods, especially at breakfast time - will try and have tinned toms instead of beans next time :)

And also did day 2 level 1 of 30 day shred, walked dogs to the allotment and back (about 1 mile) and some housework.

Thanks for listening.

Kerry xx
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Hippety Hop!
Hi Kerry, Well done on your loss so far, and well done on starting your own diary too.

Glad you are taking a sensible attitude about having a bit of an "off" day ... better to just suck it up, as you say, than get into a feeling guilty and berating oneself, doesn't help matters and in actual fact can be very debilitating.

Keep up the good work and I am quite sure you will be a very beautiful slim bride.

Have a nice day....:)
so yesterday had a good day, was hoping to get to allotment but other things got in the way. However, food was good and did my 30 day shred work out.

breakfast - quorn sausage x 3, tinned toms, mushrooms, eggs (2 dry fried)

Snack - banana, SW quiche

Lunch Tesco sushi (3.5 syns), mango pieces

Snack pear, apple, plum

Dinner - dab (fish) grilled, philadelphia leek risotto (like off the advert) 50g light philly - 6 syns, tomatoes oven roasted with balsamic vinegar, green beans
hot cross bun (6 syns)

Was really happy with the tesco sushi, just felt like something while I was shopping, would normally go for a scotch egg (and practically swallow it whole) but thought the sushi would be a good choice, was dreading looking it up on syn calculator when I got home but was pleasantly surprised it was only 3.5 syns on EE.

Had put some chicken and veg in slow cooker in the evening and brought that to work today for lunch. So today so far -

breakfast - 28g weetabix minis and skimmed milk (1/2 pint = 4.5 syns)

lunch chicken, veg, cous cous, 0% fat yoghurt, strawberries and raspberries

planned for tea -
5 scan bran (5 syns) and 5 laughing cow lights (hexa), chicken slices
apple, banana, plums, pear

snack - mugshot

so that should see me through the day.

Will be up early again tomorrow for 30 day shred day 5 - last day of pain hopefully :)

feeling moderately thin today, have noticed getting a bit 'jowelly' and neck seems a bit crepy, will have to invest in a facial and some neck cream

K xx
today has gone quite well, I find that being at work and bringing my entire days food with me makes life a bit easier, however there's always temptations - today someone brought creme eggs in for everyone saying as how its Easter Sunday.

Was up early again to do day 5 of shred, and my legs are indeed feeling a lot less sore, just a little niggle in the quads to remind me of the work they've done. Looking forward to day 10 when I can redo my measurements and see if anything has disappeared.

So what have I eaten, decided on a green day today,

breakfast - 28g weetabix minis (hexb1) skimmed milk (hexa1)

Lunch baked potato with 42g low low cheese (hexa2)and tin of baked beans,
fat free yoghurt, strawberries and raspberries and meringue nest (3 syns) mixed together like an eton mess

Dinner lemon and coriander cous cous (1.5 syns) mushrooms, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber,

snacks throughout the day -apple, pear, plums x2, banana and cadbury creme egg (9 syns)

Today I feel hungry though, don't know why, I thought I'd brought enough to eat but wish I'd brought more. Still 2.5 hours of work left to do. Suppose I could have some toast (hexb2) when I get in or a cup of hot chocolate.

have found a class I can go to on tuesday morning before I go to Leeds for a 2 day course to keep me on track while I'm there, hoping for at least a little loss this week - but not sure if that'll happen with doing the 30 day shred......


Plodding on.......
Looks like a good day today to me for food. Not good that you were hungry at work though - any idea why ??? Oh well, maybe try to bring a bit more superfree for your meals to fill up on or snack. Are you drinking enough ? (water preferably). I know that I'm not very good at telling when I'm hungry or thirsty so if I don't drink enough I tend to want to eat.

Well done on the shredding too.

Gail x
thanks Gail, you're probably right about the fluids, was thinking that myself, I take a 1 litre bottle of water but drink copious coffee through the day.

was thinking I might need to restrict coffee to a couple of cups in the morning then just have juice or fruit tea. Am thinkinhg the caffeine doesn't help too much either.
have been out with the dogs for a 1.8 mile walk, going to have 'grill up' breakfast - 3 quorn sausages, 2 bacon lean medallions, tinned toms, mushrooms and eggs.

Trying my first red day today, going to have a barbecue so making extra lean beef burgers, chicken kebabs, have also got some rhubarb to prepare.
have just done 30 day shred day 6 - yay! getting easier so I upper my weights to work a bit harder.

Have made burgers with extra lean mince, prepared some salad, cooked the rhubarb and divided into 0.5 syn portions.

Had 2 glasses of no added sugar orange juice, trying to reduce caffeine, and had an apple as a snack.

Going well so far. Just waiting for OH to get back from work to head up to allotment, get some more seeds sown, maybe do some digging and get the barbie fired up:)
ps have taken front view and side view pics in my leggings and sports bra, not too pretty I'm afraid, not too bad from the front but the side..... that pic will keep me motivated to loss more weight and do the shred to the bitter end xx
2 burger with wholemeal buns (HEXb) and 42g low low cheese (HEXa) 2 chicken/mushroom/pepper kebabs, salad (lettuce, toms, cucumber, spring onions, beetroot) all good - then 2 568ml bottles cider (24 syns!! yikes) and about 70g plain chocolate egg (18 syns ish).

So lets call that a red day with flexible syns....

Going to get weighed this morning, 2 days early, as have to go away on a course for 2 days to Leeds, will have to try my best and keep posting on here to keep on track, I think the worst thing I can do is to just come completely off plan, I'd be gutted if I had a big gain afterwards.
1.5lb off this morning, happy about that especially since I was weighed 2 days early.

So far today I have had

breakfast -bacon and mushroom sandwich in 2 slices ww wholemeal bread (hexb)

snack - 2 crackerbread (2 syns) tomato, SW chicken liver pate

lunch - 2 very lean beef burgers, salad (toms, lettuce, cucumber), SW chips,
rhubarb (0.5 syn), meringue nest ( 3syns) fat free vanilla yoghurt

Have done some prep for my 2 days away, I'm taking fruit, mugshots, bottles of water, John West salmon light lunch morrocan (1.5 syns), and some alpen light bars (for hex b) - so if I get the munchies I can eat something and still be good.

Also have packed work out gear, portable DVD player and 30 day shred DVD.

So shouldn't be too much disruption to my weight loss plan HURRAH!

Not taking laptop so it'll be a couple of days before I'm back :)


Silver Member
2 days in Leeds, 1 day Royal Wedding and then back on the wagon.

Tried to make smart SW choices while I was away, I think I did moderately well but its so difficult when you can't make your own food. I did drink plenty of water though and only had a couple of alcoholic drinks each night.

Didn't do too well on Friday though, too much to drink, too much bread :(

but saying as I weighed in 2 days early have plenty of time to work harder for a half decent loss this week.

yesterday was a long day at work so went for a green day
weetabix minis (hexb1) skimmed milk (hexa1) for breakfast

baked potato, beans and 42g low low cheese (hexa2)
1 alpen light bar (hexb2)

2 plums, 1 banana,

4 x cadbury heros (10 syns)
1 x thornton continental (3.5 syns)

john west morrocan salmon light lunch (2.5 syns)
lettuce, tomato and cucumber
vanilla fat free yoghurt
rhubarb (300g stewed with artificial sweetener) (approx 0.5 syns)

total syns 16.5 (not too bad)

today am going extra easy.

Am working short shifts this week so will be in the house each night for dinner so will plan a menu before I go shopping today. Fridge and fruit bowl looking very empty and thats a recipe for disaster.

have had dogs out for long walk this morning and have done day1 level 2 30 day shred..... that was hard! but I know it will get better so have to just crack on!


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oh yes and forgot my wedding dress arrived so have my first fitting on Thursday evening. Looking forward to seeing it again :)
kerryathome said:
oh yes and forgot my wedding dress arrived so have my first fitting on Thursday evening. Looking forward to seeing it again :)
How exciting!! I couldn't wait to get mine on after the long wait of getting it! I got married last June and I still love my dress...husband caught me looking at it the other day and told me to try it on - I did!!!! Enjoy Thursday!!!x


Silver Member
Ah thats lovely about your dress, hopefully I'll feel the same about mine.

yesterday -
breakfast - 2 alpen light bars (hexb)

lunch salad (lettuce, toms, cucumber) with 2 tbsp light mayo (1 syn) and 2 babybel (hexa) half a john west tuna light lunch (didn't like it 3 syns)
berries with fat free fromage frais, meringue nest (3 syns)

apple, pear, banana, 2 x plums

dinner chicken, spinach, tomato curry (EE in minutes)
fat free fromage frais, banana, strawberries, options white choc (2 syns)

total syns 8

Feeling a bit static at the minute, don't feel like I'm changing shape or weight. My tummy is my sticking point, its star week this week too so I know that has to be taken into account but I'm feeling a bit down about it.

I know I'm following the plan as well as I can, hopefully that 2 days away and royal wedding blow out won't have hurt too much. I think I always get into this thought pattern the day before weight in, almost as if I'm trying to make excuses for failure before it happens, ridiculous!!

Today I've had

no breakfast - naughty

lunch 5 x scan bran (hexb) 5 laughing cow lights (hexa) salad (lettuce, toms, cucumber) 1 tablespoons light mayo (1 syn)
250g rhubarb (0.5 syns) fat free vanilla yoghurt

apple, banana, pear,
2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns)

chicken, spinach and tomato curry (free on EE) steamed rice

total syns 7

have been trying to cut down on caffeine see if that helps at all.

Day 13 of shred - finding that really difficult too but will push on with it. Think I'm just a bit PMT, maybe a bit of St Johns Wort might help....


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what a rubbish weigh in yesterday. Put 3.5 pounds on. I was gutted, made me take a long hard look though.

All too easy to blame star week, 'muscle weighs heavier than fat' after doing 30 day shred and weighing on an evening instead of morning. But then thought about the easter egg I had eaten, 3 days in Leeds in a hotel, royal wedding party, an extra bread bun when we had burgers at home.

At the end of the day, the only person I 'm cheating is myself.

So here's the line under last week. I haven't got any 'events' or distractions this week. Working 830-6 this week and next week so no nasty shifts to do either.

When I got in I made the warm lentil with butternut squash recipe from the new extra easy in minutes book. It was really nice and I brought some for lunch today.

Also discovered My Fitness Pal, which I will use as well to see how calorific things are.

Plan for today:

breakfast 2 egg omelette with mushrooms

lunch warm lentil and butternut squash,
berries and fat free vanilla yoghurt,

dinner minced beef hash recipe from EE in minutes book (OH will hopefully make for me)

Snacks apple, plums, orange, 70g roast chicken

hexa 2 babybel
hexb hi fi bar (decided to give these a go instead of alpen lights after reading thread on wind problems)

Have got a my litre bottle of water beside me and will have 3 glasses of water when I get in too.

Tonight is my first wedding dress fitting, really looking forward to it but a bit nervous too. Its all real now, only 5 weeks to go, YIKES!!!


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my wedding dress fit beautifully last night, I had thought I might want straps or something added on but now I;ve lost a bit of weight I'm ok about my chest and shoulders and very proud of my collar bones so have decided to leave it as it is. No adjustments were needed, apart from about a centimeter off the hem at the front.

Today its TOTM so feeling tired and a bit miserable :( but that seems to be lifting as the day goes on.

Sticking to plan well today:

breakfast - 2 egg omelette with mushrooms,

lunch - leftover minced beef hash (free on EE)
fat free vanilla yoghurt and frozen berries,

dinner - is planned as smoked haddock on pea risotto (free on EE)

Snacks - apple, pear, banana, melon, 2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns), roast chicken mugshot

Will have some low low cheese and a hi fi bar as HEX tonight as snacks too.

will have to force myself to do shred tonight - was planning to do it this morning before work but couldn't drag myself out of bed and the place where I'm working today gives little opportunity to walk about so steps on pedometer are very low.

I have been feeling hungry so might have to increase what I'm eating, will boil some eggs and wrap some pease pudding in ham as snacks as well. Can only eat so much fruit really.. . . .

I'm off work for the weekend so will try and increase exercise for the next couple of days.

I'll be attending SW Party in the Park in Herrington Park on Sunday will have to go on my own as OH is at work and my sister is busy with her sons birthday. Still Joes sausages are going to be there, allegedly, so looking forward to trying the legendary syn free sausages and burgers.

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