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Kes is doing the 30 Day Shred


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Hi everyone...

ive finally got my butt into gear... and im going to do the 30 day shred....

1st november... 30 days.. ( i am away for 2 days so i will finish up on the 2nd december... right before we go away... :)) and if i have to give up a few days due to other commitments, then i will add them onto the end. but i will do 30 days!

if i dont put it on here, i will hit and miss a few days and prob give up!
sooo here goes it...

Any one feel like joinin in.. GO FOR IT!!
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Day One!!!!

needless to say, and anyone who has done this, is going to agree... OH MY GOSH... i am so unfit!!!

i had to stop at about 16-17mins, as i felt physically sick... but got back into is as soon as i felt ok... (about a min later)

i think def my muscles are going to hurt tomorrow....

so with the warm up, and cool down (plus extra stretching as i didnt think they did very much) i have done about 1/2 hours worth, and burnt off 350ish cals :)

an hour later (from when i started) i have now calmed down and had a bottle of water ive gotten my heart rate back down to normal and cals burnt is 460:)


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its a dvd.. Gillian Michaels (biggest loser USA trainer) she has a 30 day shred DVD.. google it..:)


Violet is shrinking
lol....i told you it was gruelling didnt i hun :D

shes goood though isnt she?!..are you taking your before and after measurements?



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I've been thinking of getting this dvd for a while so might take the plunge, sounds hard work! Good luck Kes x


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ooohhh measurements.. thats a good idea!! lets go for it...
going to get tape measure.........

right my measurements are in......
here we go..
Waist (under my boobs where the wedding dress people measured me): 27.5 inches
Bust: 36 inches
Above the boobs: 33 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Bum: 41 inches
Biggest part of my waist: 37 inches
CD waist (around the belly button) 31.5 inches
Left arm: 13 inches
Right arm: 13.5 inches
Left Leg: 23.5 inches
Right leg: 24 inches
Left Calf: 15.75 inches
Right calf: 15.5 inches

considering i was fighting with myself to get into my dress at
waist: 28 inches
bust: 36.5 inches
and hips: 39inches.. ive done really well, and what ever else is going to be a bonus!!!


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well we can make it any 30 day challenge if you would like... Gillian is something that has to be worked up to... she is one tough nutter!


Violet is shrinking
good on you! It sounds so hard. I'm doing the 30 day EA active challenge, i'm not ready to take on Gillian lol!
Shes a total hard case lol


Violet is shrinking
good idea with the measurements hun... i had planned on taking mine before the shread,but after day one i thought there would no point as there was no way in hell i could continue with.. lol

ive heard people say theyve toned up and lost inches really quick!

good luck though hun....:D
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my boss is doing it.. (she doesnt need to lose weight but wants to tone..) and said that she has done it for half the time (she isnt finished yet) and she has already lost an inch off her waist.... so fingers crossed that can come off my legs and butt!!


Violet is shrinking
oh my god! your boss has done really well!

i need to get a body map thing for measuring, as im never sure where the tape measure should go and then i forget where i measured so i could do with some sort of guide to look at to help me remember


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oooh ive never heard of one of those.
what is it?


Violet is shrinking
theyre like a diagram of the naked body...the correct places to measure are marked on the body,so you know where to put the tape on yourself... like hips,waist,then another measurement half up the chest,but not the boobs etc..it confuses me and i can never remember where i took the measurements from so theyre never accurate... i'll try googling it and find one


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I see... might Google that later...

Ok I think ok well I fear I'm going to not be able to move tomorrow. Lol..
BUT I will not give up!


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yep true to work i am sore!! not as sore as i have been before (when my program got changed at the gym that was farrrrr worse than this) but im going to keep going, and hopfully it will get better LOL
I'm going to do it with you starting today!

I find day three the hardest as my body is tired and I get the hang of doing things properly! After the set of starjumps and skipping it does get a bit easier!


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woop woop!! bring it on...
welcome! and good luck! but im sure we can do it!

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