ketosis HelP?


When I woke up this morning I did a ketosis stix and it was 3rd pink I thought oh thats quick.Drank 1 litre of water and teasted an hour later and it was BEIGH again,thought it maybe dehydration?
I have had nearly 3 litres of water just tested again and it was 2nd pink????
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Well I read if you wee alot you will be dyhydrated?Which I do sorry TMI but when Im not doing any SSing VLCD it shows up beigh?(and I dont hardly drink so I know im dehydrated)?
Meaning am I in ketosis?
MY tounges weird but I feel abit hungery not alot but ive only had 1 shake today so far????

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If you pee a lot then you are not dehydrated. If you don't pee then your body is trying to hang onto the water because it is dehydrated.

The darker the ketostick, the more concentrated the ketones. This doesn't mean that you are burning more fat but could be an indication that you need more water depending on how dark the stick turns.

I'm not too hung up on the keto stick. As long as I am drinking enough and consistently (thats the key, no point in drinking all your water for the day over the space of a couple of hours) and sticking to the diet then there is no point in testing my wee. In fact, when I had to do this each week at my LL meeting it was a rarity that it showed any pink despite stick to the diet and losing masses of weight so I fail to see why KS's are useful.

Just keep sticking to the diet rules and quit worrying about the sticks ;)
When I test, I go from being in Beige to being number 3 pink but I can never see any reason for the difference.

I am always pleased to see pink though and it spurs me on. When I test beige I get a little downhearted because I know I've ss 100%, am drinking at least 5 pints of water spread out through the day and weeing loads.

I guess it is true it's easy to get hung up on the colour of the stix when the main thing is the scales are showing a drop.