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Ketosis one minute next not, how can this be ?

Hi all,

wonder if someone can help me. I've been on atkins for 5 days and am having some trouble, yesterday I was well in ketosis and today I'm not. the only thing I can think of is the atkins advantage bar. are they likely to do this does anyone know ? other things eaten were omlette, (Egg only not milk) and turkey breast. black coffee too. 2 cups and a shed load of water, yesterday I was over flowing with energy just like I expected to be and all was great, this morning well ........ fuzzy head and an unreactive stick. not impressed.

Thanks Andy.
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Hi Andy, welcome aboard! :)

Some people report that the Atkins bars cause stalls, and have far higher carb counts than you'd expect.

Second, don't rely too heavily on the sticks for an accurate report on whether you're in ketosis or not. They just indicate whether surplus ketones are being expelled in your urine. You can have a non-responsive ketostick and still be in ketosis.

A far better indicator is if you're not feeling hungry, or have that metallic taste at the back of your mouth.
Hi there

Thanks for this, I was starting to panic, well I'm not feeling hungry at all I have to say, might stay away from the bars though ! for the price of them I wouldn't expect them to do that.

Thanks very much.

throw away the sticks lol. ive seen people in ketosis (as per the sticks) not losing weight....i bet you wouldnt have even noticed the sluggish feeling if it werent for the sticks....

unless you actually eat carbs knowingly....thats when you know your out of ketosis!

I wouldn't trust the sticks either personally, as Steve mentioned I always went by the other indicators.
oh, and if you've been on Aykins for 5 days now Andy it may be the first sign of Atkins flu.
HI everyone thanks for the advise. I've not been eating carbs knowingly and have been really careful so hopefully all should be good. still not feeling hungry I have to say and am feeling ok.

what's all this atkins flu ?

ah well, it's when you force your body into using fat as an energy source rather than carbs, it give you flu like symptoms and can last for a couple of days.


Yummy mummy to be!
Re Atkins bars;

I eat them and don't get stalled by them, I only have them as a treat though:)

Agreed about the ketostix. If you've excerised you may have used all your ketones thus none in your pee pee. Also if you are drinking lots of water your pee pee maybe be to diluted to give a posative registration.

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