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Hello all

I am on day 5, and have stuck to this diet religiously. The only thing I have had was 2 cans of Coke Zero over the weekend. I have lost 9lbs so far and am really impressed, esp because its TOTM and my first after having my 16 week old baby. Anyway I have not really found it too bad, no major headaches, no major cravings and I'm just worried I'm not yet in Ketosis? Today I have just wanted rubbish food, but Ive managed to control the urge.

So my question to you is, how do you know once you are in Ketosis? What are the signs etc? Everyone says you don't feel hungry, but I am a little but nothing major.

Any advice is welcome. xxx
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I've read a number of times, on a number of different VLCD forums and posts, that Coke Zero is ok, it's all the others that aren't as they contain citric acid, which coke zero doesn't.
Thank you ladies. I was worried I had buggered up all my hard work, over 2 cans of coke that were great anyway, lol.

It was on here, or CD. Someone said they asked their consultant, and she said both were fine, upto one a day. Ive just brought a bottle of Dr Pepper Zero and it has no citric acid it. Ill see if I can find the post.
Starlight said:
Coke Zero isnt a no no :confused: Coke Zero is the only fizzy drink you can drink on a VLCD.... It most definitely WONT knock you out of ketosis
Really????? I always heard all fizzy drinks were no nos.
Oh, can't believe that. I love coke zero and I've been depriving myself of that!

Why no diet coke though? I never understood the difference between them
Starlight said:
Seriously theres nothing to get confused about. Coke Zero is perfectly fine!

Oh DOH!! I forgot something crucial in this discussion!! Ehm would it help if I told you I emailed Exante and they said Coke Zero was perfectly fine?
Hahaha, yes that would help :p
Ha ha yes, lol. Thank you so much thats put my mine at ease. Maybe I should double check Zero Dr Pepper before I indulge. xxx
If you've lost 9lbs in 5 days, that's a pretty good sign you're in ketosis too! Congratulations :)

Also, Tesco, high juice, no added sugar - apple & pomegranate is OK, as is Asda Apple & Cranberry - both use malic acid instead of citric acid - so some squash alternatives should you need them, in moderation.


Wants to be thin!
Hi, I contacted exante regarding coke zero. They confirmed it wouldn't take you out of ketosis ! Happy days. I only started today but need something like that to keep me going. Tried LL in the past and missed my diet coke :)

I want to lose a stone for Xmas, hope I can do it.

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