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Hiya. I'm on my fresh start, day 4 and I'm still not in ketosis!! Is that normal? Couldn't go for a midweek due to having my wisdom teeth out yesterday so I bought my own sticks to test. Can't believe it, been angelic by having my water and am just on shakes (don't like the soups!). Any useful tips to get that fat burning started??
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One day at a time
Hi Kaalin

I think the process of ketosis is different for everyone, and also would depend on what you have eaten before you started.

When I first did LL, we did not have a popin - we all went after 7 days, and the LLC was surprised that we were all in ketosis already, so I guess you are 'normal' and that it will happen soon xxx
Thanks Lumpy. I suppose I did have a few naughty things I shouldn't the day before starting again so maybe that's why. I didn't lose much my first week when I started in foundation and was really disappointed, but looking back I'd started to cut back already so possibly didn't have lots in my glycogen stores. Who knows, I'm still trying to get my head round the whole glycogen thing. I hope I have a good loss this week. Roll on Monday lol :)
im on day 5 of LT and i have been in ketosis since day 3 (according to the sticks anyhow) i went crazy over the weekend prior to starting the plan, eating and drinking a lot more than i usually do. im not mentioning this to rub your nose in it, just to show you that everyone is different (if that makes sense) well done on your first four days, the first three were the hardest for me so far. i had really bad headache's continuously but seem to be over the worst of them now.

good luck
I think that if you start to have a horrid taste in your mouth and you are not hungry, then you are in ketosis.
Hello...well funnily enough this morning I have a horrid taste in my mouth my husband tells me my breath stinks (as it did back in April when I started!) and I tested my wee this morning and whoopeeee I'm burning the fat baby :D Happy Days!!!
Hahahahaha! The first time in our lives when we're actually happy to be told our breath stinks!

With me it's usually because of coffee and cigarettes :eek: :D



nearly there!! :)
well done on getting into ketosis xx
im the same with the smelly breath, and even though i brush my teeth and use mouthwash my oh will only peck me these days cause he claims to still be able to taste the shakes in my mouth ha!!
Yeah, my OH keeps telling me that my breath smells of acetone. Makes a change from him complaining about the smell of stale ciggies.....and it means I'm losing weight at the same time! Woop!!

I'm sure he can deal with it for a few weeks!

Well it doesn't last forever. The smelly breath went after a few weeks for me. Until there I keep up with the toothbrushing and mouthwashing and that Gold Spot!! I find I am paranoid talking to people though in case they can smell it!
My LLC has said that green tea helps with bad breath . I also find that a tongue scraper helps.
im going for drop in in about an hour so not having no more water yet hope im in ketosis but to be honest i just want to see how much i have lost so far lady in my class lost 20lbs in the first week (im a week behind my class) she had lost 14lb in the first 4days but everyone is different it may be that your wee is slightly diluted if you have had plenty of water and just not showing up on the sticks. ive heard this can happen
OMG 20 lbs in one week? That's incredible. Are you sure she didn't have a wooden leg which she removed at the second weigh in? lol I'm day 6 and couldn't make my pop in and am now going through the 'I hope I have lost something' stage before my weigh in tomorrow!

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