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Ketostix - open more than 6 months ago - still good?

kind of says it all in the title really, but i have some Ketostix which were opened more than 6 months ago -

i tried one last night (end of day 2 on SS) and it was dark pink (4) and again this morning - i'm not dehydrated, as cannot acutally fit any more water in! (yesterday evening, i had a 2ltr bottle of water and 2 pints of water and my pack)

are they still any good?
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I would say they are ok, when I used my out of date ones they didnt turn any colour at all, but when I used some more they turned immediately.

As far as I am aware, if they are out of date then they dont change at all x
thanks - either yay! i am in ketosis, or... am dehydrated! (can you get in K by day 2??)

(apologies - i posted this in the main forum too, as thought more ppl might view it)


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Hello, im new to this and started cd yesterday (yay!), jus wondering i have some of these that my cdc gave me and told me to do 1 on monday. This may sound really stupid but how am i ment to use them???

there are no stupid questions!! (well maybe a few)

i have a colour guide chart on my bottle of sticks and it ranges from light pink to dark. the darker end means you are in ketosis (which is what you are aiming for) [someone next to me is eating a ham salad sandwich on granary.....mmmmm] but you need to remember that dark pink is also an indicator of dehydration.... so she said monday for testing? 4 days... sounds reasonable


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ok thank you and i presume you wee on it lol

MMMMM ham sandwich sounds lovely lol but tbh the milkshakes tases great totally unexpected. :):D
yep - you must take the reading at 15second exactly (on my ones)

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