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Ketotis - what is the difference on Atkins and CD?


Both the cambridge diet and atkins diet seem to be effective due to being in ketosis. Is this right?

I know the atkins is unhealthy as it high fat, etc, but instead of having white meat and fish could this be swapped occasionally for a steak, as it would appear not to affect ketotis.....

Advice would be welcome as I'm currently on holiday in Florida and its hard to get grilled fish / chicken all the time.

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didnt want to read and run but cant answer your problem sorry
hope you are having a gtreat holiday


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It is the same diet with regards to ketosis, but that's where the similarities end. Steak, & red meat is higher in fat & calories, so it would be likely that if you swapped it for chicken you would get much much less.
I'm an Atkins queen & would love it if I could have the odd cheese omlette as I know it wouldn't kick me out of ketosis, but it would affect my weightloss due to cals & fat. x
Yes, that is the difference. Both use ketosis (burning your fat for energy instead of the sugars in carbs) but Atkins does not count the calories in the protein and tend to be a high calorie diet, as staying in ketosis is the more important part. CD is a low calorie diet. Calories are more important than being in ketosis on CD.

So try and think in terms of low carb calories when choosing food and just eat less of it if it not on the CD list. I don't think I have ever been in a restaurant that did not have a chicken dish. Chicken and lettuce are my staples when I am eating out.

Good luck.
Ooh good question!

On a similar lines to this I have always wondered why it is that doing the 810 plan will quite likely kick you out of ketosis....or for some people just having cd bars on SS does.......yet people doing atkins who are eating all sorts of 'fattening' food (cheese etc) are still in ketosis!?! Does anyone know??
As I said the diets work differently. It doesn't matter how many cals you eat on Atkins so long as they have no carbs. You go into deep ketosis. When you start the Atkins diet you only have about 20g of carbs a day.

On CD, we are only ever in mild ketosis. It is a by-product of the diet. We cannot go into anything but mild ketosis because there is at least 10g of carbs in the packs (some of the bars have 20g). So multiply that by 3/4 and you can see why we are only in the first band of pink on the keto sticks.

CD is a vlcd, first and foremost. That's why we lose the weight. I've stopped bothering to test for ketosis. It is only on the Atkins diet you need to ensure you are in ketosis at all times or the diet won't work. With CD the diet will only work if you keep the calories low, regardless of whether you are in ketosis or not.
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Ooh thanks for that francesmag, that makes complete sense!
what a great explanation. makes complete sense.

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