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Kettleworx 6week challenge

Discussion in 'Kettlebells' started by Mashworth87, 24 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I'm currently on the S&S diet and yesterday I started the kettleworx 6week challenge to help shift this weight (hopefully double quick) yesterday and boy oh boy am I feeling it, I've never felt so unfit!!
    So far on S&S I've lost 12lbs and 27.5 inches in 14days, I still have another 51lbs to lose so I'm really hoping that combined with this workout I'll be a size 8/10 again in 10weeks, I'd settle for a size 10/12 but I'd rather be at my goal pronto!!

    This whole experience for me is a complete lifestyle change, I'm not a fad dieter I just gained so much after the birth of my son 6months ago, its time for a change to set a good example for my wee man and to look and feel fabulous, happy and healthy.

    I've never really enjoyed working out and some things are quite difficult for me, I have hypermobility syndrome and have dislocated just about every part of my body and suffer terrible back pain after a terrible bus crash 11years ago.
    But staying immobile isn't gonna help me,it's time to get my muscles and tendons strong!!

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  3. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Wow, congrats on your progress so far! :)

    It's great that you are giving kettleworx a go. Is S&S a vlcd? If so it will be interesting to hear how you find energy levels for your workouts. Have you asked your gp if there's anything you need to look out for/avoid given your joint/back problems?

    Because of them I would pay extra attention to form, sometimes kettleworx goes quite quickly and it's better to pause and do the reps in your own time rather than risk hurting yourself. If you find it a bit much at first you can do some core strengthening on your own to build up a bit of support and then try again, that's what I did (I have M.E. and when I started kettleworx had chronic lower back pain/sciatica issues - nothing like hypermobility to worry about though!).

    Good luck, keep us posted as to how you're getting on! x
  4. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Yeah S&S is a VLCD, I spoke to the nutritionist on their website and was told that if I find myself lacking any energy to eat a bit more protein.

    I can't do anything that's too high impact on my joints, like running or heavy weights. I started yesterday on the resistance training as I thought it would be best for strengthening my muscles but I will definitely be taking things at my own pace, my health is the most important.

    Got to give you huge praise to you for keeping so active with such a horrendous illness, I know some suffers of M.E and it's just such an awful thing to cope with, it's inspiring that someone such as yourself battles through. Self belief is a powerful thing!! So well done to you.

    Once I've got into the routine of doing exercise and built up my endurance for it, I plan on doing Pilates and belly dancing too, so will be on 5 days a week of exercise, I don't have time to get to gym with being a single parent so all the DVDs fit into my life pretty easily.

    I'm hoping that once I'm stronger I might even have a pain free day?! Since my accident I have never had a day without pain, and I just found that over the years my temper has got shorter and shorter, dealing with at the very least a dull lingering ache at worst just sheer agony and I find myself being very irritable (not an attractive quality in someone)
    2013 is my year for happiness and foxiness haha xx
  5. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    You can do it! Sounds like you're doing things very sensibly and have a great plan.:)

    I can completely sympathise with the pain/grumpiness connection. Personally I have had a lot less pain since losing weight and getting stronger (I also go for food and supplements that reduce inflammation as it's an enemy with M.E.), I hope you will find the same! I had to lose a fair amount of weight before I could start doing exercise and I started veeeery slowly, but I am luckier than some in that my condition has mostly been mild/moderate - severe is just horrible. x
  6. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Well my legs are still just too sore for kettleworx so gonna do some belly dancing instead, hopefully tomorrow I can do another session.

    It may be longer than a six week challenge for me, but I'm gonna go at a steady pace, I have enough to do with a 6month old baby I'm not risking injuring myself.
  7. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Well I tried the belly dancing but it wasn't for me, so decided to just power through and do another kettleworx session, did the arms and shoulders focused one, once I'd done the warm up my thighs weren't too bad, but now my arms are quivering, time for a nice warm bath to relax them.
    I'm just gonna power through this 6week challenge but modify or miss out anything that is strenuous for my HMS
    I think coupled with Pilates it should be a winning success for shedding these pounds!!!
  8. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Well never got another kettleworx workout in today but I did have to plough the pram through thick snow whilst trying to keep my balance and not to slide on the ice AND I built a giant snowchicken (that counts as a workout right? Haha)
    It was exhausting anyway, but will be doing another proper workout tomorrow,I'm already feeling so much happier in myself for it.
    I can't wait to see the end results!
  9. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Well-Known Member

    Hey remember to take it easy (light walking, playing with your baby etc) between work outs or you will exhaust yourself :) Great your enjoying your exercise just listen to your body :)

    Love the snow chicken idea .. We tried to make a snow caterpillar

    Sent from my iPhone using MiniMins
  10. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Aye I'm trying to over do it, haha oh I can definitely listen to my body it bloody clicks loads enough!! Although already my joints are starting feel stronger.

    Haha what if my snowchicken eats your snowcaterpillar?!
  11. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

  12. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Exhausted now, had to modify and miss out a couple of moves, my back and shoulders couldn't take it. I think it will take me a little longer than 6weeks, cos I'm not moving on to the next week until I've mastered the first, a little exercise is better than none at all and avoiding A&E is better than pushing myself especially on so few calories.
    I'll get there in the end but it has to be at my own pace
  13. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Another day another workout, did the cardio! I'm really feeling it from yesterday's workout, my obliques are aching so much, it must be working!! :D
    Hope I see a significant reduction in inches on Friday!!!
  14. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Resistance today! It's getting slightly easier now and doing wonders for my mood.
    I've been doing more research on exercise with VLCD and it turns out doing cardio isn't very good for me so I'm just sticking to strengthening and core workouts, so I guess I'm not really doing the 6 week challenge. But hopefully at the end of my S&S plan I'll be at my goal. 65 days left!! :D x
  15. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Abs,shoulders and arms today! Can really feel it in my stomach now! Need this layer of flab gone so I can see them!! Haha, only 64 days left!!! :D
  16. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Had a lil break yesterday, just done the core workout again and measurements done this morning lost 34.5 inches in total!! Wahoo!! X
  17. Zest for Life

    Zest for Life Well-Known Member

    Just read through your thread, Good luck teaching your target x
  18. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Back to it today!

    Had my butt kicked again, took two days off and then started again at the next stage up, can really feel it!! Still enjoying it though, seeing more results from it, just can't wait to lose the fat to reveal some sexy toned muscles underneath, gonna have to work on my stomach more though as I want this baby pouch gone! I'll probably still look as though I was in a fight with wolverine but there's not awful lot I can do about the stretch marks,they'll fade with time.
  19. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

    Managed to do two of the workouts!!! Yes TWO!! Feel like jelly now! Time for a nice soak I think, totally chuffed with myself for getting through that, I did core, arms and shoulders. I want nice lean toned arms this time I'm slim, always a problem area for me as I have an hourglass shape which makes my arms and legs more tapered, I've always hated my arms the most!!
    Have to be careful with arm exercises though, not easy with two shoulders that dislocate,I cant do full press ups and I can only do the front plane hold resting on my hands with extended arms.
    Really had to push myself there, just kept looking at one of the women on the DVD all toned and brown and smiling and thought "you utter b!tch, smiling at me like this is nothing" haha but I just had to keep in mind the body I want and keep going, but my god did it burn.
    Feeling better for it though!
  20. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Well-Known Member

  21. Zest for Life

    Zest for Life Well-Known Member

    Whoop well done you :) can't see stats, how long has it been?

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