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Kez's struggles and troubles! 17th June Restart!

For any new people reading, if you want to cut out 4 months of messing about, then my restart starts on page 43 :) xxx

Hi All

I have got a meeting tonight with a councellor and I am terrified! I don't even know why I am so worried, but I am... :wave_cry:

I got up this morning planning on phoning my doc to ask to go on Xenical or something similar. They recommended I went on it a year or so ago and I did, but didn't take it very seriously and was only on it a few weeks before I cancelled my prescription. So, being desperate, I was going to ask if I could have another go.

All was well, until I phoned the doctor and it obviously wasn't a priority (which fair enough I guess it isnt in most people's eyes) and they booked me an appointment for Friday morning.

Well, I am desperate and I need to do something...NOW! I have ummed and arrred about CD for ages now, reading peoples success stories and the quick weight loss is a huge incentive. However, the side affects that go with it and the horror stories about the after care once you enter 'normal' life again scare me a bit.

Also, the cost side of things are scary! My councellor told me that the sachets are about £1.80 each and I am already in financial trouble, so I am scared I am taking on more than I can handle. Still, I need to do something, I'm about as low as I think I can get :cry:

I know that is my sole diet, however I dont think I spend £40 a week on me AND my partner. All week at work I eat noodles, beans on toast, pasta'n'sauces, so nothing expensive. I have porridge for breakfast, which is 50p a bag. So this is pricey compared to my usual diet?! Then again my usual diet isn't doing me much good either is it?

I am 25 and weigh 18 stone 5.2lbs. I am 5'4 which makes my BMI 44.1

Ideally one day I would like to be 8 stone lighter, but for now anything would be good.

I have been trying for months now and I crash diet and do well, then binge for a few days and it all goes back on. Crash diet, put it on...etc,etc. Each time I put it all back on I go a notch lower with my motivation. Now I barely care!

However, I am getting married next year and even scarier than being a Fat Bride! we want to start trying for children. We have been together for 6 years though and have not used protection that whole time and nothing has ever come of it, so we know that to conceive we will need help. They aren't going to help me if I am clinically obese though are they?

How bad will it be once I start? I work in an office with some very nosey woman and am not sure how I am going to hide what I am doing? I also have a lot of responsibilty on my shoulders work wise and am worried how my concentration levels are going to be affected? I have horses and am scared I wont have the energy to ride or walk them? Also, I am going to be taking on a job cleaning chalets on a sat to fund the diet, but am scared I wont have the energy to actually do anything?

Sorry for rabbiting on, I'm a jibbering wreck at the minute! :p
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Well done for taking the first step. The thing with a VLCD like CD is that the results come quickly, which helps HUGELY with the motivation. As for the cost - yes, £40 a week seems like a lot. But how many times a month do you have a drink - either a pint out, or a bottle of wine at home, a take-away, a sarnie when you are out, pack of chewing gum, bottle of pop, bag of crisps when you get petrol? If you added EVERYTHING up penny by penny, you would probably see that the costs are roughly the same on CD as the money you spend on food and drink in a month.
The first few days are a challenge, but you WILL get through it with lots of water and some determination, and then your body will start burning pure fat - and there is no better feeling!
You'll find lots of help and support here from everyone - keep us posted on how you are getting on.
Good luck and happy thoughts as you start out on your journey - you'll do FAB!!!!:D
Good luck, it will be the best thing you do. I came off xenical and moved to CD and the results were so much quicker. You will be fine, just think of the wedding
18 stone 5.2lbs. I am 5'4 which makes my BMI 44.1
Just to point out you will need to make an appointment with your Dr anyway to get your form signed, if you go on to SS as your BMI is over 40.
Thanks you guys, yes I have kept the appointment that I booked with the docs so I can let him know I am doing CD. Hopefully I will be allowed to start the diet before the appointment, I don't want to wait until Friday to start?!
Hi Kez! even if you have to wait, you can give yourself a head start by sticking to a mainly protein week with your food - white fish, turkey, chicken and green veg will help you kick start your loss if you have to wait a little while to start CD. It will certainly help you get through the first few days of ketosis too! Let us know how you get on! xx
Thanks, at what point can I expect to hit ketosis? And is it really as euphoric as everyone says?
It took me just over 48 hours to get into real ketosis - it depends what you have in your system when you start CD. The more carbs and gluten you have stored, the longer it will take for your body to burn through that before it gets to the fat. If you are unsure, you can buy something called Ketostix at your pharmacy - you pee on them, and it shows you if you're in ketosis. I check a couple of times a week just to make sure.
For me, Ketosis is not exactly euphoric but it's just a feeling of wellbeing, I feel like I have boundless energy and I want to DO stuff - where as normally I will find any excuse to sit on my ass! The hunger pangs do disappear and you might feel a little spaced out until you get used to it.
It is worth it - even if longer term, you choose to follow another method, a VLCD is a PERFECT kick start, because the weight comes off so quickly. My first VLCD, I lost 13lbs in 7 days! This time, I have dropped 7 in a week, due to having a crap cold and a slight slip up! But it's half a stone less than I weighed last week!:D
Hey fellow 5ft 4"er...it's a great height huh!

Your be super fine; I am on day four and to be honest I have found it fairly easy - to the point I am worried it's not working as I have found it way to easy! The first day I was super tired and grumpy but then that has easied off and I do feel boundless with energy!

What date is your wedding? Make that your long term goal in the meantime make shorter goals. Why not join in with me to drop at least 30lbs by May???
I have so many questions, and I am sure I'll forget them all when I get to the meeting with my councellor. I am keen to get into ketosis asap as I am worried about how the diet is going to affect my decisions and judgement at work, also my studying at home and college.

Still, extra energy and motivation will be very welcome! I spend most of my time procrastinating the housework. It takes me an hour to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes, then I put cleaner in the shower, then cant be bothered to rinse it out. I get very easily distracting when doing housework! lol

I live in between St Agnes and Perranporth, if you know where that is?
Flubberbuster - 30lbs by May would be amazing! I'm up for that for sure! x
Are you from Cornwall then LuvPink?
I love living in Cornwall! I'm very lucky!
Oh dear, what an emotional day! I was buzzing with motivation to make a change this morning, I tried and fell at the first hurdle (no docs appointment till Friday), finally plucked up the courage to call the CDC and booked an appointment for tonight, now found out as my BMI is 44 I wont be able to start until I have my doctors signature. Have read other peoples experience of how rude and ignorant the GP's can be and I worried mine will be the same?!

So today has been up, down, up, down mixed with constant churning butterflies about tonight! Then to top it all off, I text my partner to tell him I was ging to see acouncellor and a brief descrip of what its about and he never replied. So I just called him expecting him to be furious. He's the kind of person who believes less calories more exercise is the only way (which it is) but he has no idea of the mental issues that go with it and how hard it is to do that when you have self esteem issues, you binge, carb addiction...etc,etc. He had an issue for years with alchohol and struggles to stay on the wagon, but he will not accept that my distructive relationship with food is the same as his with alchohol.

Anyway, when I plucked up the courage to phone him he was really sweet about it! He told me that it wouldn't solve my issues with food. I said I realised that, but this way that option of food is taken away from me and it gives me chance to learn to address my issues with it. He was actually very sweet about it and had me in floods of tears. He said as long as you are happy at the end of it.

I just know I am going to be in floods of tears tonight with the councellor.
Ahh bless you.:patback: What a day and what a lovely partner. I also have an issue with food but CD does what you say, takes it away then introduces it slowly back. I am so close to target again and am going to order some books to help me understand why we do it.
Good luck for tonight Im sure you will be fine though.:D
hey cornishkez

i hope your meeting went well. you will feel pants for a few days about 3 to 4 but then you'll have so much energy you'll need to take on another job to burn it all off. i've tried zenical and i have to say the greasy orange poos are not nice, neither are the accidents you can have.

you will slip right into it but you do need willpower.

i hope that you've got a few tetras for work as you can make them into hot chocs and drink them at work and at lunchtime go 'out' for lunch and have a walk then the nosey parkers won't know any difference.

i look forward to reading your replies and your journey.

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