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KFC bonless box?

Only just seen this and I'm sure you've probably already found out but if you are on extra easy these are the individual syn values of everything in the box (the box only has regular sized portions - not the large ones) :

Regular gravy : 4 syns
Regular popcorn chicken : 10 1/2 syns
Regular fries : 10 syns
3 crispy strips : 9 syns

so if you have diet coke with it then its 33 and a half syns!!

Hope this helps
Impressed the chicken gravy is only 4 syns - i could sit with a tub of that and dip in my own chicken. x
Me too but its only for the small one. I usually get a large beans and three crispy strips with a diet coke...its only 9 syns and satisfies my kfc cravings!!!! x
The large gravy is ten syns!!! So you could still have that with your own chicken :) x
Does anyone know how many syns the boneless breast fillets are - they're bigger than crispy strips and come in some of the boxes....
Maybe I'm getting the chicken breasts confused with the crispy strips then? Cant find anything on the SW syns calculator on the website other than the crisps strips. Are they much bigger?
They're called mini fillets. I could only find crispy strips too. They're a bit bigger and less, erm, crispy. More like a smaller version of the meat inside a fillet burger.
I did a bit of googling and someone has put on another site that they are also three syns because there is more chicken and less of the coating but suppose that depends what plan you are following for the day.
in my 2010 food directory kfc"chicken crispy strips" are 4 syns on EE!aa small gravy is 3 and a large is 7,but your data will be more up to date sarah if u have been on the website xxx
Rach is that you??????? Have you figured it out?xx
yes its me hunny!!!!Im so thick,i didnt even kno that 7,5 lbs wprked out at 1/2 stone award!!!!Im even more prouder of you now!!!we will do this babes!!Im doing a food diary post,so subscribe to my thread!!!

As soon as we get to Pwhelli tomorrow and I should be able to get wifi I will. Doing it on my phone at min xx
Spelt it wrong, its spelt Pwllheli!!!

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