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KHQ's weight loss journey

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by KHQ, 13 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Well today was my first WI since restarting the plan and I have lost 4.5lb which I am very happy about! Me and my OH did SW from home this time last year in the run up to our wedding in May. I must admit I didn't stick to it very well most of the time but still managed to lose a stone by wedding day and OH lost 2 stone! Unfortunately when I got on the scales last week it showed I had put it all back on plus another pound! Can't say I really regret it though because we had a great year - we got married and moved from Watford (working in London) up to Sheffield and started a new business!

    This time I want to get down to 10 stone before our belated honeymoon to Marrakech over our first anniversary in May. We went to Cyprus a year before our wedding and I felt so self conscious in my bikini that it put a bit of a downer on the whole thing for me so I really don't want that to happen this time. I was a bit disappointed with myself not getting to my target before the wedding too so I don't want to let myself down again.

    So far so good. 4.5lb off and well on my way to being back under 11 stone. I'm hoping this diary will help to keep focused and to feel accountable to anyone who takes the time to read it as we are doing SW from home so it would be easy to fall off the wagon and just pretend it isn't happening!

    Anyway, that's probably enough babbling for one day!
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  3. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Hello :) here to subscribe! It looks to me like you are very determined and i'm sure you will do great :) nearly under 11 stone already :D xxxx
  4. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Aww thanks! Yeah I really am determined to not let myself down again this time and to enjoy my holiday! Getting there, being under 11 stone will definitely be a huge motivation to keep going!

    Congrats on your losses so far! So close to your target now!
  5. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    When I got under 11stone i was over the moon, you will do it by the end of Jan no prob! xxxx
  6. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    That's the plan! Thank you for your support! xx
  7. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    What food have you got planned for today? :) xx
  8. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Doing a green day today. We prefer doing red and green days to EE, feels a bit more structured and when I've done EE in the past I haven't found it worked quite as well for me.

    So today:
    Breakfast: Water, apple, satsuma and WW fat free yoghurt.
    Lunch: Ainsley Harriott lemon & coriander couscous (3 syns), apple. (Counting the couscous as 3 because I can't find the actual syns for this flavour so playing it safe and using the syns of a comparable flavour).
    Dinner: Chicken (71g cooked - HEX B), pasta, homemade syn free tomato sauce with onion, mushrooms, peppers and mangetout.
    Snacks: Fruit, tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEX A), fat free yoghurt and probably a couple of Tesco jaffa cakes this evening at 2 syns each. Might also need a couple of Lockets throughout the day at 0.5 syns each.
    Last edited: 14 January 2014
  9. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Also exercise today! On day 9 of the 30 day abs challenge so 45 sit ups, 30 crunches, 30 leg raises and a 38 second plank.

    I know it's really not enough exercise but it's better than I was doing and I am starting to see a difference. We've also started going for a 45 minute walk each day at the weekend and once the nights are lighter we will start doing a half hour walk each night too.
  10. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    That sounds like fab exercise to me! The plank is agonising lol. And walking like that is perfect. James and I always say we will start but as of yet ....

    Food sounds good. We sometimes do red days but I'm a sucker for carbs, and James eats too much meat to have green days lol they do work well though. I might try a success express week in a few weeks xx
  11. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Thank you. We will have to see if we can keep it up though!

    Looking forward to dinner now! I was thinking of trying success express in a few weeks as I get the feeling I might hit a bit of a block at some point like last time and I would rather do that than give up like I did before! xx
  12. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Hello :wavey:
    I'm here to subscribe. Good luck, you seem really motivated and I'm sure you'll look and feel fab by the time your holiday comes round.x
  13. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Hi! Thank you, I'm trying to keep the motivation going so I hope you're right! x
  14. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Food today (RED DAY):

    Breakfast: I've felt rubbish the last few days and actually managed to sleep through my alarm and most of the morning so will start from lunch today! On the up side I'm feeling much much better so I obviously needed it!

    Lunch: 2 eggs on 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEXB). Satsuma.

    Dinner: Homemade burger (syn free) with mushrooms and onion on 57g wholemeal roll (HEXB) with 75g SW chips (2.5 syns). Side salad of lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

    Snacks: Apples, satsumas, WW fat free yoghurt, tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEXA) maybe a couple of those Tesco Jaffa Cakes again later!

    Exercise: Day 10 of 30 Day Ab Challenge.
    50 sit ups, 50 crunches, 30 leg raises, 38 second plank.
    Last edited: 15 January 2014
  15. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Food sounds great. And go you with that challenge missy! xxxx.
  16. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Thank you, really enjoyed the burger tonight! Simon even commented how wrong it seemed being able to eat that on a diet! Haha thanks. Literally thoguht I might die at one point but got through it! x
  17. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Haha glad you enjoyed it. I'm inspired to have burgers so we've decided to have them next week. Will try and do a red day so I can have a HEB for the bun and then I'll syn a few sw chips
  18. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    I would definitely recommend it! Can't beat homemade burgers!

    OK so food today (GREEN day):

    Breakfast: fruit and fat free yoghurt.

    Lunch: Ainsley Harriott Spice Sensation cous cous (1.5 syns) and salad.

    Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese - mince (HEXB), mushrooms, peppers, mangetout, tomatoes, stock, herbs.

    Snacks: Fruit, fat free yoghurt, tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEXA).

    Exercise: 50 sit ups, 65 crunches, 33 leg raises, 42 second plank.

    Going out for a meeting this evening with some friends at a pub to discuss some upcoming business. Going to be the first real test of our not drinking in January! Diet coke here we come! Going to save my syns for when we get back from that just in case I have a little slip (hopefully not!)
  19. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    A bit late today, it's been a crazy one but in good news we have a very exciting new project for our business! It's going to involve a LOT of hard work but it could be really exciting :D

    Food (GREEN day):

    Breakfast: fruit and fat free yoghurt.

    Lunch: Baked beans on 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf - HEB) - Definitely should have made the effort to have some SF foods with this but it's been so busy it was goe half 3 before I even got round to lunch! Must do better tomorrow!

    Dinner: Chicken risotto - Arborio rice, onion, peas, mushrooms, olive oil (2 syns), chicken (71g cooked - HEB)

    Snacks: fat free yoghurt, fruit, tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA) and some nice synful snack that I'll find in the cupboard later on!

    No exercise today - rest day!
  20. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    How was the pub Hun?

    Your dinner sounds lovely. I tried to do a green day but I might eat more mince than allowed an had no additional HEA so it's back to EE lol

    What's the exciting project about? :)

    And yep my rest day too!

  21. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    It was OK! One of the other people wasn't drinking either so the temptation wasn't too bad and we stuck to the Diet Coke! First gig of the year a week tomorrow though so will probably have a sneaky one then!

    Aww thank you! We've only recently started having risotto because Simon didn't think he was keen on it but once I forced him to try it he actually likes it! Typical! I don't blame you, I'm always tempted to have more meat!

    The meeting last night brought up an opportunity to start and run a new gig night in Sheffield so we're just coming up with ideas! Excited! x

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