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Kim's 2nd attempt at a food diary


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Monday 24th May( Original)

B-Weetabix x 2(HEB), milk(HEA) Melon (sf/ss)

L-Wholemeal roll (HEB) tuna,1 tbsp extra lite mayo (.5syns) Tomato(SF/S)Lettuce (SF/S)Cucumber (SF/S) Red Onion(SF/S)

Cheese curls(ASDA) 3.5 syns
cheesecake mullerlight 1 syn

D- 2 x chicken drumsticks ( FAT removed before cooking)
Lettuce, tomato,cucumber, red onion, beetroot (SF/S)
Fatfree dressing

alpen lite (3syns)
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Tues 25th May ( green)

B- Porridge (HEB) Milk (HEA) and splenda

Had a migraine today so hadnt felt like eating a 'proper' meal so picked and had

2 x small apples (sf/s)
1 banana (sf)
HIFI bar (HEB)
Mullerlight (free)
Banana (sf)
Sugar free Jelly pot (.5syn)

D- Spaghetti Bol with quorn mince (free)
Sauce made with Passata ( free) tomatos (SF/s)onions(SF/S) carrots (sf/s) and mushies (sf/s)
42g reduced fat cheese (HEA)

Was delish....

milky coffee with the rest of my milk HEA
curly wurly ( 6 syns)
oreo( 2.5 syns)
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Weds 26th May (green)

B-Porridge (HEB) milk(HEA) splenda

snack- mullerlight and an alpen light( 1/2HEB)
red grapes
Splash of semi in my coffee (1 syn)

L- baked spud/baked beans
sugar free jelly (.5syns)

snack- banana (sf) 2 x apples (sf/s)

alpen light ( 1/2 HEB) and Honey dew melon (SF/ss)

D- tomato rice dish
(brown rice(free), vegetable stock (free), tinned tomatoes (sf?), onion (sf/s), mushies (sf/s?) seasoning

Now to resist the very tempting banana bread i have in the oven for the kids.

curly wurly (6 syns)
2x oreos( 5 syns)
milky coffee with rest of my milk HEA
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Thurs 27th May (original)

B- 1/2 honey dew melon(sf/ss)
strawberries (sf/ss) and WW yoghurt

snack- mullerlight and alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)

L- 2x wholemeal (HEB) with BLT(free/Sf)
sugar free jelly ( .5 syns)


D- Bacon salad( toms, lettuce, red onion, egg,bacon,carrot, beetroot)
42g reduced fat cheese( HEA)

boiled egg
options hot choc (2syns)
curly wurly ( 6 syns)
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Fri 28th May ( changed to EE)

B- Strawberries (sf/ss) WW yoghurt
1/2 honeydew melon(sf/ss)

snack- alpen lite( 1/2 HEB) and mullerlight(free)

L- Ham and Cheese Salad
boiled egg
42g reduced fat cheese(HEA)

snack- alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)
red grapes

D- Diet coke chicken / rice/broccoli and cauliflower

3 x jaffa cakes(7.5 syns)
Alpen lite( 3 syns)
Splash of milk in coffee ( 1 syn)
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saturday 29th may ( original)

B- 2xweetabix (HEB) an milk (HEA allowance)

snack- banana(sf)

L- BLT( free/sf/sf) with egg(free) on 2 x wholemeal (HEB)
2 slices ham(free)
WW yoghurt(free)

D- youngs its in the bad wild salmon with herbs and butter ( 1 syns)
Salad- lettuce,cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot spring onions and fat free dressing(sf/s/free)

2 mint crumbles to get the taste of salmon out of my mouth, i dont 'do'fish as a rule and after trying this i wont be again...lol
anywaygoing to allocate 2 syns for the 2 sweets.

I was starving last night so had
28g porridge ( 5 syns) and the rest of my Milk (HEA)
2x alpen lights(6 syns)

I just didnt fancy fruit or yoghurt at 10 oclock at night but new if i didnt eat something i would either binge or wake today starving and not be satisfied. It worked. No rumbly tum last night and just 'normal' hunger this morning.
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Sunday 30th May (EE)

B- 2 x weetabix and milk (HEB & HEA)
Coffee with sweetener and milk (from hea)

snack- muller light (free) and alpen light(3syns)

L- lean bacon, beans, 'fried' egg, mushies and tomatoes

coffee with rest of milk HEA and sweetener

D- Salad( toms, cucumber and lettuce and fat free dressing), baked spud, 1 level tsp light marg( 1syn?) and a dry fried( my grill is broke) lamb steak, all visible fat trimmed.

Giant jaffa cake :)
made with a small(21g) flan case, sugar free jelly and a drizzle of melted chocolate. Going to allocate 6 syns for this and nothing else that needs to be synned today leaving me within allowance

Weigh in tomorrow....
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3 1/2 lb off...wooohoooooooooo

Mon 31st May(green)

Feel a bit sick and off today so need to keep it light.....

B-2 x wholemeal toast (HEB) and 1 tsp honey between the two(1 syn)

snack- banana

L- Still feeling squiffy so a pot of 0%total and a tsp honey (1syn) and 2 x alpen light (HEB)

D- SW chips, poached egg and 1/3 tin beans

Milky coffee to use my HEA ( decaff)
curly wurly ( 6 syns)

2 x asda cheese curls ( 7 syns)
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Tuesday 1 st June ( original)

175ml skimmed milk (1/2 HEA)

B- Ham and Cheese (21g reduced fat 1/2 HEA) omelette

snack-roast chicken fridge raiders (2.5.syns)

L- Tuna salad sandwich ( HEB for 2 x wholemeal)
1 level tbsp extra light mayo ( .5 syns)

D- Pork loin, all visible fat removed, cabbage and small baked spud( 220g weighed for HEB) bisto grave made with 1 tsp granules ( 1 syn?)

Strawberrie/fat free yoghurt/ 1 tsp honey ( 1 syn)

skinny mocha ( 4 syns)
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weds 2nd june( original)

B- porridge (HEB) and Milk (HEA)/splenda

Snack- muller light and alpenlight (1/2 heb)

Lunch- Ham salad( lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and beetroot) FF dressing

Snack- alpen light (1/2HEB) apple

D-Mushroom stirfry with bean sprouts and bacon with egg / light soy sauce

strawberries/ff yoghurt/1 tsp honey (1 syn)

Curly wurly( 6 syns)
Skinny latte ( 4 syns)
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Thurs 3 june( green)

B- Porridge and milk ( HEB and HEA)

snack- mullerlight and alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)

L- Savoury rice, banana SF jelly(0.5syns) and alpen light ( 1/2HEB)

D- Baked potato and 200g low fat cottage cheese ( 2 syns)

milky decaff coffee with rest of HEA
2 xcrunchie 19 syns- arghhhh

Going to cut down syns tomorrow to account for the blip...
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Friday 4th June ( original)

B- 2 x wholemeal bread (HEB) lean bacon, 'fried' egg

snack- mullerlight and alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)

L- Melon( cantaloupe and galia) Strawberries with splenda and total 0% greek yoghurt(yum yum yum)
Small pack fridge raiders roast chicken( 2/12 syns)

snack-Alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)
SF Jelly ( .5syn)


D- banana
lamb steak

snack- porridge(5 syns) milk (HEA)

I wasnt going to have many syns today after yesterdays crunchie blip but have worked out over the two days i have kept within 30 syns which is ok with me :)

Feeling really bloated at the moment tho.....
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Sat 5th June ( original)


I started out ok, but then after lunch it went downhill a bit so i decided not to worry and have a day that was close to on plan but not 100%

B- Strawberries/ FF greek yoghurt 1 tsp honey ( 1 syn)


L- Ham, cheese( 21g rf cheese 1/2 HEA) omelette with mushrooms

mini donuts....this is where it went downhill a bit.... Stopped after 6 so a million syns

D- BBQ Salad with 2 x wholemeal rolls ( HEB x 2) 2 syn free sausages an 1 syn free burger 1 low fat cheese slice ( 1/2 HEA)
1 tsp extra low marg (1 syn?)

Not eating any more,Hopefully with a mainly superfree/superspeed day tomorrow i can pull it back for weigh in on monday....
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Sun 6th June (original)

B- 2 x weetabix (HEB) and milk (HEA)
Milky coffee( with rest of milk from HEA)

L- Lamb and mint syn free burger and salad
Strawberries,0 % total yoghurt and 1tsp honey (1 syn)

melon mix
alpen lite ( 3 syns)

Hi fi bar (HEB)

D-Bacon salad, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, boiled egg, beetroom and red onion. Lean bacon
fat freedressing
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Monday 7th June ( green)

Weigh in today and 1 1/2 off :) means i got my first 1/2 stone sticker....

B- porridge (HEB) and milk (HEA)

snack-banana/handful of grapes

L- Baked sweet potato and 200g low fat cottage cheese ( 2 syns)
Strawberries and total 0% greek yoghurt with 1 tsp honey ( 1 syn)

2 x alpen lights (HEB)

D- SW chips, poached egg and mushy peas :0)

Milky decaff coffee with rest of HEA
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Tuesday 8th June (EE)

B- strawberries, 0% total greek yoghurt and 1 tsp honey (1 syn)

Snack banana and apple

Lunch BLT on a wholemeal roll( HEB) 1 level tsp light flora ( 1 syn?)
Muller light

Snack- banana

D- Adobo pork, brown rice and steam veg

Snack- milk (HEA) used to make up a skinny mocha ( 4 syns)
strawberries/ ff yoghurt/ 1 tsp honey ( 1 syn)
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weds 9 june(original)

B- Strawberries/ff nat yoghurt and 1 tsp honey ( 1 syn)

Snack- alpen lite( 1/2 HEB)
2 boiled eggs

L- BLT on wholemeal roll( HEB) 1 tsp light marg( 1 syn?)
Red grapes

Snack- alpen light ( 1/2 HEB) pear/apple
sf jelly pot ~( .5syn)

D- pork loin, syn free sausage, mushrooms,tomatoes and poached egg.

Snack later, milky decaff coffee using 350ml skimmed milk( HEA)

Approaching * week so fighting temptation and i am incredibly hungry :-(, think will have to do green for a couple of days
thursday 10th june (green)

B- porridge and milk ( HEB/ 1/2HEA)

snack- 2 x alpen lites (HEB) banana
splash of milk in a coffee ( 1/2 syn?)

L- Savoury rice
strawberries and mullerlight

D- jacket spud and baked beans21 g reduced fat cheese( 1/2 HEA)

curly wurly ( 6 syns)
alpen lite ( 3 syns)
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Friday 11th June ( original)

Today was originally going to be a green day until my friend decided to change her night for coming down, and she wants diet coke chicken for dinner....Bit annoyed as i have done mainly original all week and a bit fed up...

B- 2 x weetabix and milk ( HEB/HEA)

snack- alpen lite ( 1/2 HEB) and a banana

L- Tuna and 1 tbsp extra light mayo ( .5 syn) on one piece of thick white bread ( 5 syns) with tomato and cucumber

snacks- if i am hungry i have grapes/apple/pear and a sf jelly(.5 syns) to snack on in work

D- Diet coke chicken and broccoli

Galaxy bubbles ( 9? sys)
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