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KJS fodder

I'm having a bad day today...only been on plan for a month, and although I've lost 8lb, i'm feeling like I'm losing the plot a little. Someone suggested starting a food diary, which seems like a good idea, so here I am. Hopefully blasting off into a more positive mind-set.

All you browsers, any comments would be much appreciated.x


2 x weetabix (HXB)
Skimmed milk (HXA)


Jacket potato
baked beans
cheese (HXB)
Muller light

Muller light

Bite of daughter's cookie! (2 syns)

SW chips
Quorn sausage x 2 (ARE THESE FREE??)
2 x Fried egg (2 syns)

Sugar in coffee (2 syns)

Total - 6 syns

Exercise - 3.75 km walk (so so)

Weight - 83.4kg (boo!)


Mmm, feel a bit better for that!
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Sounds like you're doing fab hun!!! :D Well done!

And yep, quorn sausages are free - yummy too! :D
Hey Katherine!

Just a couple of things I spotted that I thought I'd ask you about...

- Why have you put 2 fried eggs down as 2 syns? Was that the oil? If so, try Fry Light to free you up a couple of syns if you haven't already. I know some people hate it - but I think it's brilliant for fried eggs - they taste yummy! It's not so good for fried onions/veg I think, I usually use up a HEXB for olive oil for that. But for fried eggs - check out Fry Light! Then they are free!

- You've put down your cheese as HEXB. I know you can have cheese as a HEXB on a green day, but it might be worth using it as a HEXA (your second HEXA) and then having another HEXB to increase the amount of fibre you're eating... maybe a wholemeal bread or even some nuts/seeds?

- Quorn sausages are free on red and green days. Personally, I can't stand them, but they're free so I eat them!

- I know it's hard, but you're not getting enough fruit and veg if your diet is similar every day. My green days are almost exactly the same as yours in terms of the food I eat (my diary is also on here) so I don't get enough either. Sometimes I chuck a bit of fruit into my cereal (I usually have bran flakes) which helps. Today, I'm trying to have a little egg salad as a snack!

Looks like you're doing a fab job of sticking to the plan anyhow, good luck with it all! 8lb in a month is a great loss!

I put fried eggs beacuse of the oil - I do usually use fry light, but thought I'd use pucker oil last night, since I knew I wouldn't use all my sins...

I use quite a lot of milk in a day, so always put that as HXA. Is that not right? I tend not to eat a lot of bread - it bloats me, and if I have one slice i want 10, so I pretty much avoid it.

I agree about fruit and veg - some days I find it very difficult to include beyond snacks, and others, like today, i eat loads. Probably eat much more on red days - but only do a couple of reds a week.

I enclose diary for today....

Porridge with skimmed milk (HXA + HXB)
1 tbsp golden syrup ( 2 sins)


Salad leaves
Balsamic vinegar
5 x Laughing cow lights (pray these are HXB on red days too)
Muller light

Chicken breast
Spring onions
margarine (3 sins)

TOTAL - 5 syns

Exercise - 3.75km
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Well you got your five a day in today! That's better than I managed! Heh

Your menus looks great. Yeah, if you drink a lot of milk you'll need to use both HEXAs for that I guess. And it's fine to do what you're doing, I was just wondering if you missed anything that you could use as a HEXB instead... but it looks like you're all set!

I like the fact that you record your exercise every day - I might try that!

Yeah, except not exercising much. i wear a pedometer every day though, and I do find it inspires me to be a bit more active!

How many HXAs can you have? Is it 2 and 2 HXBs? Thanks.x
Yeah... the rule is 1-2 HEXAs per day and 2 HEXBs. Some people don't like to be forced to have two HEXAs, especially if they don't like diary. But it shouldn't affect your weight loss if you do have two HEXAs.

And then, yep, a mandatory two HEXBs per day. If you're stuck for things to have as a HEXB... you can try 1tbsp olive oil rather than Fry Light, some nuts or a tin of soup. Let me know if you need the exact brands/quantities etc and I'll look them up for you.

Any exercise is a good thing... and I bet as you loose more weight you find it much easier to do more exercise!

Have a good day


2 x weetabix
skimmed milk (HXA)

Jacket potato
chilli (meat HXB. Sauce est 5 sins)
Coleslaw ( est 3 sins)

Salad leaves
Balsamic vinegar
Laughing cows (HXA)
muller light

Total 8 sins

Exercise - 45 mins aerobics
4km walk

Shreddies (HXB)
Skimmed milk (HXA)

Jacket potato
cheese (HXA)

Tic tacs x 1/2 pack (1 1/2 sins)

Tinned spaghetti
Muller light
(okay, a rubbish meal!)

Thorntons viennese truffle bar (10 1/2 sins)

TOTAL 12 sins

Exercise - 4km

Shreddies (HXB)
Skimmed milk (HXA)


Jacket potato

Muller light

have friends coming round tonight, so know i will go off plan...will try not to veer off too far.

Weigh in today. 82.3 kg. 1 lb loss. Would have liked more, but feel like I'm back in the zone, so onwards and upwards!
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well done - you're doing so well! have a lovely time tonight! :D why not try using flexi syns for the night, then straight back onto your normal 5-15 a day tomorrow? xxxx
Well I was fairly well behaved last night. I had two glasses of wine, 2 pieces of pizza and one piece of garlic bread. Compared to the olden days, i consumed about half as much as I would have expected, so feeling quite happy. A quick tally of sins is 24 sins which isn't so bad for a night out.

It looks like I'm out this afternoon too, for football. Might have to offer to drive, or I'll end up downing 4 pints of lager, which i think equals 40 sins. Yikes!
Bad day yesterday. Did do the four pints of lager. Oops. Still, great day, so worth it as a very rare occurence. Got on scales this morning, and appear to have lost half a kilo. I'm sure it will reappear with bells on, but I can hope....if it does stay off, I'll try for 6 pints next weekend!!! Tee hee.

Brown roll ( HXB)
Brown sauce (1 syn)

Crab sticks x a zillion

Salad leaves
Balsamic vinegar
muller light

Meat loaf, made with all things free, except tomato puree (1/2 syn)
SW roast potatoes (HXB)
peas (1 syn)
sweetcorn (1 syn)
white sauce made with skimmed milk (2 syns and HXA)

sugar in coffee (2 syns)
Milk in hot drinks (HXA)

TOTAL - 7 1/2 syns

Exercise - 2km. A very lazy day, playing games with kids and catching up with last night's TV!

Importantly, this was a dangerous day for me. Usually, if I have a couple of bad days, i go off the rails, and adopt a "well I've screwed it up now, so may as well give up" attitude. I haven't felt like that today. I've wanted to get back on track, and have felt like a couple of afternoons off was worthwhile, but not worth messing the whole thing up over. So really chuffed with today. Really feeling so much more positive about the whole thing. Hoorah!
well done for staying on plan and having a new way of thinking :D

Weetabix x 2 (HXB)
Skimmed milk (HXA)

Salad leaves
potatoes (HXB)
Salad cream (2 1/2 syns)

Thorntons viennese truffle bar (10 1/2 syns - feeling sorry for myself)

Salad leaves
Laughing cow lights (HXA)

TOTAL 13 syns - and absolutely stuffed!!
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Porridge oats (HXB)
skimmed milk (HXA)
golden syrup (2 syns)

Cous cous
salad leaves
chicken (HXB)
Muller light

1/4 pizza (8 syns)

TOTAL - 10 syns

Exercise - 3.25km
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Shreddies (HXB)
Skimmed milk (HXA)

Jacket potato
Tuna (HXB)
Mayonnaise (5 syns - Lordy!)

Frosties (5 syns)
Skimmed milk.

TOTAL - 10 syns

Exercise - 3.5km, but lots of clambering around in a soft play place with the kids!)

Not eaten much today. Mmm. Not intentional, just busy and lazy by evening.

Weetabix x 2 (HXB)
Skimmed milk (HXA)

Jacket potato
cheese (HXA)

SW chips
mushy peas
scrambled eggs

sugar for coffee (2 syns)
Dairy milk bar (kids) (5 1/2 syns)

TOTAL - 7 1/2 syns

Exercise - 4 km
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