La Tasca!


Half a pound at a time.
S: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb
In my first week, and at my first hurdle already!

The dreaded "meal out with friends!"

They talk of Chorizo and Sangria! As you can imagine my stress levels have gone through the roof!

So I have looked at the menu, and seeing as I am on a budget as well as a diet I have gone for the set menu ( one starter and 3 mains) and decided on:

Starter: La Tasca House Salad

Patatas Bravas

Fried potato, with spicy tomato sauce (FRIED, however potato is free)
Tortilla Española

Spanish omelette, served with a spicy red pepper tapenade and roasted garlic mayonnaise. (Will ask for mayo to be on side so I dont eat any)
Fennel, Tomato, Radish and Orange Salad

Fresh and zingy. (Nice salad to wash it all down with)

Going to order a large water, but will be partaking in a glass of Sangria. (Does anyone know the Syns for a glass of Sangria??)

Any suggestions are welcome (also the syns of Sangria!)

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