Lacking motivation to do anything


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How do you all manage to motivate yourselves when you have to do things you really don't want to?

I'm trying so hard to tackle a mammoth amount of ironing, we were away on 2 seperate trips for almost 2 weeks so feels like everything we own has been through the washer and now sitting in the ironing basket. I should have tackled it on sunday as this was my first free day back at home, but instead only did what I needed for work this week. :eek:

I did about 6 shirts last night, and another 7 just now but it doesn't appear to have made any impact on the pile, and i've got this weeks work clothes in the washer at the moment :eek: :eek:

We are going away tonight to visit my fiance's family so if I don't get it done today/sunday I'll be in the same situation this time next week!

I feel like a right lazy mare....I should just get on with it but can't get my mojo going!!!! :eek:

Kitty xxx
Normally I'd just put on some good music and get on with it. It usually helps.
I'm the wrong person to advise you ... there's currently a team of climbers setting up a base camp on my ironing pile!
Hi KittyB,

Instead of looking at the mountain of clothes to be ironed, look at it and ask yourself what you need now for your use for today and tomorrow and just do them.

Remember you can not do it all at once anyway, it is one item at a time.

If you just do what you need and if you then feel like doing more do, but don't feel guilty about it.

For from experience it will be still waiting for you when you get time to come back and tackle the next few items.

I like to iron watching television as I find that helps or talking to someone. Husband and son love to see me ironing as they find it soothing to watch me.

If you have a friend who likes to iron perhaps you could arrange for her to do it and you could do something you like or don't mind doing back as a favour.

Love Mini xxx
I would make it a date. Get the ironing board by a tv with a dvd and watch a lightweight girly dvd while ironing. I'm sure once you get started you'll fly through it. Getting started is always the hardest bit.

Maybe it's all done since you started the thread. If so well done you'd better share your tips with us?

Dizzy x

Do you have a steam generator iron? If not I'd recommend one I find it much quicker since having one and rarely let the ironing build up these days.