Ladies - Does diet affect TOM

yeah mine is here there and everywhere even tho i have a coil fitted thats supose to make mine stop
Not much change for me just went from regular 28 day to 27 day. But think you should get the test quick if there's a chance don't want to carry on SSing if preggers!!

Hope the test result is what you want!

Dizzy x
Mine has always been a 28 day cycle and ive just had one after 14 days, totally threw me as im always to the day!

im hoping the weight loss through this diet will end in pregnancy~ been trying a long time! :)

I also hope you get the result you want!
It affects most women, I havent had a period for 4 years due to the pill I am on and then had 3 in a month, I havent had any now for ages, bluddy chemist made a fortune out of me at first!!!

Hope things go the way you want x
thanks everyone, was 10 days late, but am Not pregnant, which is a relief, already have 4 and just started new job so would not have been great timing;)

Good luck to you all that are losing weight before trying for baby, its a great idea:)

Thanks again, least I know what to expect each month from now:eek:


Phew that's a relief! Good luck with the rest of the diet.

Dizzy x
hmm you've reminded me I can't remember when my last one was. I think I'm going to have to read my diary again to find out!
yikes it was 6 weeks ago last time mine started, but it lasted for 2 weeks so maybe I got 2 months worth in 1 go