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Ladylites food diary Feb 02



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Not laughing! I usually have egg on toast for breakfast but have run out of eggs so I am looking at alternative that would usually be 'lunchtime' food! It's all free so tuck in!
plus 1 pear, 1 banana and 1 muller light yoghurt.

For dinner tonight, chicken breast, with new potatoes and sprouts. I love sprouts.
Are you doing an EE day Ladylite? Or a Mix2Match one? or a normal Green/Red Day??
If doing a Green Day, the chicken would have to be weighed and count as either your syns or your HeB.
Thanks MrsV, I am doing a green day and I have weighed the chicken as one of my HEB. I am sticking to green and red days for a while as that was all there was when I originally started SW, many years ago. I feel safer until I can get in the swing of things.

But thanks for pointing it out as so many things seem to have changed I will probably need all the help I can get.:)

I must say I feel stuffed at the mo.
Lol...thats the idea!!!
You should never feel hungry on SW.
Im sorry if I sound as if Im trying to teach you to suck eggs, I thought that you were completely new to SW, thats why I asked about the chicken.
I have sprouts with virtually every cooked dinner that I make! My poor Hubby!! Between that and jars of pickled onions, its a wonder we ever speak to one another!! Lol!!!
Sprouts and pickled onions ummmmmm, and dont worry I would even like to suck eggs. LOL:) Think you and I could be on the same food length.

Keep giving the advice, if I dont need there is always someone who might.;)
Thanks Huni!!



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I stick to the green days too. I read up on the EE plan but it wouldn't suit me at all so I am just sticking with what I know best!

Oh, and I ended up having Quorn swedish balls and alphabetti spaghetti for breakfast!
Well in addition I have had a pear, banana, Muller light youghurt.

For dinner just had potatoes and my chicken breast.

Have had a bowl of rice with some sweet and sour sauce, not a lot and I need to work the sins out.

Quite pleased with my first day.

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