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Last 7lb and struggling!


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Got 7lb to go and I've reached my initial target but I'm really struggling big time! Money is tight, had sweets and crisps, crackers and cheese... Really need to just get to the maintenance stage for the sake of money and my sanity and most importantly to feel good and to be able to go and buy new clothes! Tempted to go boil an egg or something but just had half a shake, other half in a wee while. Going away next weekend and want to feel really good for it, got new jammies lol, new trousers, boots and getting a couple of new tops just before I go. Anyone else got the last half stone to go? If so do you want to join me in a challenge and we can keep each other going, would be great, really need someone to encourage me and keep me on the right track. :sign0009:
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Hi Nessie........2 stone lost!! WELL DONE!! 7 lbs to go!! FAB!! keep going and just think of that feeling when you finally get to target!! keep going!! sure someone will be along to join you in your challenge soon!

im just over the bridge from you! good to meet another local on here!




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Thanks LTFS, got such a sweet tooth just now and you know what it's like once you start it's hard to stop but determined NOT to go back to the way I was eating b4! Enjoying being slimmer! 10st is my initial goal but might want to go to 9st 7lb, will wait and see how I feel might be happy at 10. You are having fab losses! Well done and keep up the gd work, and yeah it's nice to meet someone else from bonnie scotland :)

Lil K

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Hi Nessie

I have 7lb to go to BMI 25 (10st 8lb) and then I want to try and settle around 10st as well - so technically speaking I have a little more to lose than 7lb, but if you want I'm happy to join your challenge.

I tried 790 two weeks ago as I had had enough of just shakes, and struggled to do it properly (couldn't fit in all the shakes/food/water/milk - then ended up picking at chocolates :whoopass:), this week I went up to 1000, the logic being it was one less shake - so easier to fit into my day. I've stuck at it 100% but I felt so bloated and convinced myself I must be gaining weight, so did this for 4 days and decided to do 790 for the rest of this week. My weigh day is Monday.

I just want to get this last bit of weight off, so I can settle into maintenance as well.

Keep yer chin up - you can do it!
Hi Nessie

I have 7 - 14lbs to lose, depending on my goal which I can't decide on. I've lost 2 1/2 stone (started 11th Oct '07 the day after my 40th birthday). put a bit on over Christmas and managed to lose that but it doesn't seem to be shifting very well now. I've just moved to 1500 but it seems like loads of food and I'm feeling nervous the weight's going to start going back on.

I'm currently 9 1/2 stone and my initial goal was 9stone but I 'feel' more than half a stone overweight (if you know what I mean) so I'm thinking of aiming more for 8 1/2 stone but not sure if that's unrealistic.

I don't mind it coming off slowly at this point, even a lb a week or fortnight, just so long as it does come down and not up.

I found it a lot easier SSing!


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Hey Dawn and Kirsten, I'm 5'6" so might want to go down to 9 and half, I too feel heavier than just 7lb over the right weight but will see when I get to 10st. Just don't want this dragging on and on, it's taking longer to get rid of this 7lb than it did to lose 2st! I'm glad you're both joining in on my challenge, lets keep each other right. Well I'm off to watch a film and tuck into my cd bar and coke zero lol! Keep up the gd work girls!
Hi Nessie - great news that you're so close to goal.....:D

what CD plan you following ?? 1000 cal ??

Debz x

Lil K

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Hi Nessie & Dawn

Hope all is well with both of you today. My day didn't start off too well, when I went to hop on the scales and see how I was doing after two days back on 790 - only to find that they had broke :eek: and were weighing me at 13-8 and hubby at 19st+ (he's about 15.9). Cue a mad dash to our local shopping centre to buy some nice new sleek black glass ones that were on offer in boots. So we shall see what tomorrow (my weigh day) brings.

Had 2 x choc tetra bricks so far today, topped up with hot water - I just lurve them. Going to have my 790 meal in a bit - today I'm having chicken stir fried with asparagus, brocolli and mushroom (plus a dash of soy sauce!). I then plan to have a vanilla shake for tea, and later in the evening my 1/2 pint of milk. Hubby has just polished off a plate of chinese chicken drumsticks - the smell was absolutely divine, but I managed to avoid the temptation :devilangel: just!!

So how's it all going for you today? Are you still SS, or are you moving up the plans now?

Stay strong - we can do it!!


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Lil K, well today aint going so well :) Been to cinema with sister, daughter and nephew, had sweets then went to pizza hut, I had one slice of pizza and something from the salad bar. Feeling sooooo full right now! Anyway, totally back on track 2morrow, WI on tuesday but won't be surprised if I've stayed the same. I think I'm really intolerant to wheat! I've basically been donig 1000 because I can't do ss or 790 due to the fact my BMI is now below 25 but I've had things that I'm not supposed to. I don't have any scales at the mo but think I'll get them on Tuesday, lidl's have an offer on so gonna see what they are like. I do think I might want to be 9 and half which means I actually have a whole stone to go yet instead of just 7lb, hope it doesnt take ages!

Hope you've both had a gd day, better day than me :) Keep up the gd work!
oh heck! how come I'm doing 1500?!!!!!!

no wonder my loss at the moment is very slow.

I was supposed to be starting on 1000 by xmas week and everything went haywire, then in the new year I tried back on 1000 but just couldn't do it, so moved to 1200, then after my weigh in on Thursday (I'd lost 5lb in 3 weeks but 2.5lb of that I'd put on at xmas) I moved to 1500. I just told my CDC that's what I was doing and she didn't correct me. I do feel a lot happier now though and no longer feel on a diet, yet am able to manage without going over.

I am standing on the scales each morning though, scared I'll see it going up!

today's been good, even though my MIL rang and invited me out for lunch I just readjusted my eating plan for the day and am still on track (with calories spare for supper if I wish).

I'm not actually sticking with the CD 1500 plan but I track everything I eat on dailyplate.com which is excellent and keeps me in control. My CDC knows I'm not following the CD 1500 plan but is happy as long as I'm keeping to the 1500 calories.

ooh pizza hut, a hard one to get through PLUS the cinema! (the popcorn is my downfall there)

I'm doing my shopping online at the moment too to try and avoid tempting goodies

I love the chocolate tetra's. now I'm only on 1 a day I have chocolate tetra's, cappucino shakes and bars, I've gone off all the other shakes. today I just had a tetra as an afternoon snack.

Best of luck with your WI's tomorrow and Tuesday girls :D
hello nessie ..... my mate ... im back , but not quite ready to diet . you have done so well , email me some photos as i still have your before ones !!!
you always knew that last few lb would be a toughie but you have come so far , dont let it beat you .... you can do this , you will get onto maintainence and you will be 10 stone .
big hugs .
talk soon
love sue


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Sue and Dawn,

I'm not really following the 1000 plan either but like you I'm eating different things but not going above 1000 cals. Really think I'll want to go to 9 and half now so another stone to go, time to screw the nut and get on with it! Away this weekend so won't be following the diet then but it's all healthy food that'll be there so all good, just avoid the puddings!

Photos, hmmm lol I've been waiting for new clothes before I take pics, getting my new trousers taken up as we speak for the weekend and going for a new top or something tomorrow, and getting some scales too! Our cam's crap just now so will get my mum to take a couple of pics, interested to see it myself! They won't be after pics, more like 'on the journey' pics :) Duncan picked me up the other night and was shocked, he said OMG you're much lighter lol I said I should bloody hope so 2st lighter :) Oh we have a cat as of last night, she's adorable! Niamh is just loving her! I wonder if she'll take my mind off food?

Keep up the gd work Dawn, and catch up very soon Sue!

Lil K

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Hi - how's everyone doing today?

Well, I weighed in yesterday and was 3lb lighter - so really pleased with that after the 790/1000 faffing about of the last couple of weeks.

However I went and spoilt it by having a creme egg :( I just luurve creme eggs and made a concious decision that I was going to have one, instead of trying to deny deny deny myself, which in turn would lead me to ending up scoffing half a dozen. Rational, or so I thought.....big mistake, because when I got home I discovered that hubby had opened a box of the luxury M&S biscuits that we had for christmas (I have to explain that we still have stacks of stuff left - biscuits, chocs, tins of roses - all given as presents to us despite people knowing about me doing CD. However I'm a bit strange in that, as long as I know they are still sealed I won't, and haven't touched them) ........talk about opening the flood gates :eek: - cue me getting 7 of them down my neck :eek: I felt so sick that I couldn't manage my 790 meal. I felt thoroughly ashamed of myself afterwards.

However today is a new day, I've drawn a line under last nights episode and I'm determined to carry on with the job of getting these last few pounds off.

Oh yes, and I've made hubby take the rest of the stuff away with him now - better safe than sorry eh?

Nessie - hope your weigh in goes well today. Also, a little late I know, but well done for showing amazing restraint in Pizzahut and limiting yourself to one slice of pizza and salad, it would have been so easy just to carry on, with all the lovely smells wafting about to tempt you - but you didn't.... so good for you.

How's the cat settling in? What have you called her?

All - have a good dieting day. Keep at it, we can do this!!



Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Lil K, well done on your 3lb loss! Fabulous!! I however put on 1lb (the 1lb I lost last week!) Nevermind, time to get a grip and screw the nut! I too had a creme egg this week but didn't stop there, hence the weight gain! The cat was already called Tiggy but the 3 of us agreed on Mia, just loving her loads she's adorable! GTG, sisters birthday and late already!

Well done again, and keep up the fab work!!
Hi Ladies :D

very well done on your 3lb loss LilK, never mind Nessie that lb will come off again, just keep at it.

I think I'll have put a couple on this week actually, Monday night I had my meal planned but nothing in for the kids (they are 19, 17, 7) as I was waiting for the online shop to come between 9pm and 11pm so I ordered them take away. the eldest 2 got pizza which came with free garlic bread and the little 'un got chicken nuggets and fries. He didn't want the fries so I thought I 'd just have 1 chip butty so they weren't too 'wasted'. 1 chip butty turned into 4, plus a slice of pizza and most of the garlic bread :whoopass:

then yesterday I had the day off with my husband and we went out for lunch and for some unknown reason I ordered battered cod, homemade chips and mushy peas :eek: I don't know why as I always order salads or something equally good. THEN last night we had a bottle of red wine between us (I haven't done that since before i started the diet in October) and shared a box of chocolates (left over from xmas).

I don't know why I went haywire like that but I'm going to rein myself back in and just have 1000 cals a day for the next week or 2 to get back on track.

I did go shopping for some new clothes yesterday too as I've hardly anything that fits and it's such a marvellous feeling when everything I try on looks and feels nice, it's so alien to me! I got a new pair of trousers (size 10) and 4 new tops (size 14 - big boobies) from Debenhams, then a pair of pants and t-shirt from Peacocks for my pilates and aerobics classes. I went to aerobics last week for the first time in ages and the crotch on my pants was down to my knees I looked awful, I always wore super baggy t-shirts too so feel very excited to get a fitted t-shirt. all my new tops are warm ones to get me through the remainder of winter and then when spring starts I'm hoping to be a 12 so another shopping spree will be in order - I could become a shopaholic now, before clothes shopping was dreadful and always left me feeling miserable.

I've no social plans whatsoever for the next 9 days so I have no excuses to go astray again, I'm hoping that whatever goes on this week will be off plus 1lb more next - fingers crossed :D

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Morning Everyone!

Hows it all going? Well I don't know what came over me this morning, but I was up bright and early and decided to do an exercise DVD :eek:. I'm working from home today so decided to capitalise on the fact that I didn't have to get ready for work and do the commute. So there I was at 630am with my new Davina DVD. I did the warm up, 20mins legs/bum and 20mins tum, then cool down. I have to say I do feel better for it.

Dawn: totally understand about the exercise clothes issue, I had a pair of size 18 track pants that used to fit quite snugly around my middle, but now even when I tie them as tight as possible I end up with the 'saggy crotch' look :eek: - so not good. Managed to dig out an old pair of cycling shorts that at least stay put whilst I'm flinging my limbs about!

Had a bit of a wobbly last night about where I'm going with the whole CD/diet issue. I'm so near to the end now, yet when I look in the mirror I still see fat. Was wondering will I still have these thoughts and feelings when I'm at 10 stone? Will I ever be satisfied?.....I just don't know? Anyway got hubby to take some progress pics of me (in my undies).....steady on now:p I was just thinking that perhaps if I could 'see' what I see when I look in the mirror, but in picture form and study it, I may feel differently. Anyway, whilst I can see a dramatic difference between the new pics and the same ones I had took at 14.7 stone, it has confirmed to me that I still have some weight to go and it has focussed my mind somewhat (I guess thats probably why I was so enthusiastic about the exercise this morning - its definitely time to tone up :eek:).

So I carry on, onwards and downwards :)

Anyway better go now and get on with some work.

Dawn: It's weigh day today isn't it? Good luck, hope it goes well x

Nessie: How's it all going up in Bonnie Scotland? We're coming up to Scotland in 9wks and 2 days time (not that I'm excited or anything :D). My hubby is a Scot and we try to get up there whenever we can. I really love it up there. Last year we toured around for about 10 days or so, started in Edinburgh, then visiting relatives in Glasgow, then up through Loch Lomond, Glencoe, Fort William, across to Inverness, up to John O'Groats, then back down passed the Cromarty Firth and Moray Firth, through Aviemore, more relatives in Perth and back into England - phew!

This time we're Glasgow (relatives again!), then staying at a cottage in Glencoe for a week - last time when we went through it the scenery just took my breath away, and I just knew that this was where we would stay next time. We're also hoping to get across to a couple of the Western Isles as well (not sure which yet, no firm plans, just going with the flow). Hopefully I'll be eating properly by then, so it will be a combination of cooking my own stuff - cottage is very modern and really well equiped (another reason why we picked it), and having a few 'treats' out.

Hope everyone has a good day, speak soon x


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey guys, Dawn what's done is done, you can get back on track no problem! As for Bonnie Scotland it's snowing here! Glencoe is one of my favourite places, we go camping there at the red squirrel campsite (only one in scotland that lets you have a camp fire). I'm off for the weekend tomorrow, up near aberdeen and got all my clothes (new ones!) organised, so excited! Yesterday and today tho are fat days, just feel crap and totally ned to get my ass in gear, like you say Kirsten we're so cloes to goal, just want to get there! So hard though, just hope I don't put any one this week again or I will be GUTTED! Last week I had sweeties more than once though and not doing that this week, mind you I had a bit of birthday cake on Tues and 2morrow there will be another birthday while we are away. Good for you for getting in some exercise! I intend on swimming a couple of days a week starting next week maybe, and Dawn I know the feeling of going shopping now it's just fab aint it! We've all come so far, it's important that none of us screw it up at this stage, and we wont! Have a good weekend and keep your eyes on the prize! I had a bowl of muesli this morning and just had spelt & rye toast with ham and a packet of crisps, argh! Must get a grip, tonight it's left over lasagne that we had last night but will just have salad with it and have a bar at night maybe. God help me lol I need some serious guidance here! Atleast at the weekend it'll be set meals, brekkie, lunch and dinner, no time for snacking as it's a course I'm on so it's not so bad. Pitty I can't ss anymore because if I could I would do it for 3 weeks and get to 10st no bother!! It's funny, when I was ss'ing I moaned it was really hard but this is harder! Anyway, off to start writing my checklist and get packing woot woot :)

Catch you both later x
Hi Ladies,

well the 2lb I expected did go on, not too disheartened because it was throughly deserved. for about 3 or 4 days I'd just lost the plot for some reason - I must admit I did enjoy it while it lasted though :D

anyway I'm back on track now and being uber strict with myself, I'm too close to the end to stop now. I'm 9 1/2 stone and started off at 12 st 3lb so I look a lot better than before BUT the clothes off look is still very depressing, but then perhaps we will never see ourselves as 'just right' we could go on always needing a bit more off yet never be properly satisfied. that worries me as I'd hoped to reach goal and then feel a 'new woman' - perhaps the feeling I'm searching for may not be found on this path!!!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend Nessie and WELL DONE LilK on the exercise DVD! I've got a few gathering dust I should dig out - perhaps that should be my weekend challenge? Yes I'm going to do it! Tomorrow morning I'm going to get up a little bit earlier and do that workout! I usually swim at 7:30am or go for walks but it's been so cold this week I keep making excuses so it won't be cold in my living room will it! I did go to my pilates class last night but that was the only exercise all week.

anyway, here's to a fabulous (and successful) weekend

speak soon

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