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Last but one weigh in before hols

Lost 1.3lbs which takes me to just under 10.5 stone. I think this break is going to do me good as I am hoping it will boost my weigh losses back up afterwards - seem to have really slowed down the last couple of weeks for some reason and it does annoy slightly when you are putting the effort in! Maybe it is just my body's way of saying have a change? The plan while I am away is low carb, Atkins style with Paul McKenna cd thrown in for good measure - and use of the gym at the hotel, and lots of swimming. In preparation I am having an add a meal week just so that I don't go on holiday and eat straight from being on Exante which will not be a good plan, am doing a sort of mini-refeed to break me in gently.
B xx
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Hope you have a fab holiday !! sounds exciting. My weight loss has slowed down too, it is very annoying and I am also wondering what to do about it. Definitely a good idea to have a little food first to let your insides adjust a bit. I have listened to the Paul McKenna CD before and found it really helpful, I keep meaning to start listening to it again, so I must do that now you have reminded me.
It sounds like you have a good plan, hope you can feel relaxed around the food and enjoy all the sightseeing and pleasure of being away. Have fun !
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Hope you have a good holiday. :)


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Congratulations on your weightloss so far, very inspiring!

I listen to the McKenna CD before bed and it knocks me out! I only wake up because I end up wrapped up in headphone leads! Even if it doesn't work I get an excellent night's sleep :D


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Enjoy your holiday Quak honey, I think your theory sounds good - sometimes I think our bodies need a change to kick them up the ba*ckside to boost the losses again and doing a low carb version on holiday may do that. Be really interested to see how you go on on holiday and in the few weeks after. Really well done getting below 10.5 stone, that is wonderful.
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Have a wonderful holiday Quak!

Before you go, I remember someone commenting about something they added to their soup to stop constipation. I vaguely remember it was you. If so, could you remind me what it was - I am suffering atm. If it wasn't you - I'm sorry.

Very jealous by the way of your weight loss and holiday! lol
Hi Yummy
I add psyllium husks to my shakes (sometimes hot, sometimes cold) to add fibre to my diet. It does not always work unfortunately and sometimes I have to resort to laxatives which I hate doing. Am looking forward to getting some veggies down me over the next 3 weeks and getting some regularity back (fingers crossed). Sorry can't be of more help but it is the worst side-effect of this type of diet I have found.
B xx


taking it 1 day at a time
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Well done on your weightloss so far Quak. Hope you and your partner have a fantastic holiday and you manage to keep your eating under control. We'll all be watching to make sure you return here promptly afterwards. My motivation switched off whilst I was on holiday last August and I only got it back in January. You've done far too well to do the same.
Have a great time, G
I am really hoping that I can keep my mojo going during the holiday so I can carry on when I get back, don't want to slip back at this stage, am enjoying being slimmer toooooooooo much to lose it. If I know you are on my case it helps lol!


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Enjoy your holiday, your weight loss is so inspiring
Been out shopping again for holiday clothes and ended up spending £54 - BUT - I did get 7 tops for that!!!! and all in size 12 except for one blouse which was a bit snug around the boobies so I bought a 14 in that one - I have discovered a clothes shopping bug which I had never suspected I had before lol
B xx


taking it 1 day at a time
S: 12st5.8lb C: 12st5.8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ooh, get you. Size 12 eh? That's fantastic and must be such a boost. You have done so well. You really deserve to have a wonderful time on holiday. Can't wait to see you back here though.
Bon voyage............
Oooooooooooooopppppps - had a bit of a slip tonight, in my quest to get my body and stomach ready for the hols I have had a little too much wine at a gig tonight (along with 4 pints of soda) and I caved in and said yes to chips on way home :-( felt quite sick afterwards as you can imagine but I think a valuable lesson has been learned, alcohol DOES AND WILL ALWAYS lower my resistance to food and if I want to keep this weight off, and I REALLY REALLY DO, it means that I will have to limit alcohol to maybe one night a week. Full stop.

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