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Last couple of stone to lose!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Rogue, 4 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. Rogue

    Rogue Full Member


    Has anyone lose quite a bit of weight only to lose motivation when you're about 2 stone from your target?

    I've lost 5 stone (4 and a half last year and only half a stone this year) but I would still like to lose another 2 stone...

    I feel really de motivated and have started skipping classes and weigh ins and increasing my syns and HEXBs!

    I'm hoping that summer will help - loads of lovely salads and being out and about doing more exercise but am worried that I'll gain weight before then.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated....!

    P.S. I'm having traumatic hot cross bun cravings!
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  3. txrawl

    txrawl Full Member

    You have done so well, so please dont blow it! Remember what is what like not being able to buy clothes you liked, or have the energy to do the things you want to do? Thats where i am now and you do not want to go back to that! Keep your pecker up and dig deep into the resolve that has led you to your amazing achievment so far-YOU CAN DO IT! Start afresh, and write everything down, stay to class if that suits you, come on here a lot for support and motivation-i for one cant wait to see the time when you come on here and tell us you are at target! Good luck hun xx
  4. chips with everything

    chips with everything Silver Member

    P.S. I'm having traumatic hot cross bun cravings!

    I love them too ! This time of the year is a nightmare with easter eggs, buns etc ...... Maybe just buy one from the bake counter of the supermarket. I know if I bought a pack, they would all go. Even freezing them doesn't help as they toast from frozen.

    I try to image the glaze on them is slime from a slug ... gross, but works (sometimes ... ) for me. You've done so well. Keep at it, and don't beat yourself up too much if you have a momentary lapse. Be nice to yourself. You deserve it.
  5. Fuffs

    Fuffs This is really the time!

    I guess you can look it it like you are nearly at the top of Everest. You don't want to roll back down when the flag is insight. You have worled so hard for what you have achieved. Try to sit down, relax and focus on how you are going to make it to the top.

    Like Txrawl, I look forward to hearing you say 'I am at Target'

    Good luck chick! x
  6. Rogue

    Rogue Full Member

    Thanks everyone!:thankyou:

    This morning I went through my wardrobe and gave some clothes to the local Charity shop - Scope - that are too big - that's an incentive - 'cause it's expensive buying smaller clothes when you lose weight but it would be expensive and depressing if I ever have to buy bigger clothes 'cause I've put the weight back on.

    I've had a break from minimins for a few months but I think this is exactly what I need at the moment to stay on track!
  7. Fuffs

    Fuffs This is really the time!

    This forum is amazing. I am sure you will be back on track in no time :) x

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