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Last night pre Lighter Life


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I found this site yesterday after reading about it in somebody's blog and I'm really glad that I did.

I start Lighter Life tomorrow and reading some of the posts on here have been really inspirational - you seem like a really nice and friendly group of people and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Cath (who's very excited and very apprehensive about tomorrow ;) )
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Good Luck Hun for tomorrow.

You are at the station and have bought the strictly one way ticket to the city of "Thindom". Before you know it you will be there and feeling much happier, healthier and certainly thinner.

Expect good days and bad days but you will get there in the end. Tonight drink lots of water. Posting on here will make your journey an easier one. There is so much support and advice.

I look forward to hearing about your journey!!

Good luck Cath.. you came to the right place!


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Thanks for the welcome :) You have both got really good weight losses - well done!

Am wondering now what to have for breakfast in the morning - so far I think it's going to be a raspberry shake ...... not quite my usual weetabix!

Hope I sleep better tonight - last night after seeing the counsellor and the dvd I was dreaming about peeing on sticks and them all going funny colours .... hope tonight is better.



Lovin it !!! :)
good luck with she starting today. When I first started I halved all my packets so i had twice as many "meals" so to speak - just took the edge off and made it slightly easier. Just a tip if you find that it may seem along time until the next packet.
Lots of luck and heres to a slim you x


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Hi Katie, good luck on your weight loss journey. I stumbled across this board as well and it has been invaluable, the people here care about you and care about your weight loss, let us know how you do, we are interested in you and your journey. love, Angela x


Hair today - gone tomorra
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Welcome, welcome, welcome

Hi Cath,

So glad you found this place because it is a massive place of support and help.

Being in a group of people who are at the various stages of what you are starting is so helpful because someone somewhere will have been through/be going through whatever it is you experience.

No persons journey is the same and therefore access to this vast range of experience and support means that you are NEVER without someone who can help/share your load.

The cardinal sin is to NOT POST - if you don't post then how the ehck will we know how you are getting on and what help /advice we can give - never short on advice in here let me tell you. :D

I found this place before I started and it so helped me get my head in the right place that after 7 1/2 weeks on LL, I am even more determined than when I started and that has NEVER happened before.

So - look forwards to your posts on experiences, thoughts, feelings - whatever (and you find a lot of whatever here also) because its not just about weight - weight is the symptom so sometimes the diet is not the main issue, its the emotions/issues that caused it that you can get best help and support on here.

Right -I'm off before I bore you - have a great first day :D :D
Good luck today Cath.. my advice is to really shake the packs well as the lumps make me gag!
Just to say welcome & good luck with the first few days! People can feel a bit dodgy so stick with it through them and the icky feelings will be replaced, I am told, by feeling fabulus and almost high!


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morning cath welcome to the site
good luck on your journey the first few days are the hardest then its a breeze ive restarted on day 4 of cd and feel fab prev did LL and cd sept05 april 06 lost over 6 stone but didnt see it through so it can be done and im determined to do it this time once and for all.

remember to drink the water & if times are hard get on here and have a rant !!!!



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Good morning - well I never thought I'd be eating a mix between a chocolate milk mousse and a milk shake for breakfast ...... it weren't that good I've got to say but I think that was mainly because of the way that I made it - and I've got 99.75 days to improve in doing that :D

Cheers everyone for your messages of support - you've all made me feel like I'm definitely not doing this alone :thankyou:

:) Welcome. You'll be suprised how quickly it goes. i can't believe I am into my 4th week already.

Try the recipes to add some variety. It really makes a difference!

Stick to it, your friends will be amazed, your family will be amazed, and YOU will be OVER THE MOON! Honestly. I actually get sooo excited for my official weigh in, even though its on a Sunday evening, and in theory am getting excited about the end of the weekend (cry cry) but still, the results have been soooo good, i just can't help myself but get excited!!!

Good Luck & keep us posted!!!
One tip I'd give is to try and buy some kind of battery whisk online - and ideally two! - as it really improves the soups/shakes. You can usually get them for about £5-6 each and it's an investment which really gives returns.
Also means that you can easily take your whisk and mix to any function and zip it together - I took mine to a hotel course this week and it was a Godsend.

Best of luck!


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Thanks for that advice Vorlina, I've just ordered 2 - should make them go down better, the chocolate one I made this morning had bits of lumps in that weren't too nice and I thought I'd stirred them all out.

Hi CathGood luck with your journey - it is a fantastic diet!! You will be slim in no time if you stick with it!As already mentioned there will be good and bad days but the longer you stick to it the easier it becomes. The rewards are unbelievable i tell you!!You definitely need electrical help for mixing the packs - i use a hand blender which i bought from tesco for £5. Go get one now!!!! Good luck
Handblender here too! £5, Tesco's value, works like a charm! Once I bought that, I think after 4 or 5 days, the packs became just so much more manageable. You'll be fine, the first couple weeks are the longest, and then they just fly. Keep us updated! xx


Hair today - gone tomorra
S: 25st13lb C: 19st13lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 6st0lb(23.14%)
I like the lumps, you can strain them with your teeth - but then again I am a bit weird like that :D

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