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last sachet of the day

Hi, I was just wondering if it makes a difference to weight loss on what time you have your shakes. I'm allowed 4 a day and i have my last one as a hot chocolate at about 9pm and go bed at about 10pm. Is this too late (like if i were eating) or does'nt it matter on SS how late you have them. Thanks x x x
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I too have 4 shakes a day and I have my last one as a hot drink before I go to bed.
It does not matter when you have the packs. You can space them evenly during the day or you can have them all in the evening. The choice is yours.


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I'm on 4 a day and usually have mine, 2/3pm, 7pm, 9pm, 10.30pm May seem strange to some but evenings were always my worst time for food cravings and so this is how i started out doing it and have just carried on from there. :)
Oh my what a great weight loss ava.I've got about 8 stone to loose and have just finished week 2 and lost 16lb so far. I really hope i do as well as you. What do you do it 2pm, fill up on water? i have mine at 9.30am 1.30pm 5.30/6.00pm and 9pm.


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Yeah i just have water, don't feel hungry anyway so water keeps me going fine. Well done on the 16lb, that's fab :)


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Yes stuck to SS and have done AAM every 5th week, the pink weights in my sig are for AAM :)
oooh caramel?? where do u live we dont have that here only choc and banana i think the banana is vile though sorry.
I'm glad u ladies brought up the time u have ur shakes, i have recently changed my times and i have to say it works a lot better for. I have my 1st about 11-45-12.00 fill up on water and my can of coke zero before it. then more water after the shake, then have my 2nd around 3:30-4:00pm with my 2nd can and that really fills me up, followed by yet more water lol then i have a bar or last shake around 7:30-8:00pm. I can sit with my kids then while they eat tea without being starved coz im having mine too. wish i could have 4 you lucky ladies!!

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