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last time loser

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by ilovecabbage, 18 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Member

    hey all, determined to shift some baby weight...a long way to go, i would ideally like to lose 4 stone...so a mere 56 pounds!...aiming for around 2 pounds a week so should take me around 28 weeks....196 days should be around target by april 1st next year...

    going to log everything that goes in my mouth as i need to keep myself focused...started sw 1.5 weeks ago and lost 2.5 in my first week, i have been following extra easy as i have been on holiday but am finding extra syns slipping in so doing this to keep me on track...fingers crossed!

    so...sunday - ee


    potato rosti with beans and egg


    pub roast minus roast pots and pudding
    gravy 3 syns

    3 pints of lager 15 syns


    prawn stirfry
    ryvita hea
    phili light heb and lots of toms and cucumber

    mmmmm you can see that booze is my downfall!
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  3. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Member

    mmmm today

    breakfast left over chicken stir fry

    yog and fruit

    lunch sushi


    dinner - beef in mushroom from sw mag with mashed sweet pot...

  4. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Member

    ok feeling like i'm eating well but not feeling confident for weigh in tomorrow morning, i think it is because i am so used to feeling deprived and i just don't at the moment. the initial 'greed' of the free foods is over and things feel like they are settling down. i am really loving all the cooking too


    heb - 2 slices of wholemeal with jam and butter (2 syns)
    2 x apples

    lunch -

    tuna nicoise salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing (5 syns)



    meatballs with spagetti from sw mag

    ff yog with banana and apple

    fingers crossed for tomorrow
  5. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Member

    mmmmm just had an options hot choc..2 syns and totally lush
  6. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Member

    1.5 off at weigh in today which i am pleased with, decided that slow and steady is going to win this race. having said that i have just made some superspeed soup so i always have something to eat, it cost a fortune for all the ingredients so i hope i like it....


    heb wholemeal toast with jam and butter (2.5 syns)


    3 egg omlette with mushrooms

    dinner - cod stew from sw book with couscous

    delicious!! and then i am going to have a yogurt if i can squeeze one in!
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