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last week I asked what was your worst fat moment , well whats best about being thin


Wants to be a loser!
  • One of the guys I have worked with for 5 years who had been working away from our office for a few months completely blanked me when he came back - he thought I was one of the new employees!!
  • Being able to walk up the steepest hill in Norwich without stopping to catch my breath carrying loads of heavy shopping.
  • Being able to run, skip and jump when playing with my nieces without fear of my knees exploding or collapsing from the exertion :cool:.
  • Waking up in the morning and still being a bit weirded out when I realise I am really slim and it is not a dream.
  • For the first time in my life loving my body and feeling comfortable in my own skin :).


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gotta be trying on new clothes and feeling good about yourself in them. Instead of thinking how much your ar*e/ belly sticks out.

Not much inner thigh rub!


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ive still got LOOOOADS to go.. but today i went to a tutorial.. and the last time i was there i weighed 25lbs more.. and i just felt better.. like.. i really felt thinner.. hehe.. i even took off my cardi.. LOL.. this is a big thing for me..
x x x x


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I bought some very nice and very expensive trousers off the sale rail at Debenhams last Sunday...well chuffed as they were my size (and length)
Saved them for a big meeting I had yesterday...put them on in the morning and they are too big!!!! Thought I would get away with it....I really like them....spent the day hoiking them up and looking like Charlie Chaplin.....Oh well....here's to more nice outfits in the correct and smaller size!!!:D


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I'm almost used to being smaller, I still don't see myself as thin, I do need some head help and lots of pictures taken or maybe video. Two people have called my 'tiny' so far and it was lovely. My smile is now ten times bigger than me hee hee.

Choosing size 12 jeans in per una (new favourite place to be)

Looking forward to going into River Island, Wallis, Oasis and Designer shops Can't believe I've not been in these except to chaperone skinny friends, I can now walk in these knowing not only can I buy clothes there that I'm not the biggest size there.

Knowing I'm not the biggest on the bus, plane, in the supermarket.

Knowing that although some doubters don't believe me, I've been given the gift of a (almost) healthy bmi body and that nothing (except another baby but only baby weight) will change that. I'm going to look after this figure and treasure it and see every day as a chance to give my body just what it needs and enjoy being healthy. Can't wait to cook healthy foods, be seen choosing healthy snacks and meals out.

Bigger people looking at me thinking, I wish I was that size (I'd like to tell everyone about the diet but know that I would have died of embarrassment if someone had approached me telling me about a diet)

Waffleeeeee blahhhhh LOVE BEING SLIMISH xx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Where to begin......

Looking in the mirror and enjoying my reflection.

Having a feeling of well being.

Going into whatever shop I like and not having to worry that there won't be anything in my size.

Being able to enjoy clothes shopping rather that it being a necessary evil.

Feeling good about myself for the first time I can remember.

Not being embarrassed and self conscious when people are talking about their weight as I am always the biggest.

To name but a few....!


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  • Waking up in the morning and still being a bit weirded out when I realise I am really slim and it is not a dream.
This still happens to me at times, and i've been at goal for more than two and a half years! :)

Jo x


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Two people have called my 'tiny' so far and it was lovely. My smile is now ten times bigger than me hee hee.
I've lost a bit more weight over the past couple of months, and, in recent weeks, i've been called 'tiny', 'skinny' :eek:, and someone said 'there's nothing on you'. It's a good feeling, isn't it? :)

For me, the best part is that hardly anyone I spend time with now knew me before I lost weight (new job, new friends, etc) - most of them have no idea I was ever big, and it's rather lovely being considered to be a 'naturally slim' person!

Jo x
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Getting attention from men when I'm out lol Lat night I was with my husband and I was still being eyed up lol

Also going into any shop I like to and buying anything in size 10 and it fits:D
Putting my fingers up to Evans...
Buying lipsy clothes and taking a size 8
Being chatted up by a number of sexy 20 year olds (10 years younder than I) and some thought I was 21 ish (oh my!) ummm....maybe they were was lying!
Getting chatted up by a guy that bullied me at school for being fat who still thinks he is something special 15 years on ..... and I told him to fu*ck off (he did not know who I was)
Having lunch with nicole appleton and she asked how I stay slim...
Buying my mazda mx5 car - as I can now sit in it.
Buying sexy underwear (but no-one sees it! lol)
Buying a binkin and knowing that I am going to look ok on the beach.. apart from my bottom
Presenting to all the Cheif Executives in the six councils around Worcestershire (and having the confidence to do this)
Ordering clothes online and knowing they will fit
Seeing New Year in knowing that I will not be fat ever again
Walking past all the crappy foods in Tesco's and knowing that I just do not want to eat them
I now hate the taste of Chocolate ... which is great!
So many things..........
Feeling good about myself ,
Being able to fit in some of the clothes I kept just in case one day I would fit on them,
Not having feet aching all the time like I used to..........and these are just a few as I am still not at my goal........will get there soon
I've still got a long way to go, but tried on jeans yesterday two sizes smaller than usual and they were too big. I was so happy I decided not to buy any, but to get on with the diet and buy an even smaller pair in a few weeks time.

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