Laughing cow deli cheeses???


I will do this!!!


I will do this!!!
iv only seen the advert today but they look lovely! i'll definately get some (not keen on blue cheese though!)


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bought blue cheese and the onion ones today and tried the blue cheese and they are loverly mmmm


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Really, we can have 5 x as a HEX? I read somewhere that they weren't a HEX A on EE but a HEX B on green....? Can someone confirm? :eek:


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I've not seen these, so I must look out for them, thank you.


I can do this............
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Not seen these yet but they sound good! I love blue cheese! Would be very happy if they are a hexa


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mmmm they sound nice, I'm a laughing cow addict so would love to know if they are a healthy extra

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I cant find them anywhere at the moment, but would love to give the blue cheese ones a try.
1oz stilton is 5.5 syns, so it would save a fair bit!


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Has anyone tried the new Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese squares? I got mine in Tesco's. I LOVE blue cheese and these have the exact same syn value (the calories / carbs / fats info per square as well) as the light triangles.

I am assuming because all the above are the same, then they could be used as HE the same as the light triangles ( 5). I have given the info to my SW leader and she is going to find out for me.

Incidentally, they also do a cheese'n'onion flavour one too, but I haven't tried them yet.

Must say, the blue cheese one makes a lovely pour over sauce for cauliflower!

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I phoned sw syns helpline laughing cow delilights are 1.5 syns per square ,both flavours or 5 as a HE A on red or B ON B green.Hope this helps.They are definately worth trying. __________________

does this help sorry didnt know how else to do it



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Well that surprises me because that would make the HE worth 7.5 syns and I've never seen one worth that many syns. I would have said if anything it would be 4.