laughing cow light


is doin this
has anyone tried these in mash?if so what is it likei love butter in mash but thats obviously too high in sins so just wondered about this also you can buy laughing cow lighs blue cheese how many of these can you have as a healthy extra.was a thread on here the other day but never realay found out x
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Hi there! I use this in Jackets and in mash all the time - it doesn't "melt" quite as well as butter but I find it's a great substitute. For the mash you could always add a dash of milk from your healthy A allowance to keep it free but help a bit with the consistency!! C xx


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I think I read somewhere that "butter buds" available from Lakeland are half a sin per sachet and apparently they taste delicious.

Butter Buds®

Low calorie powdered butter substitute. All the flavour of butter without the fat.
Produced from real butter, Butter Buds undergo a special process that removes the fat and water leaving behind just the original buttery taste.
When sprinkled over hot potatoes, vegetables, pasta or rice, they'll butter you up... but, containing only 5 calories per sachet, not your waistline!
One sachet contains the same flavour as 2 teaspoons of butter (approx. 70 calories!).

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Just checked this on Sw online - def 1/2 syn for a 2g sachet. Will be buying these next time I go to lakeland. Anyone else tried them?

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Hmm, no but corn on the cob isn't the same without some butter so I'll be getting some next time I go there too!


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Yes I use Butter Buds, I get them from Lakeland online - they are really good and taste buttery especially in a jacket potato.


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looked on their website and they are £3.99 and looks like postage is free on that item:)


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yes, sorry you are right. when I put item in basket, it showed as zero but when you go through to checkout it is a min of £4.25!:(


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i use the laughing cow light in my mash but i use them as my healthey a, so i dont syn them xx