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Lauramumof2's diary ''things are great''

Hi folks,
this was my first day back on the diet. I have been very good, had a banana for brekkie, a slimfast shake for lunch and a w/w lasagne for dinner. Then a wee 1pt biccie withmy cup of tea. 11pts so far, maybe 12 if you think about the milk I had with my coffees.
My sister bought me a bottle of wine though so I might have a glass tonight when big brother is on and later im going to take the before pics so when I am 8stone i can look back and think phew,.
I will post them.
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Aww big brother eviction and drinking go hand in hand....how dare they do one on a wednesday. I'm a creature of habit and might think it's friday!!!
Lol goodluck Laura sounds like you have had a great start and as soon as my 5.5 stone is gone im coming back in here again as i do miss all you girlies.

Safe to say you like this forum then Laura ;)
so far so good. My saviour just now are the slim fast shakes for lunch. Thats where Im saving my points! The slim fast things like the snacks (pretzels) are yummy. I then have my w/w meals at tea time. Breakfast is some fruit or a weetabix. Im off work now for 10 days so I should be able to get some workouts in while the kids are at nursery.
Im getting there!
I have lost 2 inches off my waist since last wednesday. I dont know about my weight, havent weighed myself yet but im chuffed. 42 down to 40. I will need to delete me waist ticker though as I can seem to change the inches though I can with my weight one. Weird.
Typical, a week in and my resolve it slipping. Im off this week with the kids so im very snacky. I havent been outrageous but I took them to Macdonalds last night and got a big mac and chips. I can tell you though that I felt rough after it. Not good but today Im feeling not very well, wee Joe has the cold and is being girny so Im going to girn too.
Aww you had a slip up but you can point your maccysds Laura. Its all the fat and rubbish in the meal that made you sick cos i feel rough today after eating **** yesterday.
Im back!! Ive not been very good, fell off the bandwagon but im back on it. I was ill and the kids were ill. I dont think Ive done a lot of damage but I certainly wont have lost any weight.

Glad to be back, everyone is well again and Joe is sleeping through the night again (as well as he does)

S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
come on hun you can do it,i have done ww many times and i got to goal in the summer but now i am over 1 stone heavier,if you wanna chat please feel free to private message me and we can do this together x
Im back again. (how many times now). Ive had a great Christmas albiet it run up wasnt so good. I lost a bit of weight when I was ill with the cold and it made me feel so good to fit into a pair of jeans that previously I had been unable to.

So yesterday, the wee leaflet from weight watchers came in inviting me to try the monthly pass for £18.00 a month. So thats what I have just done. If I am paying that a month then there is an incentive straight away to give it a good go.

Im really happy just now, because I had lost that bit of weight I saw this death kitty t-shirt the other day and I bought it. I also bought a few others things that day and ooooooh, my wii fit arrived today so I might have to wait till my oh comes in to help me work it.

Yipeeeeeeee. 2009, here I come.

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