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Laura's Diary - I'm back! :-)


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I'm new to this forum but thought I would start a ww diary to help me keep track of how I'm feeling etc throughout my weight loss journey.
Well today was WI and I lost 2lbs this week which was good as I had a friends 21st this week and treated myself to a couple of cocktails.
Also had a baby shower to go to on Sat and managed not to have any of the party snacks that they had there and still had a great time!
Although it was a little hard to say no to mini-pizzas! :p
Possibly going to the pub tonight but if I drink I will have a spirit with diet soft drink. Then going to the gym tomorrow which I am actually really looking forward to.
Have some recruitment agents that I am waiting to hear from about some jobs so hopefully that will bring good news. Hope they don't suggest working in a bank again, as I left that job for a reason.
Going to stop typing now otherwise I could write in this all day...and its hubbys day off so going to relax a bit :)
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congrats on your loss, 2lbs is a brilliant start and within the healthy guidelines of weekly losses, so you should be really pleased especially as you obviously had a lot of temptation in your path! :) vodka + diet coke or vodka / gin + slimline tonic are my faves for a night out - also vodka, diet lemonade and lime is lovely but a pain to ask for and a lot of places dont do the diet lemonade which is a real shame :(

enjoy the gym anyway and good luck on the job hunt :) xxx
Yes, I wish more places would do diet lemonade as well.

Welcome to WW and minimins and well done on your 2lb off, long may it continue. Good luck with the job hunting x


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Thanks for all the lovely replies...only been on here a few days and am soooo addicted already. Feel it has already helped give me support :D

I love drinking archers and lemonade but found the same problem...cant seem to find a place that does diet lemonade!
Will have to convert to vodka and diet coke. :cool:

Yes, I drink vodka and diet coke but I'm like you, would love to have something else. Tia Maria and diet coke is nice and my son has just got me into amaretto and diet coke which is lovely!
S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i have one solution.. reminds me of the times i have no money and smuggle out the alcohol and only buy soft drinks, but its the other way around.. i have once or twice smuggled out the diet lemonade and asked for vodka with a dash of lime on the rocks.. earns you a funny look and you have to swap drinks after 2 glasses or so but if you fancy a change? haha :)

vodka and diet coke was a real change for me but you get used to it. I agree with Karen though, Tia and diet coke is beautiful - not a fan of amaretto but my sister loves it :)


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I'm with you all on the annoyance of pubs not doing diet lemonade! I like vodka and diet coke but I'd prefer to have pimms because it's only 0.5! Can't have pimms and diet coke though :sign0137: Might start smuggling too!


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Smuggling diet lemonade definitely sounds like something I am going to have to try.:D
My friend cancelled going to the pub tonight so will have to keep it in mind for next time.


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Just got back from the gym and feel really refreshed...partly because we went swimming afterwards! I love going swimming and its nice after a hard workout :)
My sister came round today and we called around some local vets as she is trying to get into veterinary nursing...it went well as we have 6 of them that would like us to send them her CV. That cheered me up cos she been a bit down lately, as she went uni but it didnt work out for her. We are really close so I'm glad I can help her figure things out :D
Off to watch some 'Charmed' with the OH before going to bed:nightf:

P.S - Day 2 and stuck to my points which is good!


The mother flippin'
S: 14st4lb C: 13st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st8lb(4%)
I just looked at the Online Eating Out Guide and it says Pimms is 1 point. Guess that's another thing that changed in the 2008 EOG :p I thought it was strange! Oh well, it's still yummy and totally worth it.
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gotta love Charmed.. getting old now but still good :) congrats on getting through day 2 :) good luck for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and beyond! :D
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Well done on the 2lbs! Argh, party food is my downfall! Well done on resisting them!

Hope the job front goes well!

Aaah im an archers and lemonade girl :D just cant face drinking vodka and diet coke... seriously went off it! No particular reason, perhaps cos it was low points LOL.

Well done on sticking to your points! have a good rest of the week!

Oh and Welcome! Not sure if i had already or not! xx


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Sorry I haven't been around for like a week, my internet messed up and had to get it fixed! Had a really busy week...felt like I didnt stop! Went out for a family meal with the in-laws on Tues...was nice! Half way through the meal it snowed! :D So instead of getting a lift home we decided to walk in the snow :)
On Thurs I met up with some friends who have recently had a baby, to discuss his Naming Ceremony as we are going to be "supportive adults". That was a nice day...he is so cute!
On Friday (halloween) we completely decorated our house...pumpkins, balloons, bright orange tinsel, hanging bats/spiders etc, fake cobwebs. Then we all dressed up and played some games...ended up playing the board game atmosphere which was funny! Then found out that a friend had given birth just 40mins after halloween ended :) It's been baby year!
On Saturday we were meant to go to a firework display but the weather was dreadful so we got some sparklers and had some friends round. Played Articulate with some alcohol which ended with us in fits of laughter.
So a good week....stuck to my points mostly...altho a couple of nights I went over slightly. Didnt lose any weight this week altho not too disappointed as I didn't put on any either.:D


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Well done on STS. It sounds like you had a good week. Here's to a good week and a loss next Monday for you x

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