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Laurens diary - keeping me sane :-)


Feeling Motivated

I have decided that keeping a diary may well make me stay sane & on the right track as if I have to write things down, I feel accountable for my actions while on CD. (also it will be a place for me to vent rather than bending my CDCs ear! Ha ha)

A little bit of an overview of my CD journey so far.. I started CD on 20th June thus year weighing the heaviest I have ever been 13st6lbs and the thing that spurred me on to do this was looking at photos from my holiday in Vegas, I looked shocking, I didn't realise at the time actually how big I was and to be honest it was upsetting to look like that. So, after speaking to a few friends and getting myself in the right mindframe I booked in to see my CDC.

I followed SS for 7 weeks losing 21lbs in that time then moved onto SS+ for a couple of weeks due to social events. I feel so much better for losing this weight and am spurred on to lose even more.

I have had a really bad 3 weeks though due to various holidays, weddings and christenings - no excuse I know, but peer pressure got the better of me.

In those 3 weeks I put 3lbs back on. Therefore here I am again on day 2 of SS with the worst hunger pangs in the world! I am determined to lose the final 30lbs that I need to shift and I have 9 weeks to do so before a big charity ball I have to go to.

Anyway, I'm rambling now, I will update weekly with my weigh ins and also if I'm having bad/good days to try & put things into perspective.

Much love,

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Feeling Motivated
Hi all,

Just a quick one today, am on day 3 so nearly over the worst of things, i am feeling so drained again though... Need that feeling to pass.

I managed to cook dinner for the boyf today but my tummy is now gurgling. :)

Am convinced that if I can make the rest of the week again, I will be fine and carry on as normal.
Hi Lauren

Im on day 4 with the worst hunger pains ... So don't worry... You're not alone! It'll all be worth it in the end :)

I'll be following your thread to keep myself motivated.
Keep posting and good night
1st 3 days done - Ace. That's the worst bit over xx


Feeling Motivated

Hmmm... day 4 - I have made it and feel so much better today, still got no energy but I know that will change by the end of the week. Have got a weekend as a hermit planned so that I don't come across too much temptation and then got weigh in on Monday so that is keeping me in check as well.

On another note, found work really hard today, I have little to no concentration ability and also they have been passing the Friday cakes and biscuits around the office! ha ha.

Oh well, onwards and upwards, only 2 stone to go till I hit target.



Feeling Motivated
Day 6!! Woop

First weigh in tomorrow since I've been back on SS so am hoping for sone good results! Had a blip last night by having a small glass of the bubbly stuff as my sister & her boyfriend got engaged, but apart from that I'm good.

Had a sneaky look on my scales this morning & am showing about a 5lb loss, but shall wait & see what the 'official' reading is tomorrow.

Weekends are by far the hardest bit of this diet without a doubt.. My other half is sat eating a giant packet of Pringles in front of me as we speak... Just rude! Ha ha but I will be strong & not cave in.

Have got a charity ball coming up in november & now going to Dubai over Xmas so I must be 2 stone lighter by then!!

<3 Lauren xx


Feeling Motivated
Woop Woop - so I'm on day 7 of my SS restart and am going to get weighed tonight, know that my losses won't be as large as the first time I did SS but anything is a bonus.

I am however, feeling awful today, I have the worst cold in the world and have lost my voice too! Bad Times, CDC says I can't have lozenges or lemsip as that will kick me out of ketosis so I am having to resort to old style tactics of gargling with salt water.... mmmm yummy. Am fully considering gargling diluted TCP to actually get rid of this thing faster but can't quite stomach it yet.

Will update my ticker & diary later to show the weightloss!


Feeling Motivated
Official Weigh in.... 6lbs gone :) happy happy!!
I hope so too, was hoping to work from home tomorrow (sneaky day in bed to recover - he he) but have now got various meetings to go to (boooo) so no rest for the wicked :)
Just reading your weight loss info gives me motivation. Well done!

Have made it to day 9 - had a little blip and ate an ice lolly yesterday as my throat is killing me! Gradually getting my voice back today so I guess it helped! Lol, anyway, figuring that ice lollys are mostly water anyway, I'm not beating myself up about it, as by having the lolly I avoided eating my OH's tub of Hagen daaz that was lovingly nestled right next to said lollies! He he

Anyway, am feeling in the swing of things today, in some way the sore throat has been a blessing as it has made me avoid any solid foods, am looking forward to another successful weigh in next Monday!


Lunch Time ...

The girls in the office have all decided to go and get some 'solid food' as they refer to it now, from the cafeteria, whilst I have been left up here with my ' liquid diet'

Now, usually this would not bother me, however I have just looked around my rather large open plan office and I can only see one other person up here wayyyyyy over in the distance! eeek.

I don't like being left on my own, but at this time of day the 'caff' smells like burnt cheese and TBH, I would be left craving a massive pizza right now if I went down there.

Oh well, Green Tea, another bottle of water & a choc mint shake for me, I will survive the day.
Well done on your fab results so far. Its not easy to resist when you have social events coming up.
You have done fantastic till now. Im only coming up to week 3 week In.
I hope in my 4 weeks i loose as much as you have done, as we have started at simuliar weights i was 13st4.5 in the 2 weeks i lost 14lb. I hope i can make it to 21 in a month.
Good luck xxx
Thanks Gemma1986

It was hard in those first 4 weeks, but once I got into the swing of it, it got better. :D
I know how you feel. The cafe at work drives me crazy too. Well done resisting.
7am, on train to London, urgh I could do without this, am craving my morning shake but am going to wait till I get there otherwise I will get hungry too early in the day & be cranky :)

anyway, am a bit annoyed-because I didn't manage to stay 100% yesterday, my OH bought home KFC & I had some chicken as it smelled so good. But that was it, no chips & none of the tasty looking pepsi that he had too.

Must be 100% today & over weekend to avoid total weigh in disaster! Lol

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