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Not sure about movicol - I only suggest Ducolax - which I believe you take at night and "hey presto" in the morning!

I've never needed to take laxatives - but do use Psyllium Husks powder which stops me getting constipated in the first place.

Hope someone who has used movicol comes along and answers your query soon - if not ring your pharmasist and get advice.


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Hi Neco

First time i used them.. two sachets taken as u took them.. worked in about two hours.. but second time i took them.. just the two again.. they err didn't do anything until the next morning.... so not sure... depends how "bunged" up u are maybe??


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Sorry I am new to all this and will be starting CD in the next week or so.

From this thread can I assume this diet can cause constipation?


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Hi Lisaloooo

Good luck with ur CD diet when u start next week... and bloody well done for not putting it off till after xmas!!

It can cause constipation yeah... not sure if its worse for me as I don't have the bars.. I just have shakes and the tomato soup... the bars have a bit of a laxative effect I think anyway, so in my first two weeks i never noticed any constipation... but after that.. when I decided i didn't like the bars.. I'd go for days and days without going to the loo...At about wk 6 or 7 i decided to do something about it... its not uncomfortable in between... but sitting on the loo for hours on end wasn't a whole lot of fun!

See how u go, I'm sure it affects people differently...


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How long has it been ? I was so bad one week (sorry about the TMI) my pharmacist suggested Microlax which is a home enema job. Once I did that I took fibreclear everyday twice a day and have not had a problem since.




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I have taken advice from a few posts and got myself some Movicol. Followed instructions to take 2 sachets about an hour apart. This was at 12pm, it is now 4pm and nothing!!

Anyone had this effect before? Should I hang on or take another sachet??? Says you can take 3 a day.....

Nico, take one more tonight, then wait til the morning. The dose can be 3 a day for constipation, but you can take upto 8 a day for faecal impaction. Once you've 'been', cut back to one every other day. Should do the trick. Make sure the sachet is mixed with the correct amount of water, as it needs this amount to work. The water becomes the active ingredient, acting as a stool softener, unlike other laxatives that stimulate the gut, and, if used too often, can encourage a lazy gut.


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i just got lactolose from chemist just to sofen mine up, as last night was having a baby elephant that didnt want to come out took an hour and a lot of pain and discumfort, but just read it and its got fructose in it wondered if it might take me out of ketosis?? any one know, were can you get theses husk things from keep reading about thme would prefer that i think any one know and how much are they pls cheers x


I buy psyllium husks from my local Holland and Barratt - all the health food shops stock them. They're usually about £7 a tub but it lasts quite a while and they're really good - I've started using them years ago when I first did Atkins and even on normal food I often use them just before a period as PMT gives me awful constipation!! But put your crockery in water as soon as you finished drinking/eating the husks - it's a real nightmare to clean once it's dried on.