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Leah's Getting Healthy


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No I am not entering but I will be singing and it is being televised so I don't want the extra 10lbs showing.

So if I do my 12 weeks on SS+ I reckon I will be about 2 stone lighter at least?

Apart from my brothers wedding in Florida in May I can't think of anything that would distract me.

Thing is - I will be able to take packs with me and then have a meal replacement at any restaurant we go to as I can asked for steamed fish / chicken / and certain veggies I suppose...I sure hope so!

Or I just don't eat anything and just have the packs which I think might be horrible to do - especially at my brothers wedding!!

Then he's taking us on a cruise - I am sure I will be ok - just need to focus on the end result.

I wonder how I am going to cope.

I suppose I will just have to see when I get there!

My first goal is to get in to the 16s...haven't been there for ages!!!!!

Wish me luck
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Happiest Girl :D
Good luck to you, Maybe the weight loss in time for your brother's wedding will help spur you on to stick with it! :)


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DAY 3:

This is the hardest day so far - day 1 and 2 I was fine but today walking in to my mums kitchen with the smell of buttered toast filling my nostrils I got a *pang* of wanting.

Did I give in?


But it has been on my mind ever since.

Oh well...

I wonder if on sole source plus you can replace one shake with one of the 'meals' they suggest.



Happiest Girl :D
On Sole Source + you have 3 shakes and the small meal, basically just 2 tbs of certain veg plus protein, chicken, white fish. I'm going the + route this week myself.


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I finally got a decent nights sleep!

Had a few weeks where sleep has not been my friend but it came back with a lovely warm cuddle last night.

So I'm a little silly as I fell asleep after my omelette and missed my 3rd shake.

I wanted to stick to this to a 'T' but sleep distracted me :-(

Oh well at least I ate nothing else either #smallgrace

Anyway, it's early and it's day 4.

I'm in ketosis (cos the little pee stick told me so) and I think ketosis makes you thirsty so that 3 litres just doesn't seem enough even though it felt like a real chore on day 1.

Anyway, it's omelette again and then 3 shakes but I have a photoshoot at 12.45 as I'm going to be in a magazine.

Might get it airbrushed slightly lol! Although it will be a good 'before' pic.

I might have another photoshoot with loveit mag too soon as I'm going to be featured in it.

Oh and possibly More magazine.

Man, imma be famous! Lol.

Anyway....gonna hop upstairs to the kitchen and make zee best brakefust in zee wurld....

Good luck everyone else...I look forward to telling you about my weight loss (WI is Thursday as I can't get to my CDC earlier) x
Good luck honey-you sound stronger than I think you think you are....if that makes sense.....;) Starting SS+ this week and loving the idea of an omlette instead of two hard boiled eggs...hhhmmm just off for my porridge! Xxx


please try again
well done for keeping at it, will be your week one weigh in before you know it

soooooo since im a nosey bugger, what you appearing in the magz for?

Well I think I may be due on...I am not hungry but I am craving which I think is different.

Anyway - my horrible fears about dieting for the rest of my life have come back.

I know that will be the case but I am sad....I hate that I am fat....always have been and if I eat the way I was eating always will be.

I need to change my way of thinking....once i get through this 12 weeks i am hoping i can go on a higher calorie weeks altogether instead of 1 week and back on the shakes...i want to start going back to the gym instead.

I wonder if I am able to just count calories and make sure I exercise aftr that 12 weeks!

GRRRR - alreayd i suppose I am setting myself up to fail!

I don't know - my hormones are just playing tricks on me.
Oh well - each day as it comes!
Hey sweetie, I'm missing exercise too-have you ever tried resistance band training? You can literally do it gently whilst watching eastenders and still feel the benefits. Google it you'll see some excellent sites for the exercises (videos/charts) and buy cheap bands online. Don't overdo it, as gentle as it seems you can feel it instantly so opt for a low band rating and gentle exercises.....Will help tone as you loose and give you some else to focus on-stick with it chick, we all have days where we hate our bodies-just try to love yourself, your body will come soon :) xxxxx

Feel fine - I literally am not hungry as I am doing SS+ and I think that really makes a difference (my BMI does not let me do SS!)

Anyway, I have found out the following which is V. USEFUL.

I can have the following things to accompany my meal:

Spices (not pre mixed as they always put salt and garlic in but in their purest form)
Balsamic vinegar: I only use about 5mls (tspn)
Stock (low salt bouillion version)

On that basis I am going to plan the following lovely meals:

Tonight: 125g Prawns baked in a tin foil envelope with Mushrooms and spinach and curry spices.

Might buy enough to have it twice.

Wednesday the day before weigh in I will probably have my 4 packs.

I am going to plan ALL my weeks out so I enjoy those little meals as much as possible.

I am very much looking forward to the weigh in (although I think I am due on!!!!!)
Loving the cooking tips...my fav so far is mushroom & chicken kebabs with piri piri and mushroom omlette....I love recipe swapping keep them coming! X

Well - I still feel ok!

I heard from someone today that one of my close friends at work had said they were concerned at how big I had gotten lately and was worried for my health.

In a way I am really touched that they were thinking of me which is why I think when I said I wanted to do CD she was so supportive.

I really have some great friends.

No one is questioning what I am doing, my ability to do it, making it hard by bringing food in to the office and they are ALL being so supportive.


I don't get weighed till day 7 and i won't be having a meal tonight as I don't have time and tomorrow so all is well.

Anyway - today I am very happy!

Well weigh in day tomorrow and I am on 4 shakes today - don't actually have time for a meal so it works out quite well.

I am going to get weighed tomorrow (I would have had my weigh in a week after I started but I was at the theatre so couldn't :( )

Anyway - I think I have lost something.

In all honesty I wish I didn't have to weigh myself at all...I could just carry on doing it to just see the difference in the mirror.

Only weighing every 2 weeks anyway so I will at least see some difference.

I should be due on soon though which is unnerving as it should have been a couple of days ago and that hasn't happened.

DON'T WORRY - I am not pregnant - I don't have a boyfriend (and possibly never will as I don't swing that way if you know what I mean) so pregnancy is not an issue!

Well I can gladly say it's paying off already- 1 stone down and I am on my way to feeling 10 x better.

Looking forward to the next weigh in now!


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