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Leannes lipotrim diary!

Day 1

Drank soooo much water I think my organs may be swimming round inside me, I just feel constantly thirsty. Am feeling positive even though work people have told me I'm being silly doing this diet but 12 years of trying to healthy eat n still 4 stone overweight I'll try anything now! Did struggle through today n not really thought about much else. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier :)
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Hi leanne,

Well done you for not listening to anyone else. You are doing it for YOU and thats the right reason!

Day 1 is always weird. Its as if your body goes into shock! LOL!
I'm on day 10, but I have done this before very successfully so am old hat!

Starting a diary on here is a great idea, as its a good support network when you are feeling tempted to jack it in, but as you'll see next week when you weigh in, this diet is So worth it!

Good luck this week and don't give up!!

Sam x
Thanks Sam :) ive only started looking at this website in the past week n I can honestly say I'm hooked with peoples stories n motivation! Wish I'd have found it before! X
Day 2

Struggled today so far but am not going to cheat!

Felt like a zombie n even slept over a little and was a little late for work! I unzombified at about 9.30 n felt great till 2pm. Since then have been a mix of wanting to strangle someone for food and then 5 mins later feeling fine! I keep thinking it will pass n my body will get used to no food! Also, made the choc shake with hot water but the lid came off bottle when I was shaking it so lost 3rd of it! Stupid me. It was really nice with hot water though :)

I've had really tingly fingers today too which is really weird!

Big test tomorrow, am going to my friends house for a few hours with my girl friends who will all be drinking but me!!! I will not cheat.



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Hi Leanne:wavey:you are doing great,just aim to get through week one,then after that it does get easier,you will have settled into your new habits and tummy rumbles subside.
If you like fizzy water,why not take some to your girls night,feels a bit more special that flat:)
Good luck for the rest of the week x
Thankyou ?

Tania you will have to keep me updated on how you feel tomorrow and if its getting any easier so I know what I've got coming ? what day is your weigh day? Xx
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Hi Leanne how r u as for the tingling finger it does subside I had terrible discomfort in my arms at night now I'm ok you have to see it as going cold turkey for a thinner you if you don't bend your arm for too long and hold your arms out straight it does ease off it will stop by at lease day7-9 good luck and god bless xxx
Hi tania,

Hope you celebrated your husbands 40th in style! Well done for losing already on atkins, that's similar to myself, I started out at 14.1lb and with slimming world have managed to lose then gain then lose then gain which im just so fed up with cos the results are alright and I can eat so much but then I'll go for an evening out or a few drinks n put on what I've lost back on! Frustrating or what!!! Cant cope with that anymore as ive really had enough now. When I weighed myself Thursday morning I was 12.12lb (i always go off my own scales as every other scales weighs different ha) I'm hoping to get to 11 stone or hopefully less before Glastonbury which was 6 weeks away from when i started but I want to refeed for the week before. I went last year n was about the same weight I am now the n really struggled with being on my feet for 5 days, I have an office job n don't spend much time on my feet! Ideally, I want to get down to 10 stone and a very happy size 14 (I'm only 5ft 1) but I haven't made plans for after glastonbury as as I don't know how much I'll lose before! If I only have say 10lb to go I might join a slimming world class again as that not as much of a challenge as 4 stone! Hopefully, this plan is the be all and end all! :)

Leanne xx
Day 3

Well I must say that today I've mainly felt quite good! I've been to a girly afternoon at my friends n managed to drink just water n even took a shake and had it there. One friend was quite disapproving but I made my explanation n that was that. She's just concerned n wouldn't be a great friend if she didn't have my health in her interests :) I've had all 3 shakes at later times which maybe that helped?!?! Just in the past hour started to get a headache again so movie and early night it is, partner won't watch the eurovision ha. Am hoping tomorrow is better still! Things are getting easier! Xx

Ps even made my fella burger n chips n didn't sneak a sly chip. He did say he'd do it but again I wanted to prove I am not controlled by food. He keeps telling me how proud he is of me and that he couldnt do why I'm doing at all :)
Day 4

Am really getting into the swing of things now. Woke up feeling great, this diet is actually doing wonders for my insomnia that I suffer from! I've had my shakes later again today so I think I may have found my feet with when to have them. Went for a walk with my partner and also thought I'd keep myself busy doing a spot of tidying. Feel like I have a lot more energy today than I have so far which is good. I am just starting with a headache again which is a pain but so far today, that's the only thing thats bothered me which is great, no food cravings really, can't wait for the headaches to stop though. 31 days left and counting.

I CAN DO THIS!!! :) x


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You are going great! x
Thankyou :) xx
Day 5

Well I feel I'm becoming a bit of a pro at this now ha. Drank about 3 n half ltrs of water so far, I fear I may drown. Had bunches of energy today, been for a walk too. The headaches haven't been half as bad today so hopefully they are starting to go away. Have been craving food more today though which is strange, might be because I did a small shop for my other half at the supermarket?!?! He doesn't know yet but will be living off microwave meals now temporarily so I don't have to cook as much haha, poor him! Dying to get week one out of the way though so I can say I've done a week, I think a week is quite an achievement :)

Hope everyone else has had a good day?

Hi tania,

I should be around in June, am planning refeed though from mid June bur will still be coming on here I reckon :) howve you done today?

Day 6

Have been alright today apart from stomach pain all day and the bridge of my mouth feeling a little swollen! I've been positive all day even when the same people at work was still trying to convince me this is bad for me. But in the past hour I've suddenly gone so tired I can't explain! Feel quite teary too all of a sudden n wanting food, am not going to do though so don't worry. I've not slept last night n not very well night before so will have to take one of my sleeping tablets later, hopefully they are ok with this diet but wasn't going to take any till spoke to the chemist about them! Early night is a must xx


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Hi Leanne! Ive just caught up on your diary and your doing amazing! I have insomnia and take herbal tablets at night and I have done since I started - sometime I end up being tired strait away but usually I have to give them, as well as all my painkillers time to work! Hope you manage to sleep better and keep going with the diet - you'll notice a difference in no time :) we're all here if you need any support! :)

Tc X
Day 7

I usually write my diary in the evening but it's 9am, I didn't sleep, I'm tired, hungry and feeling pretty miserable today :( x
Willowfire you really are amazing getting through 112 days! How much have you lost altogether? X
Ok it's still day 7 but my mood has lifted a little so thought I'd post again.

I've had a but of a cry n got my frustration out of my system and told my OH I'm having an early night without fail. He's told me how proud he is of me n how strong I must be to do this what were all doing. It's restored a little more faith in myself that I can do it. Hopefully with an early night I might feel better tomorrow. Weigh in in the morning too!

Tanya how are you today? Xx

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