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Learning to dance again!!!


Loves Slimming world!!
Hello all!!!

I have been on her for a while now and looking through other peoples diaries on here has given me so much inspiration that I thought I should maybe write my own!

So where to begin??

Well I guess I should introduce myself. I am Jo!! I am 26 recently married with a 7yr old son. I haven’t always been what you would call big but I rapidly started to put on weight after the birth of my son. You would think the fact he is now 7 I would of came to the decision to lose weight before now. Well I did I recently lost 2 stone for my wedding in August past there but then I went completely off the rails while in Vegas for honeymoon and gained 1 stone back I think in the months that have past since then my whole healthy eating plans went out the window as we settled into married life!!

The breaking point came 3 weeks ago when I went to go on a night out with all my girl friends and I realised I had nothing to wear. This would have been bad enough if I didn’t have to then endure the awful trip to the shops to try and find something!! I ended up going out in a horrible smock style top. Now anyone who knows me knows this is not my style at all so I felt uncomfortable all evening!!! I have always been bigger than my friends but this has never stopped me from have a great time with them on nights out. I guess what I’m trying to say is it never bothered or got in my way before. This night was different though I just sat there all night feeling like an outsider in my own circle of friends. I was too ashamed to even get up and dance for the fear that anyone would comment. The next day I woke up and resolved to join slimming world again as I know this is always something that has worked for me in the past.

So the Monday night came and I was excited to join and start my journey again. What I couldn’t believe was that in the 2 and half months since my wedding I had managed to go from 16stone 10 to 18 stone 5. I nearly feel off the scales I just was so shocked I had managed to gain so much so quickly. I did know something for sure though and that was that I would never weigh that much again!!!! I went home determined to have an excellent first week. And that exactly what I did when I returned a week later I had lost a whooping 7.5lbs!!! I was delighted!!!

I don’t care how long my journey takes but I know I will get there in the end, and who knows maybe along the way I will learn to dance again!!!!!!!!
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Good luck! I am on week 2 and have lost 5lbs out of 7 stone 10lbs to lose! Hopefully we'll be sharing plenty of successes :)

I have gained 1 stone for every year of marriage, so definitely good to get in there quick ;)

Hope you have a good WI this week :)


Loves Slimming world!!
Hello Lula!!!

Congrats on your weight lose so far!!! I think we both want to lose similar weights i want to lose just close to 7 stone!! At least we are on the right paths now!!!
How are finding slimming world?? Do u go to class or just home weigh??

Good luck with your week!!


Loves Slimming world!!
Today for food i will have:

Breakfast: Mullerlight poured over a pear and a plum
Lunch: Low fat super noodles and a plum
Dinner: Southern fried chicken breast (4 syns) SW chips and Green Beans 2tbps of Ketchup (2syns)
Snacks: HXA: milk for tea
HXB: 2 HiFi light bars

Total syns:6

I think by writing all this down it should help keep me on the right track. It helps that my hubby and son are keen to eat the same SW meals as me so i am not cooking 2 or 3 different meals a night.


Loves Slimming world!!
Last night I went for a wee trip to my mums. I really think she is a bit of a feeder you know. She knows I am back on slimming world and having followed the plan herself she knows what is high in syns and what isnt. She continually offered me chocolate, buns and crisps while I was there. The coffee she made me she tried to put fresh cream in to it. I dont know why she just isnt more supportive. She and my father are both about 6 stone overweight and mum continually talks about wanting to slim down but never does anything to try improve it. My 2 younger sisters who still live at home are starting to gain weight aswell. I worry about my mother and fathers heatlh. I will try and encourage her to rejoin sw again.

Last night i came home and got super organised for work made a wee ham salad to bring with me for lunch and wrote out a few wee meal plans for over the weekend to keep me on track!!

Today i am having:
Breakfast: mullerlight with a pear
Lunch: Ham salad and a orange
Dinner: Baked potato with tuna red, onion. peppers and sweetcorn with 2 tbsp of light hellman mayo 4Syns

Snack: HXA milk for tea and coffee
HXB HiFi Bar

Total Syns 4
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A happy downward spiral
I think sometimes mums try to sabotage without knowing or even meaning too.
I know until recently my mum would buy in TONS of buns and crisps and set them infront of me and I would have to resist. She would also cook me lovely low syn meals and then a few days later would "realise" that she had used loads of oil or not cut off fat or put sugar in etc so we talked about it and now she is SO supportive.

I think they worry we are going to do harm by "depriving" ourselves of the nice things and try to over compensate for it then by throwing the naughty stuff at us. I honestly dont think my lovely mum ever meant to tempt or derail me but I do think somewhere deep down there is a TINY hint of jealousy as she was big all her life and I hopefully wont be. But only tiny. 99.9% of her is proud of me! haha

Anyway, good luck to you!!
Your doing GREAT!


Loves Slimming world!!
Thanks Addibelle!! Its good to know its happend to other people aswell. Like you say though i dont think she is being spitful when she does maybe just a small bit jealous.


Loves Slimming world!!
Ok i have a bit of a bad morning ahead. I have to got to the funeral of a man from my office who was 49. I hate funerals!!! Then again i don't think anyone really likes them. They always make me feel cold inside. I don't want to come home and comfort eat so i have got up early and made a big pot of free veg soup, and had a large breakfast so i wont be tempted to eat any buns and things at the wake.

Today i will eat:
Breakfast: 2 nimble (HXB) bacon, Dennys reduced fat sausage x2 (3 1/2 Syn) mushrooms and 2 eggs, Brown sauce 2tbsp (2 Syns)
Lunch: Veg Soup Homemade free
Dinner: Onion mushroom and pea curry with rice (6 Syns for the curry sauce).
Snacks: HXA: milk for tea. an orange

Total Syns 11.5
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Loves Slimming world!!
I had had my first real temptation tonight. My husband and son have just tucked into the most divine smelling KFC. I did manage to resist although it did make me change my evening meal to a veggie curry. I love KFC this would be perhaps my one biggest vice, but i kept thinking of my weigh in on Monday. so I am feeling very chuffed with myself indeed.
Wow I am so impressed with your willpower!! WELL DONE!

Unfortunately my OH is one of the lucky ones that can eat 1000's of calories a day and not put on a lb, however he has been really supportive and ate all the SW dinners with me - he hasn't been a saint though, still snacking on large bags of kettle chips and chocolate each night, but too be honest I am so full from the EE dinners I manage to resist snacking with him :)

Well done again for resisting the KFC - you deserve every lb you lose :)

K x


Loves Slimming world!!
Thanks for ur nice words Kirsty!! It was quite hard to say no to it, but i dont know if i will be as strong in 2 or 3 weeks down the line lol. Your stats are very good u are doing really well misses!!! My hubby is having sw meals most of the times when i make them but Sat night in our hse pre sw was always take out night so its weird to cook on a sat now lol!!


Loves Slimming world!!
Ok stuck in work all day today. So I got up 20mins earlier so that I could plan my food for the day. Cant believe what a change in the weather we have had here in the last 24hrs it was lovely and sunny yesterday when i was out walking the dog. It was a really nice autumn day. This morning however is a very different story I left the hose to find my car covered in a blanket of white frost. Got in the car turned the heaters and all on to defrost the windscreen and the little gauge tells me its -1!!!! I think we in for a rough winter!!

So today meal plan is:

Breakfast: An orange, 2 nimble (HXB) 1 cheese slice (2 Syns half fat) and ham
Lunch: left over homemade veg soup from yesterday
Dinner: Roast chicken breast, potatoes, Carrots, green beans, 3 Tsp of onion gravy granules (3 Syns)
Snack: Freddo (5 Syns)
HXA mailk for tea

Total Syns 10
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has a thin girl inside!
Good morning!!!
Yr diary looks good, recording everything down is good to look bk on if future weeks :) I'm a big fan of the diaries on here!! :)
Also well done on resisting KFC!!! You have done this once so next time it's in the house remember how good/proud you felt for resisting it and especially when u get on the scales tomorrow :) next time, of t's not too late, u could always take the dog for a walk and tell them they will have to eat and clean away while yr out!! :)
Good luck with slimming world! It does work well- can't wait to see how well u do!! Xxx


Loves Slimming world!!
Hello Kirsty!!
I know what you mean about getting you head in the right space think thats the most important part, getting you head in the right space to do it!! I feel I am in the best mindset to lose weight at the minute. I am actually excited about the whole thing and just cant wait to see where my journey takes me!! Lol cheesy I know but true. Good luck for you weigh in tomorrow. I weigh in on a monday night but I am looking forward to weighing in tomorrow so that makes a change cause I used to dread getting on the scales

Good morning Cai!!
Congratulations on you weight loss so far you're doing amazingly well!! I too am a big fan of these diaries also. Found some good useful tips and recipe ideas on here. Plus the way everyone supports each other on here in general is amazing!!


Loves Slimming world!!
My weight loss targets!!!

Ok so since it has been very quiet in work and I have nothing better to do I though I would have a look at what my weight loss goals should be. I think they will be good to come back to and be able to cross them off the list and look at from time to time!!

So first my scale weight goals:

1 - Lose 0.5 Stone Done 31/10/11
2 - Lose 1 Stone
3 - Lose 1.5 Stone
4 - Lose 10% 26lb
4 - Lose 2 Stone
5 - Lose 2.5 Stone
6 - Lose 3 Stone
7 - Lose 3.5 Stone
8 - Lose 4 Stone
9- Lose 4.5 Stone
10- Lose 5 Stone
11 - Lose 5.5 Stone
12 - Lose 6 Stone
13 - Lose the last 5.5 pounds to take me to target of 12 stone!!

I also have some non scale related goals aswell:
1 - Have the size 18 jeans from river island i own fit me again without a muffin top!
2 - be a size 16
3 - wear heels and not worry they wont snap under my weight!!
4 - to be able to shop in any shop regardless of what it is for
5 - get back down to a size 14 (this is the size i was when i got pregnant)
6 - Be healthy for my son and not be the fat mummy in the playground anymore!!
7 - When i am on holiday that my legs no longer rub together.
8 - Enjoy a family holiday in Florida and not worry about being at the water parks in a bathing suit!

These are just a few for now I may come back and add some more if I think of any!! I think looking at these in the future may also help keep me on track!!
Great idea to set some targets - something I still need to do!! Also imagine how good it will feel as you are ticking each one of the list :)

Oh and your comment wasn't cheesy, actually very true and something I can completly relate too!! My OH has decided since I started SW I have become obsesed with my weight and tracking others losses on this site, but it really is still giving me the buzz to continue!!

Good luck with WI tomorrow, I look forward to seeing how you get on!!

K x


Loves Slimming world!!
I know my hubby says I am never off here lol!!! Like you say though gives the wee buzz to keep going!!! I only got married in Aug and was a regular on a wedding forum site as well so my hubby thinks i have swapped my wedding addiction for a weight loss one lol!!!

Do u go to a class K?? Or do u just weigh at home??

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