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Lets all get along! Come on guys!


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I have noticed a couple of threads on here that have been getting a little irate.

To be quite frank i've had enough and its not what i or many others from this forum want so who's with me in all getting along?

Some of us have a while left on tfr, others only a couple of weeks - however much longer we are all here for i want us all to be able to get along and make another fellow LTer welcome when they see this forum :)

Ok, i appreciate some people have different views, comments are taken out of context - after all we are all communicating over the internet and we all know how things can be taken different ways when not being said face to face .....

So, no more petty digging, snide marks - nothing.

Lets all support & give constructive criticism :)
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Here we go again!
Here, here Tanya! Couldn't agree more. Didn't like what was going on at all. Not very welcoming for newbies! We're all here for the same reason.


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I agree Tanya hun. Hopefully it all gets back to being a happy and enjoyable place to be :D xx


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I agree .... so do you want to change your 'mood' now?????? ;):);) xx


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hha i am not angry at this forum i am angry at my dammed job but ok i shall change it to something nicer ...

angelic - cuz it looks cute! haha


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LOL!! x
It made me very sad, we are certainly here to be supportive. Was glad the thread was closed. Can we not bring it up again.....please? xx


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I was so close to not bothering coming on here anymore so i couldn't agree more hun :D xx
louize that would've been a shame hun xx


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Oh i know chick! I come on here so many times every day and it was just getting ridiculous wasn't it! No more though i hope :D x
Well said Tanya.

LOL re your mood that was funny. As regards the job I think it is disgusing, do you belong to a union as they will certainly want to hear about being refused leave to take an exam. I was shocked to see how long you have worked there too, I would expect a temp to be given the time off let alone a long term employee.

We are all on you side hun x
I must have missed whats gone on?????????????????? dont know how because I am always on here, not had much chance today though. Hope everything is ok now and everyone is happy, must admit though I am dying to know whats happened (sorry, I am not only greedy but nosey too) x x x
Ps i hope everyone on this site stays and continues posting for results and support.

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there is no need for *****ing this is here for support and we are all in this together going thru all the same emotions and struggles highs and lows so lets all get on eh and be one big happy lipotrim family,.pleeeeze!!


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done deal guys :D


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What the heck did I miss!?!?!?!


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I also seem to have missed what it is we are discussing here, but I do agree we are all here for the same reason. We should all support each other, and help out wherever we feel we can. We are all online friends now surely, because I for one know you guys on here know more about me and how I am feeling about LT, than anyone else in my life right now.

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