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Hello everyone..was just sat ere thinking about things in past thats given me excuses to eat and made me feel like i cant diet and iv realised theres loads of reasons.. so im gonna give some excuses iv told myself and answer them now while im feeling positive and everyones welcome to join in with there own and one day if your feeling low come back to this thread and fight your demons..ok me first.. 1..my mum always made me clear my plate and would hit me if i didnt..WELL MUM IM A WOMEN NOW AND I AINT GONNA TEACH MY CHILDREN YOUR DISCUSTING BEHAVIOUR AND I CAN EAT AND LEAVE WHAT THE HELL I LIKE.... 2.my grandad abused me when i was 8..IT WASNT MY FAULT IT WAS HIS AND HE AINT BEAT ME IM A HAPPY MUM OF 3 AND AM LIVING MY LIFE TO THE FULL... 3.i eat loads of food cause im a adult and can do what i like and i love food-I CANT EAT WHAT I LIKE CAUSE IM GETTING FAT AND UNHAPPY AND CANT PLAY WITH MY KIDS AND I CRY INSIDE ALL THE TIME..4.my ex told me for years i was worthless and ugly..-I AINT WORTHLESS IM A GOOD MUM A SISTER AND I HELPED MY SISTER GET OFF DRUGS BEFOR SHE KILLED HERSELF OH AND IM FUKING SEXY LOL... il be here daily to add things i hope all or some of you lovely people can lay your demons to rest xxxxxxxxxxx:psiholog:
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wow that was quite a 'moving' read...

you are obviously feeling very strong at the moment, you must re-read through what you have written if you ever have a 'weak' moment...

bless you and i wish you all the luck in the world, keep up the hard work
S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
sorry forgot to add my demons... was soooo engrossed in yours lol!

umm... well i tend to make excuses about why i eat... not really proper demons just pathetic justifications for being greedy/ stuffing my face/ bingeing til i feel sick, etc.

because im sad, 'happy' (strange i know), tired, bored etc... they are NOT reasons to binge and lose control. i must think more of myself and not reward/punish myself with food whenever things are good/bad.

i have had counselling before and i was told that i eat as a way to compensate extreme emotions... maybe i need to learn to shout about them and not eat to dull them! happy or sad... let out my emotions and be proud of them!!! after all our 'emotions' make us human...

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